The marksman summer edition 2012


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The marksman summer edition 2012

  2. 2. EDITOR’S DESK Dear Readers, Welcome back! We hope you had a fun filled and refreshing summer. It’s time to get back to business, and brace up because team MARKSMAN predicts a roller coaster year ahead! As we set foot into a new academic year, we look back with pride at our accomplishments, bearing in mind that we have a long way to go. We at MARKSMAN have pulled up our socks to bring the best of the marketing world to you this year! We also welcome on board new readers who bring with them a much needed rush of freshness and novelty. MARKSMAN is also a platform for readers to pen down their thoughts, their point of view and to deliberate over them. We encourage originality and creativity in writing so keeping writing into us with articles. Please refer to the Call for articles on the last page for the same. We would also like to hear from you want you think about the magazine. Bouquets or bricks, all are welcome! Our cover story narrates the birth of a new, more engaging and interactive medium of marketing—Experiential Marketing. Its the difference between telling people about features of a product or service and letting them experience the benefits for themselves. When done right, its the most powerful tool out there to win brand loyalty. In our special story Digital Dilemma, read about the brewing battle between distribution platforms for television broadcasting . DTH and cable operators are currently engaging themselves into an advertising battle with the introduction of multiple campaigns to vow the customer. However, the big question remains which one is better? Tease your brain with Buzz and keep abreast with whats trending via Tweets, Its all about Ad-itude and Bookworm . Know the inside story of your favorite Mac Donald’s with MARKive and yes, SquAreheaD is also back from his summer break! So won’t keep you waiting folks, get reading! Cheers Team – Marksman Interface – The Marketing Club of SIMSR01 MARCH 2012
  4. 4. TWEETS Apple finding its own way, literally The operating system, which runs on its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, will no longer include Google Maps software. Apple will instead run its own mapping app, which has a high- quality 3D mode, on the platform. Navigation firm TomTom is providing maps for Apples service. Computex 2012, a five-day-long wedding between Microsoft and Intel This year’s Computex saw around 110 Utrabooks, which are nothing but a branding of laptops by Intel paired almost exclusively with Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 8. It goes on to show the degree of operating leverage the two computer giants have over the OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers) as every single laptop manufacturer had at least one such device on display. Samsung Galaxy S3, the iPhone killer? Samsung this month launched the third iteration to its Galaxy S series, which by some is being dubbed as the iPhone killer. Samsung recently overtook Nokia as the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer and now is looking to eat into Apple’s share too. The long drawn patent battle between Apple and Samsung too continued as Apple filled a lawsuit looking to ban sales of the phone. Utterly butterly Amul ad turns 50 years old Shes the iconic girl in the familiar polka dotted dress who has just turned fifty. The Amul Girl, is one for whom no subject is taboo. DaCunha Communications, the advertising agency behind the popular hoardings celebrated the moppets golden jubilee by releasing a coffee table book in Mumbai Monday evening.03 MARCH 2012
  5. 5. TWEETS Coke to enter Myanmar for the first time in 60 years The worlds biggest soft drink maker said Thursday it will start doing business in the country as soon as the U.S. government issues a license allowing American companies to make such investments. The U.S. announced last month that it was suspending restrictions on American investments in the Southeast Asian country, which is still easing toward democracy. Myanmar is one of three countries where Coca- Cola doesnt do business. The other two are Cuba and North Korea. GM drops Facebook ads due to low consumer impact GM has decided to stop its paid ads on Facebook saying it has little or no impact on buying decisions. Insider reports also suggest that the move could have followed after failure on the part of Facebook in convincing top marketing executives at the U.S. automaker of the benefits of Facebooks paid ads at a meeting that took place. GM said it will still have Facebook pages, which cost nothing to create and for which it pays no fees, to market its vehicles. Top ad agencies like McCann Erickson, JWT & DDB Mudra buck trend, go hiring Big-scale hiring is back in advertising with McCann Erickson, JWT and DDB Mudra recruiting talent across levels on account of either new businesses or restructuring drive, despite a slowdown in overall industry. DDB Mudra Group has taken on board close to 100 people over the last five months, McCann Erickson will bring in the same number of people in the next couple of months for its new joint venture Commonwealth. JWT too has 60 new people on board.THE MARKSMAN 04
  6. 6. brand MARK iveIn 1937, Patrick McDonald opened "The of living in different countries as it is so widelyAirdrome" in Monrovia, California. Three years available and is comparable across markets.later, this restaurant was reopened in San With the introduction of the Egg McMuffin,Bernardino, California by his two sons Richard and McDonalds pioneered breakfast fast food in 1972Maurice McDonald and called "McDonalds and then added a full breakfast menu. By 1987,Famous Barbeque". one-fourth of all breakfasts eaten outIn 1948, the McDonald brothers in the United States came fromrealized that most of their profits McDonalds restaurants.came from selling hamburgers. They In 1974, McDonalds opened its firstrestructured the format of their restaurant in the United Kingdom,restaurant, adopting the Self Serve which ended up in a big controversy.model and a simple menu of just On their employment forms (broughthamburgers, cheeseburgers, French in from the U.S.) it asked employeesfries, shakes, soft drinks, and apple if they wished to contribute money topie. The kitchen was set up like an an I.R.A. (Individual Retirementassembly line to ensure maximum Account). I.R.A. also being anefficiency and renamed the In 1953, “Speedee” acronym for the terrorist organizationrestaurant to simply “McDonalds”. was created to Irish Republican Army, made theIn 1962, McDonalds introduced its symbolize the quick employees believed that McDonaldsworld-famous Golden Arches logo. A and efficient service was contributing money to a terroristyear later, the company sold its system that they had group.billionth hamburger and introduced devised. The Happy Meal, a combo meal forRonald McDonald, a red-haired children featuring a toy, was added toclown to appeal to children. McDonalds opened the menu in 1979. This combo Hamburger became very popular all over the University in 1961 world and they now contribute approximately 10% of McDonalds In 1983, McDonalds sales. became the second By the end of 1983, McDonalds largest retailer of became the second largest retailer of chicken in the world. chicken in the world.In 1968 the legendary Big Mac made The Hamburger University wasits debut. The Economist used it in Happy Meals opened in Illinois in 1961 to traincreating the Big Mac Index- a contribute 10% of franchisees and corporate decision-reference point for comparing cost sales worldwide. makers. By 1990, more than 40,00005 MARCH 2012
  7. 7. brand MARK ivepeople had received "Bachelor of promoted in movies like A Bugs Life, Monsters,Hamburgerology" degree. McDonalds opened a Inc., Finding Nemo and The Incredibles..Hamburger University in Tokyo in 1971, in Munich McDonald’s started working with the ad agencyin 1975, and in London in 1982. DDB Needham in 1997 which designed veryBraille menus were first introduced in 1979, and successful campaigns like "You Deserve a Breakpicture menus in 1988. Today" campaign and "Did Somebody SayAs the company entered new markets, McDonalds?“ campaign for McDonalds. In 2003,McDonald’s reinvented itself to suit the food the new slogan “I’m lovin’ it” was launched andpreferences and customs of those places. In Israel, is the longest running slogan adopted byMcDonald’s stared it first kosher McDonalds. McDonald’s till date. McHappy Day: is an annual event at McDonalds, where a percentage of the days sales go toIn Arab countries, it introduced the “Halal” menus. charity. It is the signature fundraising event forIn India, the McAloo Tikki burger and the Ronald McDonald House Charities. In 2007, itMaharaja burger were introduced. was celebrated in 17 countries over the world. InMcDonald’s signed a 7 years global marketing 2011, it entered its 20th year, this event raisedalliance with Disney/Pixar in 1998 and was over millions of dollars worldwide. In July 2011, McDonalds announced that their largest restaurant in the world will be built on the 2012 London Olympics site. The restaurant, half the length of an American Football field, will contain over 1,500 seats. Over 470 staff will be employed serving on average 100,000 portions of fries, 50,000 Big Macs and 30,000 Milkshakes during the 2012 Olympics.THE MARKSMAN 06
  8. 8. It’s all about AD-itude! TVC PRINT ADCompany: Cadbury India Ltd. Company: Gujarat Cooperative MilkAd Agency: Ogilvy India Pvt Ltd. Marketing Federation Ad Agency: daCunha Communications ,The TVC is an effort of repositioning IndiaGems which was on a decline Gemshad always concentrated on its TG as This print ad section is again captured bykids but this new attempt focuses on Amul print ads. This time its Amul ads on‘the little kid’ inside every adult. IPL season 5.Their new tagline ‘ Raho Umarless’ This IPL season has been thoroughlytries to address the child in an adult. dramatic and Amul did not leave a singleBy this Cadbury attempts not only to interesting moment and came up with anexpand its consumer group by ad for every story which created a buzz. Beincluding adults by gaining popularity it the lucky breakthrough for CSK to enteramong grown up segment but also try in playoffs or the controversial Ban on SRKto reinforce the brand name to their for his (in)famous fight with guards at thetraditional consumer , children. Wankhede stadium. The win of KKR inThe ad tries to connect to the youth finals and thereafter flips and somersaultsby using words like ‘Umarless’ which done by SRK to express his feeling wereare catchy and appealing to the youth also captured by Amul in their ads.segment. Though this ad may not be Above are two recent IPL ads showing theas effective as Cadbury’s Diary Milk simplicity and the brilliance with which theads but it sure creates magic on the gist of the event has been captured. Fullscreen. marks to the creative team for the concept.07 MARCH 2012
  9. 9. COVE Today, brands compete for a scarce marketing brings the brand experience alive by engaging the consumer in resource i.e. ‘Consumer Attention’. TheR fragmentation and saturation of sensory ways. Experiential marketing by its very nature conventional media channels has led to is a dialogue that consumers cannot the reduced effectiveness of traditional ignore, not because theyre being forcedS promotional methods. Consumers are becoming immune to advertising by into it, but because it engages with them on a personal level.T fast forwarding through TV adverts Its the difference between telling using their hard disc recorders, blocking people about features of a product orO or ignoring internet banner advertising, service and letting them experience the and failing to hear the constantR bombardment of marketing messages benefits for themselves. Compared to mass media campaigns, they encounter throughout their dailyY lives. experiential events tend to communicate on a much more personal level, generate Countless TV ads and huge billboards a deeper level of emotional engagement, on the highways & in your result in better conversion rates, and all neighborhood market promising eternal at relatively low cost. bliss through products (ranging cars to Experiential marketing further enhances candy bars from ultra modern housing the promotional activities to reach the projects to smart phones) keep consumer’s doorstep that will result in shouting ‘to be heard’ by consumers. brand recall. Through experiential They may leave a momentary mark on marketing, consumers have immense the viewer’s mind but for the long-run choice today to experience the product brand impact, personal experience of a or service through road shows, events, brand cracks the deal. Yes, experiential direct marketing or public relations.THE MARKSMAN 08
  10. 10. COVER STORYPersonal experiences help people connect to can’t ignore the fact that experientiala brand and make intelligent and informed marketing seeks voluntary engagement of thepurchasing decisions. consumers unlike the mass media channels.Experiential marketing activities can range Experiential marketing has brought thefrom high profile invite only events to tasters location-based marketing in vogue again asat a local farmers market. The number of these days various places like shopping malls,promotional tools like kiosks, stalls, free multiplexes, schools and campuses are usedsampling etc. have increased tremendously for the experiential marketing. Brands put inin the last decade. place various marketing tools such as productMany of marketers don’t put much effort in canopy, kiosks, stalls, free sampling etc.experiential marketing and rather keep The commonest example of experientialspending millions of rupees on more marketing success is the retail outlets openedexpensive yet lesser effective media choices across India which has changed the completelike TV, OOH and print ads. However, shopping experience for the Indianexperiential marketing is getting popular consumers. There, consumers can touch andwith modern-age marketers, although feel the brand/product, gather thesteadily, as they realize that traditional mass information about the product first hand andmedia mediums are not working efficiently then decide to buy it or not accordingly.with Indian youthtoday.The key reason behindthis is that todayIndian consumers(especially the youthsegment) have morebrand choices withlesser span ofattention. And themass media is unableto break the clutterand reach out to theconsumers efficiently.So marketers arefocusing onexperiential marketingto harness itsprospective impactover the last fewyears. And marketers09 MARCH 2012
  11. 11. COVER STORY Experiential Marketing Can Be Used For? It builds customer relationships, generates • Establish relevance sales and leads in the short term, • Encourage interaction and product increases awareness of the product, drives trial word of mouth and can align internal • Create memories audiences with business goals. • Stimulate positive word of mouth Experiential marketing can be used • Change the mind of dissatisfied successfully to: customers • Build relationships • Create product desire • Raise awareness • Verify the target audience • Increase loyalty • Increase return on marketing investment TUPPERWARETupperware range of products weredisplayed through kiosk at all Big Bazaar,Food Bazaar and Home Town stores. Theactivity helped in making the existingdistribution network even more stronger asthe product is not sold through shops orretail outlets. Customer could see theproduct range at Future Group outlets andbook it on the spot. Products were homedelivered to the customer. FIAMA DI WILLS Fiama Di Wills, the shampoo brand of ITC was exhibited in Gurgaon at Metropolitan mall as shown here. The style of presenting the shampoo brand has its own USP in comparison to the advertisement which looks more like a regular TV ad. Fiama Di wills shampoos are being distributed at the mall and also a game with the dice and ladders played with the visitors at the mall.THE MARKSMAN 10
  12. 12. COVER STORY DOVELocation: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Lucknow,Chennai, HyderabadDuration: 2 Weekends – 30th April to 1st May 2011 & 7th May to 8th May 2011Aim:• To spread awareness among TG about new Dove, with a direct and a personal approach anticipating its success in terms of ROI and sales.• To Highlight the concept o Dove in Association with Femina A Dove Experience Zone was designed and placed inside the domain of the mall.The zone constituted of two kiosksfor Hair washing along with thebackdrop of product.So the activity was all about invitingwomen for free hair washing at theDove Experience zone.Activities inside the Experience Zoneincluded:Hair Washing & ConditioningHair DryingSampling of Dove Shampoo & DoveGift VouchersIndian consumers are evolving and hence marketers also need to wake up to theground reality. If used intelligently, the technology and the digital media cancomplement their on-ground experiential marketing initiatives. They can useinteractive websites and social networking websites to reach their TG and enhance thebranding experience.However one must make sure that ‘Experiential marketing’ is driven by innovation –Innovative methods of engaging and interacting with the consumers. Unlessexperiential marketing become interesting, more engaging, and can facilitate a moremeaningful connection to the brand or product, it will fail to create the desired impact.Also, the on-ground experiential marketing activities should be synchronized withsocial media branding to tap the online consumer base.11 MARCH 2012
  13. 13. In December, last year, Lok Sabha HD channels and value addedS passed the Cable Television Networks services. Third system is Digital (Regulation) Amendment Bill , 2011,P which made it compulsory for cable Access System (DAS) where, after installing a set-top box higherE companies across India to convert number of channels can be viewed their analog systems to digital in a with better quality and value addedC phased manner from June 2012. The services as well. entire digitization process wasI divided into 4 phases. In the firstA phase, the 4 metros, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai were supposedL to have digitization systems installed in homes by June 30, 2012. In the second phase, digitization is made compulsory for cities with aS population of above 10 lakhs by 31stT March 2012. In third phase, all urban areas (municipal areas) by 31stO September, 2014 and in the final phase across rest of India by 31stR December 2014.Y Currently three systems are available through which subscribers can access signals. First is Analogue Cable TV Systems, which is cheaper but provides lesser number of channels, no value added services and inferior quality picture. Second is Direct-To- Home (DTH). This service is provided through a dish antenna. This is expensive but provides more number of channels, superior quality picture,THE MARKSMAN 12
  14. 14. SPECIAL STORYWith the run up to the first phase of lived approach. Instead their strategy isdigitization, DTH companies are trying towards building an emotional connecttheir best to capture the market with with their customers with differentiatedanalog users shifting to digital offerings. Meanwhile Tata Sky has tried toexperience. But the DTH players are shed its image of a premium servicefacing stiff competition from the Local provider and has run campaigns ofCable Operators (LCO) who are providing ‘Poochne main kya jaata hain’ to urgeDAS through set- top boxes. One of the customers to do their homework properlycable operators released a print before choosing any service provider.commercial saying ‘Get the quality of Such competitiveness in the market willDTH at the price of cable’. And a ultimately benefit the consumers sincesubsequent radio ad raised the pitch by they will now be able to make a moremocking at the DTH players by saying – informed choice. Most fights in consumer‘DTH stands for Don’t Try at Home.’ industry are intra-category fights eg. Cok-Tata Sky in response came up with a Pepsi, but this inter-category fightprint ad saying ‘World-Class digital box between DAS-DTH is a different game allor any other dabba. What will you together. Tata Sky has assumed leadershipchoose? ’ while Tata Sky has been of representing the category of DTHrelentless in its ad campaign, Dish TV has players through its exhaustivenot relied on targeting the local cable advertisements.operators as they believe it’s a short On the other hand Digital Cable (DAS) has inherent advantage of uninterrupted service during rains, and a known local service provider who is just a phone call away in case the service is interrupted. The previous analog system was favoring the cable providers since they could under represent their subscriber base and pay much less revenue to the government. Probably this is one of the reason why local cable operators have delayed the process of digitization and are now asking for an extension of date. 40 Lakh subscribers could face blackout if they do not switch from analog to digital systems. The new digital system will be more transparent and will bring in addressability to the business.13 MARCH 2012
  15. 15. BOOKWORM ABOUT THE AUTHORS Mike Lieberman, Cofounder and President of Square 2 Marketing, is a recognized guru behind the development of a new approach to marketing. Mike authors the popular RemarkaBlog. Eric Keiles “walks the walk”. He has founded and grown four companies since 1997 and is immersed in the entrepreneurial world, most recently as Cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer at Square 2 Marketing. A well-known public speaker and writer, Eric produces weekly Video Marketing Minutes, hosts Square 2 Marketing’s workshop series, and edits a weekly marketing newsletter that reaches fifteen thousand entrepreneurs. ABOUT THE BOOK In this book Eric and Mike explain that in order to be truly remarkable and create the kind of the company that gets people talking, you need to step out of comfortable patterns and think about your business in new ways. The book speaks about how important it is to look at the way you interact with your clients or customers. The book is about re-examining your sales and marketing approach. Eric Keiles and Mike Lieberman present three “big ideas” that will help you think differently about your sales and marketing efforts, lead your company to success, and beat the pants off the competition. 1.Adapt to the dramatic shift in buyer behavior 2. Transition to a guided sales process 3. Create a revenue department The authors have gone out of their way to balance the unavoidable technical terminology with prosaic language that makes it easy to follow. The title of the book is very catchy and the book is carefully structured to enhance the reader’s own involvement.THE MARKSMAN 14
  16. 16. SquAreheaD15 MARCH 2012
  17. 17. BUZZ THE CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. The founders first name of this company is derived from the Hebrew word meaning "adhesion" and "joining". The picture shows the logo of another company which depicts the experiment. 2. The dolls name is Ruby and was used extensively by which company with the tagline "There are 3 Billion women who dont look like supermodels but only 8 who do". 3. Which companys volleyball co-starred alongside Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away. 7. The founder of which company created something called "Quink" and had received a patent on his "Lucky Curve" feed. It is currently owned by the company given in the picture. 9. Which company calls its customers "guests", employees "Team members", supervisors THE CLUES "Team Leaders". This practice was derived from The Walt Disney Company. DOWN 4. Which companys motto beneath the logo says "Veni Vidi Vici". 5. Which fictional financial reporter started his career in the company shown in the picture. 6. Which company used ships like Star of the West, Constitution, Java, United States, and Hamilton in its packaging before replacing it with an yatch. The picture is the parent company of this brand. 8. In 1993 which firm was renamed to reflect the contributions of the Japanese firm where the founder was the independent auditor. The picture shows the social networking website of the company. 6. OldSpice 7. Parker 8. Deloitte 9. Target 1. Levis 2. BodyShop 3. Wilson 4. PhilipMorris 5. TintinFEBRUARY 2012 16
  18. 18. CALL FOR ARTICLES JULY 2012 Articles can be sent on any one of the following topics*: 1. Is it ethical for shows like ‘Satyamev Jayate’ to milk TV rating out of people’s misery ? 2. The increasing trend of online shopping in India ! Are we ready for it yet ? 3. Product placement in films ! Is it really effective ? or just a trend that nobody has properly analysed yet. *Please ensure that there is no plagiarism and all references are clearly mentioned 1. One article can have only one author. 2. Your article should be from 500-600 words and MUST be replete with relevant pictures that can be used to enhance your article. 3. Send in your articles in .doc/.docx format with font size 11 (Arial) to: 4. Subject Line: Your Name_InstituteName_CourseYear. 5. Kindly name your file as: Your Name_Topic The best adjudged article will be given a winners certificate. Deadline for submission of the articles: 11:59 PM , 16 July 2012.17 MARCH 2012
  19. 19. To subscribe to "The Marksman", Follow the link:- OR drop in a mail/contact us at : Subject line: Subscribe: Your Name_Institute Name_Course Year THE TEAM COVER STORY SPECIAL STORY It’s all about AD-itude Hinal Shah Yash Chamaria Vibhav Shukla SquAreheaD Brand MARK ive COVER PAGE & DESIGN Pallavi Srivastava Tilottama Sanyal Tilottama Sanyal TWEETS BUZZ BOOKWORM Upveen Tameri Sujit Mishra Pallavi Shrivastava PROOF READ PROMOTIONS Niyati Chamyal Keith Mascarenhas Vibhav Shukla Follow us at: Website: /the-marksman.htmlTHE MARKSMAN 18