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Holiday retail email marketing tips silverpop


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Holiday retail email marketing tips silverpop

  1. 1. Email Marketing Tactics to Maximize 2014 Holiday Revenue Meredith Gertz, @fabricdotcom Loren McDonald, Silverpop, an IBM Company @LorenMcDonald
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Loren McDonald VP, Industry Relations Silverpop, an IBM Company @LorenMcDonald Meredith Gertz Email Marketing Manager @fabricdotcom
  3. 3. Agenda Shopping / Mobile Data Email Tactics Takeaways / Q&A Today’s Agenda
  4. 4. Mobile Shopping & Email Data
  5. 5. The Smartphone Paradox 66% higher than tablet rate 43% of tablet rate 28% of tablet Less rate browsing time/page views
  6. 6. Source: Litmus, Jan 2014
  7. 7. Silverpop Retail Mobile Benchmarks – Highs and Lows Low, average or high -­‐ your mobile readership is only increasing – and can’t be ignored.
  8. 8. Email Readership 65% of email subscribers are reading on smartphones We’re seeing a big bounce rate from email to conversion. A focus in creative is to give users the very best email/tablet visual experience.
  9. 9. Agenda Shopping / Mobile Data 8 Email Tactics Takeaways / Q&A Agenda – Email Tactics
  10. 10. #1. Make Your Emails Mobile Friendly Especially for Remarketing Emails
  11. 11. Screensize-­‐apalooza Small Medium Large iPhone 2.3” wide Galaxy Note 3.2” wide Nexus 7 7.3” wide BlackBerry 2.6” wide iPad Mini 5.3” wide Excite 13 8.5” wide Chart Source: Litmus
  12. 12. Are your emails touch-­‐friendly? Old mouse New mouse
  13. 13. More than just “design” – Think “context”
  14. 14. The Simple Difference – Responsive Emails Desktop Mobile
  15. 15. Responsive Desktop Responsive Mobile
  16. 16. Test Across Key Devices and Email Clients Android 2.3 Apple Mail 6
  17. 17. Heat map lessons: • Shoppers look for discounts first • CTA beneath it gets higher conversion/ lower bounce rate Website/emails use same button
  18. 18. #2. Update Onboarding / Welcome Emails With Mobile Shopping Info.
  19. 19. Typical Welcome Email Approach Immediate 3-­‐7 days 7-­‐14 days Immediate Stand alone Email # 1 Email # 2 Email # 3 3-­‐part series
  20. 20. Add to an existing email or add as a new email in onboarding series • Payment alternatives (e.g. PayPal) • Register today / social-­‐sign-­‐up option • Download our mobile app • Use our wishlist / save for later function to complete the purchase process later
  21. 21. #3. Targeting & Cadence Targeting, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, et al
  22. 22. Holiday pounding …
  23. 23. 200+ annually 4 per week 1 every 1.8 days @LorenMcDonald
  24. 24. Jan 2 Dec 25 51 emails Nov 18 1 week before Thanksgiving Day 37 emails T-­‐Day To XMAS 50 emails 44 days
  25. 25. Every time an email goes ka-­‐ching an retail marketer gets her wings! Every time an email dings, an email marketer gets her wings!
  26. 26. All: • Black Friday • Cyber Monday • General Promotions Targeted: • Past purchasers • Gift card purchasers • Never purchased Onboarding • New holiday subscribers welcome • Onboarding track • Cart/Browse abandonment Purchasers Remarketing • Order confirmation • Upsell/Cross sell • Post-­‐purchase care • Resends Targeting & Cadence Possibilities
  27. 27. 2014 Holiday Approach will be increasing our volume during the 2014 holiday over 2013 holiday frequency But we haven’t seen an increase in unsubscribe rate ... Holiday Emails Must Have a Purpose How does this help me? Does the email take care of a gift, fill a problem with a solution, let me check something else off my holiday list?
  28. 28. Use “White Space” to Maintain Engagement The holidays are a great opportunity to inspire our customers. In 2014 we’re going to be offering: • More projects • More ideas • More inspiration from gifts to home decoration.
  29. 29. Win Back – Deployed Prior to Holidays Win Back Series • 3 emails • 60/90/120 days if no purchase • Updating with holiday-­‐themed images
  30. 30. • “Thanks” sent on Thanksgiving Day • “You are part of the family” • Generates LOTS of positive feedback
  31. 31. 12 Days of December – 12/14 to 12/25
  32. 32. Sample Holiday Promotions Deal of the Day Deals & Steals
  33. 33. #4. Holiday Onboarding / Holiday Shopping Reminders
  34. 34. Welcome and remind in season
  35. 35. Sample content to add to a holiday shopping reminder email -­‐ Register now for easier and quicker checkout process during the hectic holidays. Registering also makes shopping on your smartphone or tablet a breeze. -­‐ We offer PayPal payment option – leave your credit card in your wallet or purse! -­‐ Download our mobile app for a superior mobile shopping experience. -­‐ Use our wishlist / save for later function to complete the purchase process later. -­‐ Register with social sign-­‐in using your Facebook account.
  36. 36. Content to Consider Including Expect Increased frequency Frequency options if you want less Change preferences Reassure simplicity of holiday shopping experience Email-­‐only specials Information about: Shipping schedules How to return items Gift-­‐cards Call-­‐center hours
  37. 37. #5. “Make It Easy” For Consumers and Yourself Don’t make them work or have to think
  38. 38. Clean, Simple With Primary CTA that “Pops”
  39. 39. Highlight in navigation, body copy, CTAs and footer – key holiday shopper concerns: Shipping Options – Return Policy – Gift Cards – 1-­‐888-­‐555.1212 • Shipping options and deadlines • Return policy • Gift cards • Etc.
  40. 40. Shipping Deadlines and Options
  41. 41. #6. Add Gift Card Promotions Capture the Last Minute Shoppers
  42. 42. Promote Gift Cards as an Easy Alternative
  43. 43. #7. Remarketing / Reminder Emails Browse & Cart Abandonment
  44. 44. Holiday Shoppers … Sniffing Around
  45. 45. Gift Cards – Browse Remarketing Program Browse, but don’t buy within 24 hours • Receive reminder • Sent daily for 12 days before Christmas
  46. 46. Cart abandonment remarketing will become even more important in the era of mobile shopping. Think about it…
  47. 47. Desktop centric Lots going on Simpler, more mobile friendly
  48. 48. Smartphone Cart Abandoners – Ideas to Test Test timing – within an hour vs a few hours later Mobile friendly or responsive Add alternative payment process copy
  49. 49. • Shipping options • Return policies • Gift cards • Payment options Just a reminder – while you were doing your holiday Shopping Bag. You left a few things in your Shopping Bag. We know it is a busy time of year, so why not check out a few more gifts off you list and complete your order now? Add holiday theme and content.
  50. 50. #8. Post-­‐Purchase Customer Satisfaction Reduce Returns, Gain Long-­‐Term Customers
  51. 51. Ensure a good post-purchase experience… 55
  52. 52. Post-­‐purchase emails – help your CS team with FAQs 56
  53. 53. was seeing many returns of ski boots and lots of calls to their call center for buyers not knowing how to fit their boots …
  54. 54. 58 Lots of content existed on Videos -­‐ How to videos -­‐ How to copy
  55. 55. 59 3-­‐part email series that starts 7 days after purchase -­‐ 57% Open rate -­‐ 26% CTR -­‐ 45% CTOR -­‐ Calls to call center down -­‐ Returns of boots down
  56. 56. Other Post-­‐Purchase Ideas … Email to update preferences “If you bought as a gift” – rewards program, etc Bounceback offers Recommendation emails Product review requests
  57. 57. Agenda Mobile / Shopping Data 8 Email Tactics Takeaways / Q&A Agenda – Takeaways / Q & A
  58. 58. Email Tactics Determine your holiday cadence approach Go responsive or mobile-­‐ friendly Deploy browse & cart reminders Make it super easy to buy Understand the holiday context – shipping, gift cards, returns Ensure a great purchase/post-­‐ purchase experience Takeaways / Action Steps
  59. 59. Q & A / Contact Information Loren McDonald VP, Industry Relations Silverpop, an IBM Company @LorenMcDonald Meredith Gertz Email Marketing Manager @fabricdotcom
  60. 60. The Silverpop Marketing Platform © 2014 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. UNIVERSAL BEHAVIOR Capture Every Action Captures and manages behavior across every digital and offline channel to build unparalleled insight into each individual SINGLE IDENTITY Connect The Dots Connects every customer touch point into a single view MULTI-­‐ CHANNEL Communicate Across Platforms Sends personalized messages everywhere each customer prefers to connect BEHAVIORAL INSIGHTS Understand Path To Revenue Discovers customer preferences by analyzing data from all devices and channels MARKETING DATABASE Manage Behaviors At Scale Manages everything about each customer, easily and at scale INTERACTION ENGINE Automate Communications Gets personal with each customer, one at a time and in real-­‐time
  61. 61. Interested In Learning More?­‐resources