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The Van Noy GroupforOrchardSupplyHardwareA Creative Case Study
About                      The VAN NOY GROUP has been creating                  Problem:                               Sol...
One family                                                                    Launching a newToo many personalities       ...
Graphically strategic                                                       Color brand strategypackaging                 ...
Nostalgic imagery                                                           Iconic productleverages emotions              ...
Improving the                      When VNG was finished, OSH             defined color-coding system that                ...
A powerful new presence   Orchard Brand’s clean, crisp                          presentation dominates the shelf by       ...
Services                                                                          ClientsBrand Strategy                   ...
Jim Van Noy / President               Jim Van Noy is President and Creative Director of           The Van Noy Group, the c...
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Van Noy Group: Orchard Brand


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Orchard Brand Case Study

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Van Noy Group: Orchard Brand

  1. 1. The Van Noy GroupforOrchardSupplyHardwareA Creative Case Study
  2. 2. About The VAN NOY GROUP has been creating Problem: Solution: memorable packaging and branding hierarchies The lawn and garden chemicals, A consistent brand image drawing fertilizers and amendments category upon Orchard Supply’s 80-year since 1971. These services have benefitted a range offer consumers a dizzying array of reputation was leveraged across all of clients in such diverse product categories as brands, features, packaging looks lawn and garden-care categories to and price points. Store brands create a dominating shelf presence. health and beauty, wine and spirits, hardware/ can offer outstanding value but The new program organizes products must measure up to their national by function and helps consumers lawn and garden, retail, food and nutraceuticals. brand equivalents in quality image make the right choices for theirBRAND STRATEGY and brand authenticity in order to needs. High quality graphics in- VNG builds collaborative relationships with encourage trial and ultimately build spire confidence and overcomeBRAND/PRODUCT preference. fragmentation by building a leadingIDENTITY clients. We ensure that we understand your brand visual recognition throughout needs, objectives, challenges, cost parameters, the department.PACKAGE DESIGN competitive opportunities, and supply chainMERCHANDISING complexities BEFORE we propose creative Table of contentsDIGITAL ASSET design solutions. One family, Too many personalities 4MANAGEMENT The solutions we propose focus clearly on Launching a new Brand Mark 5SOURCING AND SUPPLY authenticating your brand, communicating Graphically strategic packaging 6MANAGEMENT its core values, differentiating it from the sea Color brand strategy 7 of sameness, and making relevant emotional Nostalgic imagery leverages emotions 8 connections to the customers upon whom your success depends. Whether revitalizing an existing Iconic product functionality 9 brand, or creating a new one, our primary intent Improving the consumer experience 10 is to give life to positive experiences which will A powerful new presence 12 drive repeat purchases, cement consumer loyalty, Services 14 increase your margins and market share. Clients 152 3
  3. 3. One family Launching a newToo many personalities Brand Mark After deciding to abbreviate their new name to Orchard Brand, OSH challenged VNG to develop a brand mark selecting letterforms reminiscent of the iconic labels that adorned fruit crates of the 1930s. Metallic gradients in gold tones reflect the quality of the Orchard Brand product line, while also adding a contemporary touch. And a budding leaf graphic provides an accent symbolizing the “earth- Old packaging program friendly” composition of the garden and landscape-control products, fertilizers and amendments.Splitting their garden and landscape- look. The goal was more than acontrol products, fertilizers and packaging refresh which wouldamendments between two different differentiate OSH products from thebrand names and packaging looks clutter of numerous national brandswas diluting the impact of retailer on their shelves. OSH also wantedOrchard Supply Hardware’s private- their new brand mark to evoke theirlabel offerings. OSH sought to unify rich heritage of supplying qualitythese categories under a new brand nursery and garden-care productsname with a cohesive packaging since 1931.4 5
  4. 4. Graphically strategic Color brand strategypackaging Vegetable & Flower Care PANTONE® 1385 C Vegetable & Flower Care Home Pest Control PANTONE® 179 C Home Pest Control Animal Repellents PANTONE® 606 C Animal Repellants Non-selective Weed Control PANTONE® 464 C Non-selective Weed Control Lawn Weed Control PANTONE® 124 C Lawn Weed Control Outdoor Insect Control PANTONE® 484 C Outdoor Insect Control Dog Patch PANTONE® 7503 C Dog Patch Orchard Potting Soil PANTONE® 7494 C Orchard Potting SoilVNG recommended all-white style illustrations reminiscent of Sun & Shadebottles to give labels a clean vintage seed packets and gardening PANTONE® 7492 C 367 C Sun & Shadepalette on which to project. Bold catalogs. Secondary illustrationscolor bands organize products by help consumers find the bestfunction and showcase product products for their particular needs. Orchard Natural Potting Soilnames, which appear in distinctive Active-ingredient and regulatory PANTONE® 7490 C Orchard Natural Potting Soilfonts. A products primary use is copy complies with EPA mandatoryconveyed at a glance by botanical- requirements.6 7
  5. 5. Nostalgic imagery Iconic productleverages emotions functionality flowers garden soils vegetables indoor outdoor pots & containers lawn trees & shrubs high useThe natural artistry of botanical- It also positions Orchard Brand VNG developed a library of icons to product’s formulation. Amend-style illustrations resonates with products by conveying a heritage quickly educate consumers about ments and fertilizers carry iconstoday’s gardener’s aspirations as well of quality. product functions and help them that identify the types of vegetation,as inspiring an emotional connection select the appropriate product for indoor or outdoor applications,to the past. their needs. Control products display and other selection criteria for the close-up illustrations of the pests, product. diseases or weeds targeted by each8 9
  6. 6. Improving the When VNG was finished, OSH defined color-coding system that was able to stock its shelves with a expedites selection and appealing, well-organized family of products aspirational graphics which promiseconsumer experience whose strong cohesive identity makes a sweeping statement about the core values behind its new quality solutions to their gardening needs, Orchard Brand succeeded in delivering consumers a more Orchard Brand. With a clearly rewarding shopping experience.10 11
  7. 7. A powerful new presence Orchard Brand’s clean, crisp presentation dominates the shelf by establishing a clearly cohesive brand- block that rivals its many national competitors in sales appeal.12 13
  8. 8. Services ClientsBrand Strategy Merchandising AquaChem Pool Chemicals Kwikset CorporationDefining a brand’s core values, its Capturing attention, helping Armstrong World Industries Meguiar’s Car Waxpoints of difference and relationship navigate the shopping experience,to other brands on the shelf, as well and simplifying buying decisions Black & Decker McCulloch Corporationas its role in an overall business • Signage and point-of-sale materialsstrategy, in order to maintain Central Garden & Pet McGuire Nicholas Manufacturing • Free-standing displays andcontinuity and leverage equities Corona Clipper Montgomery Ward merchandisers• Market research • Product-education and Dexol Industries Night Tracks• Brand Profiling and Segmentation promotional materials• Line extension and versioning Diamond Light Industries Orchard Supply Hardware within brand families Digital Asset Dogloo Rain Bird ManagementBrand/Product Identity • Web-based brand manuals DripMist Redken LaboratoriesVerbal naming architectures and Emhart Rug Doctorvisual-identity systems which • Packaging specifications, die lines,resonate with consumers to provide photo libraries Franklin Brass Manufacturing Schlage Lock Companymeaning and make relevant Fred Meyer Shop-Vac Inc.connections Sourcing And Supply• Product-naming architectures Management Fresh Gourmet Southern Wine & Spirits• Brand and sub-brand architectures • Material sourcing, sustainability Garden America Teknor/Apex• Pricing tier identification compliance• Visual-identity systems and • Vendor sourcing and quotation Hiram Walker & Sons The Toro Company guidelines procurement Hardie Irrigation Werner Ladder • Production coordination and The Kahlúa CompanyPackage Design quality controlThe first “moment of truth”, • Inventory managementdisplaying how a product looks, feels,functions, compares, and appeals• Structural concepts including sustainability metrics• Visual design concepts• Informational messaging and price-point substantiation14 15
  9. 9. Jim Van Noy / President Jim Van Noy is President and Creative Director of The Van Noy Group, the creative consultancy he founded in 1971 in Los Angeles. Capitalizing on the experience he gained as an art director at Chiat/Day Advertising and other creative firms, Jim secured a roster of clients including top consumer product brands such as Max Factor, Redken, Carnation Foods, Vivitar, Giorgio Beverly Hills, Kahlua, Leiner Health and Kwikset Locks to name a few. Past president of the Los Angeles Art Directors Club and a member of the AIGA, Jim was joined in the firm in 1980 by partner Ann Van Noy who contributes her experience as a marketing executive. In 2000, Jim and Ann moved their offices from Los Angeles to their vineyard in Sonoma County wine country, where they continue to practice their art as well as craft their Russian River Pinot Noir. 3315 Westside Road • Healdsburg, CA 95448-9453 Bus: 707.433.3944 • Fax: 707.433.0375 • Email: vng@vannoygroup.com16