Optimizing for business performance


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Optimizing for business performance

  1. 1. @forceonlinemktg Optimizing for (Business) Performance Monte Martin Force Online Marketing http://forceonlinemarketing.com/
  2. 2. There are crowds of potential customers offering constant input on your site... @forceonliemktg
  3. 3. By providing DATA! @forceonliemktg
  4. 4. Don’t trust the HPPO! H.ighest P.aid P.ersons O.pinion @forceonliemktg
  5. 5. It’s hard to see your own work objectively Sometimes babies are ugly!
  6. 6. @forceonlinemktg Avoid HPPO’s and Ugly babies…
  7. 7. @forceonlinemktg WHAT IS ANALYTICS? And why should you care?
  8. 8. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg What is analytics? Web analytics the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data - for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage -Wikipedia
  9. 9. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg What is Web Analytics? Web analytics is the •  Measurement •  Collection •  Analysis •  Reporting of internet data - for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage Measure Collect Analyze Report Understand Optimize Build Measure Learn
  10. 10. @forceonlinemktg DECIDING WHAT YOU SHOULD MEASURE The first step is…
  11. 11. @forceonlinemktg Measure… What is IMPORTANT!
  12. 12. @forceonlinemktg These metrics aren’t actionable Digital tools only answer quantitative questions...
  13. 13. Start by asking questions   @forceonliemktg
  14. 14. Why does your website exist? @forceonlinemktg
  15. 15. What makes money? Directly or Indirectly @forceonlinemktg •  Sales •  Appointments •  Leads •  Phone Calls
  16. 16. What are the associated actions? @forceonlinemktg •  Entrances •  Downloads •  Form Fills •  Phone Calls •  Scrolling
  17. 17. @forceonlinemktg COLLECTING DATA Ok, so how do I start…
  18. 18. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg Split & A/B Testing Usability Testing Voice of Customer (Surveys, Forms, Live Chat) Heatmaps Collecting Data Other Ways
  19. 19. @forceonlinemktg The Right Way User Me@email.com Account “My Account” UA-12345678-XX Web Property Examplesite.com UA-XXXXXXXX-01 Raw Data Profile Filtered Profile Testing Profile Web Property Examplesite2.com UA-XXXXXXXX-02 Raw Data Profile Filtered Profile Testing Profile
  20. 20. @forceonlinemktg ANALYZING THE DATA It’s more than just collecting…
  21. 21. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg Analyzing the Data 3 C’s of Analysis Context Comparison Contrast
  22. 22. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg Analyzing the Data Adding Context Create segments of various user groups
  23. 23. Things look a little different…
  24. 24. …when you add context
  25. 25. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg Analyzing the Data  Segment your traffic into various groups 1.  Measure actions taken by specific groups 2.  Identify patterns 3.  Analyze behavior 4.  Take action to improve for that segment
  26. 26. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg Advanced Segments
  27. 27. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg Analyzing the Data Making Comparisons What does this group have in common with others?
  28. 28. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg Compare Progress over time
  29. 29. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg Seeing contrasts What does this group have that is unique? Analyzing the Data
  30. 30. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg Visitor Flow Report @forceonlinemktg
  31. 31. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg What should you report? Remember - analytics is about action! There are thousands of possible report combinations in Analytics. Find those that help you decide WHAT TO DO NEXT to accomplish your goals.
  32. 32. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg Understanding Your Visitors Three Questions: Where do visitors come from? What did they do? How are you going to respond?
  33. 33. Always ask Questions!!! @forceonlinemktg
  34. 34. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg Why are Pop’s sales so good? Visits to “/your-pizza-is-on-its-way/” = 2,536 Visits = 5,000/mo Conversion Rate = 51.92%
  35. 35. @forceonlinemktg Visits = 5,000/mo A Tale of Two Sites Site 1 Site 2 Visits = 500,000/mo Time on site = 0:36 Visits to “/your-pizza-is-on-its-way/” = 2,536
  36. 36. @forceonlinemktg GETTING OPTIMIZED A Couple Tips for…
  37. 37. @forceonlinemktg Build something you can optimize easily
  38. 38. @forceonlinemktg Small change Big Money PLAN FOR FREQUENT CHANGES
  39. 39. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg Use WordPress
  40. 40. @forceonlinemktg@forceonlinemktg Start back at the beginning Measure Collect Analyze Report Understand Optimize Build Measure Learn Have you been measuring the right goals? Collecting the right data? Gaining understanding about users? Analyzing the results? Optimizing based on what you learn? Reporting on progress?
  41. 41. @forceonlinemktg Monte Martin Force Online, Inc. Monte@forceonlinemarketing.com 773 599-3672 If you have further questions… Slides, links and other optimization resources are online at: http://bit.ly/optimizeforbusiness http://forceonlinemarketing.com/