Science of-differentiation
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Science of-differentiation

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Science of Differentiation...

Science of Differentiation
( Senior Leaders Program - Branding Workshop )
- by Shining Consulting

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  • 1. W H I T E P A P E R SC IEN CE ntia of tion fer e Dif Senior Leaders Programme – Branding Workshop Seven corporations consortium: Genpact, Wipro Ltd., HDFC Bank, Dr.Reddy’s Lab, Colgate Palmolive, Mahindra & Mahindra and Aditya Birla Group Shombit Sengupta01 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  • 2. I. The science ofdifferentiation comesfrom the Balanceof Cost, Quality & Cost Quality AspirationAspiration at anyprice pointThe balance of cost, quality and aspiration atany price point of a product or service is a must Although Swatch fashionfor tomorrow’s forward looking marketing. The is available for only $30, itsselling price of a product or service is a big factorfor target customers, whether the category is low cheeky and good fun toor high priced. Most people do not flaunt moneywithout having the appropriate result from the flaunt in front of people.product.An example: Since 1982, Swatch watch It has the same aspirationalhas created a new watch cult in the worldwhere the cost is very low but aspirational value as the Rado, Tagvalue is the same as other sophisticated, Heuer, Rolex, Cartier.centuries-old, expensive watches. Rado Tag Heuer Rolex $ 7000 $ 4000 Swatch $ 30 $ 1000002 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  • 3. II. Success of two The success of McDonald’s needs no explanation. The best example toforeign brands in showcase the giant’s success is theIndia in the balance McDonald’s at the 6,00,000 sqft Metro Junction, the only mall in Kalyan, 50kmof aspiration, quality from Mumbai. Its catchment populationand cost with high of 4 million brings in customers into the mall.differentiation BenettonThe success of to highly differentiated foriegn Price reduced Global Standard High Stylebrands in India where spiration, quality and costare balanced. Cost Quality Aspiration McDonald’s Low priced Outstanding Very High Family at Mc Friendship at the Mc United Colours of Benetton has made a mark in India with about 100 stores in the nation already. The brand has significantly reduced prices for India and is doing extremely well with young Indians. UCB is undoubtedly becoming aYouth in Mc benchmark for competitors.03 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  • 4. III. Science ofdifferentiation that Camembert An unbrandedmade history generic product Very traditional French cheese made by farmers with Mashed organic ingredients and sold in the open market. For potato centuries, the shape of the cheese has been round. There are 3500 camembert brands, home industry made and industrially made. Of these, Caprice des Dieux is theTraditional home made mashed potatoes number one brand. Nestle MouslineMousline has become a must-have product at hometoday. This instant branded mashed potatoes indehydrated form has displaced home made mashedpotatoes with its convenience of preparation andexcellent taste. Cream Camembert transformed to Caprice des cheese Dieux (Tantrums of the Gods) made at Bongrain Corporation displaced Camembert home from being a traditional home industry product to becoming an industrial branded category withCream cheese has been prevalent as a home made l A provocative nameproduct since 1754 in England, and 1850 in France.Cream cheese is not available in the market in the non- l Oval shape packagingbranded form. l Guarantee of product consistency in taste and Philadelphia quality. cream cheese Today, Caprice des Dieux has become a The first cream cheese in the reference of Camembert cheese consumed by US was made in New York in French families every day. 1872 by American dairyman William Lawrence.In 1880, ‘Philadelphia’ was adopted as the brandname, and today Philadelphia has become thereference of cream cheese across the world.04 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  • 5. IV. Would you love tobrand the shit pot?Curiosity: How can this industry work to changethe perception of human hygiene for better mind TOTO Ltd. is a leading Japanese manufacturer of plumbing products, and system products like modular bathrooms and system toilets.Observation: by a very innovative Japanesecompany The company was incorporated in 1917 as Toyo Toki Company, Ltd., in Kokura, Japan, with assets of¥1 million. Throughout the company’s first half-century, TOTO’sAction: This is TOTO who elevated theexperience of ablutions, making it heavenly fortunes paralleled the growth and activity of the Japanese economy as a whole.05 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  • 6. TOTO’s product TOTO’s product range, by categories:range in series:All with thescience ofdifferentiation Washlets Toilets NEOREST SERIES/SE Bidets Faucets NEOREST SERIES/L Accessories Materials Showers Wash basins NC SERIES Bathtubs06 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  • 7. Intelligent toilet: Daiwa TOTO’s success factorsHouse and TOTO l Is technological innovations and high quality standard have made TOTO an iconic andJapanese builder Daiwa House and TOTO have much-loved brand in Japanteamed up to develop a bathroom that lets usersmonitor their health. It analyzes urine samples, l With European consumers demanding anmeasures your blood pressure, and checks your ever-more luxurious and fulfilling bathroombody fat experience, TOTO as the world’s most sophisticated bathroom products, entered the market and elevated the bathroom from the merely functional to the restorative and meditative l TOTO’s life-enhancing Clean Technology is set to revolutionize Europe Toto Neorest 600 series, literally meaning new rest, represents the ultimate convergence of design and technology, and helps to transform your bath space into the ultimate spa experienceIn its passion forbranding, TOTO gets TOTO today l TOTO is the largest producer of high techcheeky in the website toilets, worldwide, with a market share of 65%with its latest l Its total revenue in 2008 was USD 5046.2ad for washlets million with an operating income of USD 173.8 million07 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  • 8. RATIONAL FACTOR FUNCTIONAL FACTOR EMOTIVE FACTORIndustries Industries Industries Auto Suspension Auto Gear Auto Styling Services Productisation Services Activity Services Relationship customisation Food Intrinsic felt Food Organoleptic and Food Product benefit filling enjoyment presentation r stome End cu T RU S T ve elie I bn it! i This is the non-visible area. This has high relevance This is about subtlety The kind of quality initiative to customer usage and and aesthetics for all an enterprise takes is at its habit first interface areas with own discretion. That needs the customer to be exposed to make customers understand the scientific value of the delivery © Copyright of all logos and images belong to the respective Cos. Shining Consulting Pvt., Ltd. 17, Visveswariya Industrial Area, Tel : 91-80-4127 6999 / 81 Mahadevapura 2nd Stage, Fax : 91-80-4127 6990 Bengaluru - 560 048, India. Email: www.shiningconsulting.com08 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999