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How does your email marketing program stack up against your peers and against top performing companies? With the release of Silverpop's 2012 "Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study," the task of evaluating yourself against your competitors just got a little easier. In this Webinar, Loren McDonald, vice president of industry relations for Silverpop, revealed insightful email metrics-broken down by average, median top and bottom quartile performers as well as by industry.

And to help you turn this data into actionable plans for improvement, Loren shared tips for leveraging benchmark data into opportunities for more resources, bigger budgets and better results.

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  • Silverpop brings the expertise and experience to support your marketing needs. We are the only digital marketing technology provider that brings together email marketing, marketing automation and social sharing, including location-based marketing.Silverpop serves over 1,400 clients across a variety of industries, geographies and business sizes. We have been in marketing technology for over 12 years, this brings you a partner with the financial and operational stability to support your business, it brings you a partner with a depth of experience and with a highly scalable infrastructure. Silverpop is a global company, we have over 400 employees worldwide. Our US headquarters is in Atlanta. We also have offices in London and Frankfurt and do business in Asia Pacific through a reseller.
  • If you would like to see our product in action, we would encourage you to attend one of our monthly product demos. This month, the email marketing-focused demo will be held on Sept.25 and the marketing automation-focused demo on Sept. 27. You can register for these demos or you can view a 5-min demo at any time by visiting
  • Also available at is more information about future webinars, recordings from previous webinars, You can also access slides from Silverpop presentations on social media and countless other topics at You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Email Marketing Metrics Benchmarks Silverpop

    1. 1. Email Marketing BenchmarksHow do you Compare?
    2. 2. Speaker• Loren McDonald – Silverpop – VP, Industry Relations – Twitter: @LorenMcDonald – Google+: +LorenMcDonald
    3. 3. Why compare yourself with others?No one in the entire world can do abetter job of being you than you. Unknownsdfsf
    4. 4. As marketers, we often ask ourselves…
    5. 5. How do we compare?
    6. 6. Hmm, that’s an OK question.
    7. 7. The better question is…
    8. 8. How do we improve?
    9. 9. Benchmarks are worthless…
    10. 10. …unless you use them to take your marketing program to another level.
    11. 11. End of sermon.
    12. 12. OK, so what’s the #1most asked question in email marketing?
    13. 13. What’s the average email open rate?
    14. 14. You asked…today we#1 What’s the reveal…most asked question in email marketing?
    15. 15. Review ofFinal Notes / Q &A Agenda Selected Metrics What to Do?
    16. 16. What We DidPermission • Asked clients to opt-in Data • Ran the script Analysis • Sliced, diced and organized
    17. 17. Overview of Benchmark Study1124 Brands – 20 Countries2011 + Q1 2012 IndustriesUS Canada EMEA
    18. 18. Industry Breakdown
    19. 19. But, do you really want to be average?
    20. 20. Metrics Sliced 4 Ways Top BottomQuartile Quartile Mean Median
    21. 21. Quartiles Top 25% of data Average { Top QuartileBottom 25% of data Average { Bottom Quartile
    22. 22. Mean (Average) Sum of All MetricsMean = Number of Metrics = Average
    23. 23. Median The central point of a set;Median = the number that occurs in the middle of a set of numbers 550 fell above & 549 fell below
    24. 24. Metrics We Pulled** Blue highlight = discussed in today’s presentation
    25. 25. Agenda
    26. 26. Open Rates 27
    27. 27. BTW, What is an “open” anyway… * “Derived” open
    28. 28. 20.1%WW: Open Rate - Average43.7%WW: Open Rate - Top Quartile8.0%WW: Open Rate - Bottom Quartile
    29. 29. Open Rate – Select Industries (WW)
    30. 30. Open Rate – Select Industries (WW-cont)
    31. 31. Click RatesClick-through ratesClick-to-open rateClicks-to-clicker 32
    32. 32. 5.2%WW: Click-through Rate- Average 16.6% WW: CTR - Top Quartile0.7%WW: CTR - Bottom Quartile
    33. 33. CTR – Select Industries (WW)
    34. 34. CTR – Select Industries (WW-cont)
    35. 35. 19.3%WW: Click-to Open Rate- Average40.0%WW: CTOR - Top Quartile6.7%WW: CTR - Bottom Quartile
    36. 36. 1.56WW: Clicks-Per-Clicker - Average1.82WW: Clicks-Per-Clicker - Top Quartile1.34WW: Clicks-Per-Clicker - Bottom Quartile
    37. 37. List ChurnHard BouncesUnsubscribes 38
    38. 38. 2.1%WW: Hard Bounce Rate- Average0.1%WW: Hard Bounce - Top Quartile7.3%WW: Hard Bounce - Bottom Quartile
    39. 39. 0.31%WW: Unsubscribe Rate- Average 0.02% WW: Unsubscribe Rate- Top Quartile1.05%WW: Unsubscribe Rate - Bottom Quartile * Percent of opt outs per messages sent
    40. 40. Agenda
    41. 41. 1. Understand these are “process” metrics
    42. 42. 2. Compare your metrics to the study
    43. 43. 3. FIND THE GAPS
    44. 44. 4. Use it to ask for budget & resources4. Lobby for bigger budget & resources
    45. 45. 5. Focus on the REALLY big issues
    46. 46. 7. Then tweak and optimize
    47. 47. 8. Compare again
    48. 48. 9. Celebrate and get promoted
    49. 49. Agenda
    50. 50. Interested In Learning More?
    51. 51. Interested In Learning More? 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report
    52. 52. Thanks / Q & A Loren McDonald @LorenMcDonald Google+: LorenMcDonald
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