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The marksman february 2012

  2. 2. EDITOR’S DESK Dear Readers, Welcome back to a brand new edition of your favourite marketing magazine and guide – THE MARKSMAN! In our endeavour to incessantly add more value to your reading, we now launch a fresh, informative yet entertaining section called “brand-Mark-ive” showcasing some never-before-heard facts and trivia about a brand. We kick-start this section with every marketers favourite brand – CocaCola. The cover story for the issue is Reverse Marketing, a concept which sees marketers move away from traditional forms of marketing which lure customers with a direct selling message in its communication. Instead, the focus is to let the customer find you. Our special story is on Marketing That Goes Beyond Death. Should you seriously contemplate killing your brand? Read on to find out more. Our featured articles of the month delve into the Nokia Lumia’s contemporary marketing strategy in the smartphone segment. Also question if Branding is the ideal way to enter rural markets. And who’s to forget, the trendy Newspaper war playing out in our own backyards. Flip those pages to read on! We would like to congratulate Sourabh Sahu (IIM - Indore) for being adjudged the Best Article of the Month. Our team caught up with Mr. K Ramakrishnan, Vice President, of L & T Limited, Hazira Central Services for a short tete-a-tete after his discourse on “The skills for being a manager and the need to be able to adjust to the changing paradigm”. Unwind with our regulars- SquAreHead, Bookworm, Tweets and its all about AD-itude!. Get inquisitive with Buzz and do not forget to write in with articles (check the last page for topics), your thoughts or suggestions. ¡Buena lectura! (Spanish for Happy reading) Cheers !! Team – Marksman The Interface – The Marketing Club of SIMSRFEBRUARY 2012 01
  4. 4. TWEETS Google Removes Search, YouTube Content on Indian Court Order Google Inc. removed content from its India domains that was deemed objectionable by a New Delhi district court after a civil lawsuit against the owner of the world’s largest search engine. The content was deleted from domains .in and, while remaining accessible from other countries. Shahrukh Khan roped in as ambassador for Royal Stag Pernod Ricard India has signed Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan as the brand ambassador for its brand, Royal Stag. Shahrukh will work in tandem with his fellow Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan, who has been its brand ambassador for the last several years. Flipkart acquires Letsbuy Flipkart, one the countrys biggest online retailers, said it has acquired smaller rival Letsbuy in a cash and stock deal without specifying the value of the transaction. But people familiar with the matter said it was worth around $20 million. Amazon enters India with US online retail giant Amazon has made its first foray into India with launch of a shopping website,, as it tests the waters for a possible full entry into the nations e-commerce market. Microsoft warns users against Googles privacy policy changes Microsoft Corp slammed search rival Google Inc with full-page newspaper ads in the US, saying that recent changes at Google that allow it to internally merge the data it collects on user activity across services such as YouTube and Gmail are meant to allow advertisers to better target customers. Google has touted the overhaul it announced last week as a simplification of detailed but obtuse policies and a way to provide a better user experience. Microsoft India ties up with Ybrant Digital Microsoft Corporation India has appointed digital marketing solutions and services company Ybrant Digital as its advertising sales house as it expands activity to non-metro cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Goa.FEBRUARY 2012 03
  5. 5. It’s all about AD-itude! Advertiser: CPAA india Advert title: Chanting Lighter Creative Agency: OgilvyT India Cancer Patients AidV Association this timeC tried something new and instigating to spread the awareness against cigarettes amongst smokers. Unlike most countries cigarettes are sold loose in India and so all cigarette shops have electric lighters fitted for smokers. The ad shows how the lighter itself can be used as the medium to ask smokers to quit smoking. So the regular lighter was changed with the chanting lighter. The music it played was a chant which is sung when someone dies in India. “Ram naam satya hai!” The ad shows the recording of smokers’ reaction when they light the cigarette. The purpose of the ad is to show these people that each time they light a cigarette they are actually taking a step towards death. Ad seems Very Effective! This is an innovative print P ad campaign by R McDonald’s in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai. This I is very apt for this voting N season. McDonald’s came up with T this ingenious idea of giving free cokes to all those who voted in these elections. Show the voting sign and get a coke free! It is not only an image booster but also a marketing master-stroke. This is a good initiative to make sure that the youth become socially responsible. The young generation is conceived apolitical, so this ad makes them more responsible. Resonating the core idea of anti corruption movement this ad aims at galvanizing the young against corrupt politicians.FEBRUARY 2012 04
  6. 6. NEW brand-MARK-ive SECTION This new section is dedicated to a particular brand stating some mind boggling facts and other trivial information about the company and aims at increasing one’s knowledge quotient.Coca Cola was first formulated by John The name of the flavour base included in thePemberton at the Eagle drug and Chemical secret formula for Coca-Cola is referred to asCompany and called it Pembertons French 7X which only a few people know. ConcentrateWine Coca after getting inspired by Vin for Coca-Cola is made in a number ofMariani. It was sold as a patent medicine that centralized production facilities, and iswas believed to cure many diseases, morphine exported to all countries in the world thataddiction, impotency and headache. bottle Coca-Cola.The non-alcoholic version of the French Wine Although Coca-Cola is enjoyed ice-coldCoca was sold for the first time in 1886 at the around the world, in Hong Kong it is alsoJacob’s Pharmacy. served hot as a remedy for colds.Coca-Cola which means “to make mouth Some unusual uses of Coca Cola include as ahappy” in Chinese is called “Coca-Cola” grease stain remover, rusty bolt loosener, toiletbecause of the original ingredients used in the cleaner, spermicide, odor remover, medicine,medicine, Coca leaves and Kola seeds. and many more.The Coca Cola logo was created by John The company champions various CSRPemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Mason initiatives such as rainwater harvesting,Robinson, in 1885 who came up with the name restoring groundwater resources, going in forand chose the logo’s distinctive cursive scripts. sustainable packaging and recycling, andThe typeface used, known as Spencerian script serving the communities where it operated.was the dominant form of formal hand writing The Coca Cola Company presently offers ain US. portfolio of more than 3500 products in overThe Coca Cola bottles are often referred to as 200 countries.“Hobble-skirt Bottles” because of its Last year on May 4th 2011, Coca Colaresemblance the bottle contours resembled to celebrated 125th anniversary by creating thea dress from the early 1900s. World’s Largest Single Building Illumination inCoca Cola is credited with inventing the their headquarters at Atlanta, thanking peoplemodern image of Santa Claus as an old man in around the world.a red-and-white suit.FEBRUARY 2012 05
  7. 7. TETE-A-TETE them? Primarily, interaction with people who can share their experience about corporate world with Mr. students. Their exposure needs to be increased while there should also be soft skill training given K Ramakrishnan, to students to meet the expectations of the VP of L&T industry. We need people who can communicate clearly and effectively. As far as theory goes I think b-schools are doing a decent job but I reckon soft skills do not receive their due importance. How different is the work environment in IndiaMr. Ramakrishnan is currently the V.P of Larsen & as compared to the European countries you haveToubro Limited, Hazira Central Services, Surat. He worked in?spoke to students on “The skills for being a There are quite a few things we can learn frommanager and the need to be able to adjust to the other country nationals:changing paradigm”. He had the audience excited 1. Value of time is very highabout future avenues that await them. He spoke 2. Interactions had to be specific and to the pointat length on the importance of communication, 3. Commitment had to be very specificactive listening, risk mitigation and sustainable 4. Discipline not just in terms of time but, walkingefforts. The talk was extremely engaging and on the road, or driving.inspiring. Mr. Ramakrishnan shared his Do work ethics get compromised when it comesexperiences and learning and left us with some to sales and marketing department?food for thought. Our voracious team Marksman Yes. I am being very upfront while saying this.caught up with him after the lecture for additional There may be customers who give you someinsights. indication in some way to help their business. SoSir you graduated as a B.E. from VJTI and joined there is a very thin line or shall I say there is a greyL&T. To that regard, does a good manager really area where I don’t think any company canneed to be an MBA? confidently say that they haven’t strayed into. SoIn today’s context MBA is important because it there yes there is a bit of aberration or a deviationhelps learn all the facets of management which but generally it is ethical.would be missed out otherwise. But I would Marketing is a very dynamic field with changerather prefer a person who has worked in the being the only constant. How to you keepindustry and then undertakes MBA because it yourself updated and stay in the thick of things?helps them hone their skills and experience. Well in many ways! Reading up and interactionIn order to sustain oneself, they say it is with people are very informative means.important to unlearn one’s b-school learning Especially in the Business Development field, youwhile entering the corporate world. What is your need to spend more time in person with thetake on this? customer. Meet, see the site and understand theI think that most things you have learnt at college client’s requirements. It is imperative toor school stand you in good stead while working understand the change by being in it. Noalso. I don’t think there is any unlearning as such. substitute for that! Also you need to be at theIt is just that you learn a lot with experience and right place at the right time. Prove yourself, provemaybe something very theoretical may have to be your worth, accept challenges and turn them intounlearnt. successes. It’s a demanding result driven world,What should SIMSR do to ensure students adapt we need to be prepared for it!easily to corporate life that awaitsFEBRUARY 2012 06
  8. 8. It is a marketing concept which companies should be and the only way they could reach use to create such an image of the company their full potential was to purchase a certain that the potential customers will seek the product or service. company, rather than the marketers of theC company seeking the customers. This is done mostly by using traditionalO advertisements, print advertisements and online media but the main difference lies inV the fact that here companies put out their content at a location where people will findE it while searching for the product instead of directly advertising to sell the product.R The ‘Law of Attraction’ as people say is the basis of Reverse Marketing. In words of Leenders and Blenkhorn, Reverse Marketing is “an aggressive and imaginative approachS to achieving supply objectives”. The purchaser makes the initiative in making theT proposal. Reverse marketing is a technique that when used properly can build your Companies did not worry that this technique was turning many consumers off since thereO client base simply and easily. However, in order to use reverse marketing effectively were plenty of marketing dollars going around and they knew that they wouldR you have to have a clear understanding of the concepts behind it. convince at least a small group of consumers to try their product by these hard-saleY The Traditional Way of Advertising tactics. However, when more became scarcer and consumers started shopping The old way of advertising was based on more carefully, these companies found the companies actively trying to convince hard sales tactics simply no longer worked. people that they needed their product. To do this companies would use what is known How Reverse Marketing Works as the hard sale method which simply Reverse marketing works by not using hard means they would go out of their way to tell sale tactics. In some cases, reverse people that their product or service would in marketing means no salesmanship at all. some way improve or enrich their lives. Instead, reverse marketing allows Many times in order to sell their product the consumers needing your product to come to hidden message in these advertisements you by showing them that you are were that somehow the consumer was less concerned about what they need and that attractive, less successful, or they were you are savvy enough to help them meet enjoying life less than they their needs.FEBRUARY 2012 07
  9. 9. COVER STORYInstead of advertising your business and trying to quality customers who are ready to buy, especiallyconvince people that your product or service is after seeing that a company is knowledgeable andbetter than the competitors, you offer them helpful about a product they wish to buy. A similarhelpful information in solving their problem or example of reverse marketing would be to put upneed. This way you are giving the consumer an unbiased review site, with links to your webpractical advice they are looking for at no price. page for more information or a similar product toThen at the end of your advice you include a little those you are reviewing. Strength of this type ofinformation about yourself including your website. reverse marketing is that customers searching theSince you have talked about their specific issue topic can find someone who first demonstratesand using an answer to their query, the consumer their knowledge on a topic with helpfuldoes not feel as though you are trying to sell them information and links at the bottom to check outanything. Those that decide that your product or their online store. Companies can also use searchservice is for them will then click on your link to engines to advertise their products when thesee what you have to offer. And since you were customers are looking for that kind of product onthe one that offered them helpful advice they will the internet but here is a word of caution; paidbe more tempted to buy from you. links on search engine does not serve the sameReverse marketing works simply because you are purpose as reverse marketing because peoplehelping the consumer achieve a goal they often don’t like to open them as they arethemselves have without trying to force them to displayed separately. People respond much betterbuy anything. The consumer comes to you, not to content when the main purpose of it is not anyou to them. actual advertisement. Using the Unbiased Approach The success of the Reverse Marketing Campaign usually depends upon the ability of the seller to showcase the benefits of their products in most unbiased way. The company can project the unbiased views by either writing it themselves or they can take help of professional websites to write unbiased reviews for them. This will not only create a positive image in the mind of the customer about the product but also induce them to put the product in their consideration set. A good example of this will be reviews of automobiles present on the websites. In this ever changing world of information technology whereAn example of reverse marketing would be a people have easy access to information oncompany that sells health related product such as internet, will you prefer to search reviews aboutwater purifiers, adds to their web site a long E- product on internet before making a purchasebook or essay about subjects that potential decision? If the answer is yes then you can surelycustomers are searching for on search engines. understand the importance of an unbiased goodCompared to just putting a banner ad up on a web review of the product and the extent to which itsite, reverse marketing can attract very high can affect your purchase decision.FEBRUARY 2012 08
  10. 10. COVER STORYFor those who think that despite reverse towards using the products of Dove. Thismarketing, customer may buy another product approach did wonders for them and it was veryand all these efforts go in vain. Yes, it is possible successful.but then companies spend big bucks on direct The concept of Reverse Marketing considerablymarketing schemes, which determine their changes the traditional buyer-seller relationship.success rate. Reverse Marketing will still be aneasier way to win customers and create a goodimage in market.Success Story of DoveA wonderful example of Reverse Marketing issuccess of ‘Dove’. Usually, cosmetic companiesadvertise their products by convincing thecustomer about how their products will improvetheir flawed looks. If youre dark, theyll make you The traditional relationship, where the seller takesfair. If youre pimply, theyll clear it up. If your skin the initiative by offering a product, is increasinglyis dry, theyll moisten it. And the list goes on and being replaced by one where the buyer activelyon. Basically cosmetic companies tempt you to searches for a supplier who is able to fulfil itsfind the flaws in you, criticize your looks and exact needs. This again emphasises the fact thecreate this impression that youre quite ugly market is greatly moving towards customeroverall, and the only way to make yourself more centric orientation. Reverse Marketing can be adesirable is to use their products. very useful tool for companies to succeed in suchBut Dove chose a different approach, though they changing environment. But there are somemight not be willingly doing Reverse Marketing important points that should be considered beforebut effect was nonetheless same. Instead of using the reverse marketing tips. First, a newpointing at the flaws the skin, Dove asked women entrant should be very careful in trying thisto come together and celebrate their beauty. You because customers pay attention to thosewill now notice, how very less coercive Dove ads products which are there in their awareness set.seem as compared to the ads of other cosmetics Dove and other reverse marketers have beenbrands. Its a completely different, novel approach successful because they are already establishedto marketing altogether. Dove rarely uses models, brands and people know how good they are.which are viewed as plastic and artificial. Dove Secondly, the most important point, the productsuses real women, beautiful, but not extremely should be good enough to speak for, to add a touch ofrealism to the ad. And itis this appeal, theseeming genuineness ofwomen, the lack ofcoercion, and the lack ofthis artificially createdsense of inferiority ofwomen to the models interms of looks, that drewmore and more womenFEBRUARY 2012 09
  11. 11. SP Vampires are all the rage right now from books toE movies to sitcoms; everyone seems to be hooked onto these resurrected creatures. FictionalC although they might be, but their popularity after death is something to take note of. Although itI takes a lot of imagination to understand the world of vampires, we can see something a bit moreA realistic in the world of marketing going on. It is marketing after death.L What is it?S Two words to sum it all the shock, mysteryT up are “Michael Jackson”. He might behind the death and condolences, anotherO have been the greatest performer of all times thing that came was a sudden spurt in musicR and a pop revelation and always surrounded sales. Everybody suddenly rememberedY by controversy (which isn’t always a bad him only for the great artist he was which thing!) the fact of the resulted in a huge matter is that his music increase in sales of his sales had been on a music. All radio stations downward spiral since started playing his long and he was in a lot songs and other artists of debt. But post his who wanted to be a untimely death on June part of this surge gave 25, 2009, a lot tributes to him further changed. Along with adding to it all.FEBRUARY 2012 10
  12. 12. SPECIAL STORY Can it be milked? Well it is pretty evident that dying to market your product is not a very viable option, but yes, it still can be utilized, and it is something that is being done well. “Limited Edition”, these words mean exclusivity to the customer and a license to overcharge. Luxury car makers are doing this since long, making a few hundred cars of a type which are slightly different than the standard car and charging huge amounts for it and then discontinuing with it. The Rs 14Cr Lamborghini Raventon is a perfect case in point with just 20 cars having being made. As people know it will no longer be available, it justifies the premium. Similar is the case with vintage cars and even antiques in general. The fact that a particular thing will no longer be available generates a push in people to lap it up while the existing stock lasts. So in conclusion one can say, killing a brand or rather making something new to prematurely kill it is a highly effective way to make people buy the product. May it be its snob value or the exclusivity or the collectability, all we can say is “Offer valid till stocks last”.FEBRUARY 2012 11
  13. 13. FEATURED ARTICLES IS BRANDING THE WAY TO ENTER RURAL MARKETS? -Sourabh Sahu, IIM-IndoreWell, before I come to the specific issue of getting a good sales-figure in rural India for anybusiness, let’s look at some strategic pitfalls that these companies go through in rural India.Most marketing men adopt a few ‘quick-fix’ strategies before venturing into the Ruralmarkets with their brands. They merely strip down all the ‘so-called’ frills from the productcurrently being sold in urban and believe that the product is ready to go rural. Just extendtheir brand to low cost packs, or merely modify the packaging marginally. Also, use cheaperpacking material, adapt the urban advertising or offer meaningless sales promotiongiveaways. All these and more are just short-term measures to enter the rural markets. Andif one believes that these will ensure success in the rural markets, it can but remain only aswishful thinking.What then is the route to building a BrandIn rural?The answer to the above question is whatour marketers today call ‘Rural Branding’. A route that is sensitive and appropriateto the needs of the rural consumer. TheNext obvious question is how it is done. IBelieve, that you can Build your Brand inRural only if you build the following fiveattributes Into your product:Build CustomizationCustomizing or reverse-engineering your product to suit the needs of the rural consumers isthe key to success in the rural market place.One needs to first go into the rural markets to find out the wants, needs, aspirations anddreams of the rural consumer, meet up with the villagers and create a product that isrelevant to their needs. It also means we not only need to ‘engineer’ a product that appealsto him but also need to go back to him for ‘ratification’ of its relevance.Build Empathy / RelevanceBuilding empathy for your brand begins with the Brand name. It is important to seek out aBrand name that is preferably vernacular, that is in tune with the ethos of the marketFEBRUARY 2012 12
  14. 14. FEATURED ARTICLES and the social milieu it will sell in. And the same logic applies for the color, the slogan and every aspect of communication. They must strike the right chord with the rural consumer! Build Recognition There are two issues that need to be addressed while Building Recognition into a Brand targeting the Rural Market. The need for protection against the rampant prevalence of duplicate or parasite brands. The need to physically demonstrate the use of a product in view of the high involvement of a rural consumer in the purchase process. Build ‘Word-of-mouth’ Strong word-of-mouth for a brand can be built through executing customized events within the village revolving around the core message of a Brand, appealing to the core target group. Build Access Reaching the rural consumer with their products and services remains the biggest challenge to an average marketer. I am sure as the days go by, the compulsive need to enter far flung rural homes will provoke marketing men to come up with more creative solutions for cracking this problem of Building Access. To conclude, Building a Brand in Rural India will continue to pose the biggest challenge to the marketing fraternity in the years to come. Hence, the Art and Science of Brand Building in rural needs to become an integral part of the learning process in the innumerable Management Institutions across the nation.FEBRUARY 2012 13
  15. 15. FEATURED ARTICLES MARKETING STRATEGY ADOPTED BY NOKIA FOR ITS NEW NOKIA LUMIA TO BREAK THE CLUTTER IN THE SMARTPHONES SEGMENT Abhishek Shukla, NMIMSBring it on - All or Nothing:Virendra Sehwag goes for it all. If the leather lands in his territory, he swings his willow like aswaggering blade. If he connects, he is considered to be a game changer but if he fails he ismurdered for not playing by the books. By planning the largest marketing budget on a singlephone than it has ever done before, Finland based and world’s largest phone manufacturer,Nokia has gone for a zero sum strategy.The Game Changer:Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC all claim topossess unique brand names in theSmart phone category. Since Nokiaalready missed the Smart phonewagon, it had to take bold measures toensure it stays in the race. Nokia startedoff in style. The marketing extravaganzabegan with glittering Lumia phonedisplays across Delhi Metro stations.After covering railways, it was the turn Jet Airways flying with Nokia Lumia colorsof aviation with Jet Airways Boeing 737-800 bearing the colors of Nokia Lumia.It also featured the names of theemployees who came up with themarketing idea. Shahrukh Khan’s tweet praising Nokia LumiaBollywood came calling with Shahrukh Khan tweeting that Lumia is an awesome phone. Thismarketing strategy seems reasonable given that King Khan’s opinion might influence his 1.5million twitter followers.The Amazing Everyday:Be it a smile or the tears, moments are amazing. ‘The Amazing Everyday’ campaign aims atcapturing those precious moments that happen in our lives every day. Nokia held events across 5major Indian cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad. The campaign in financialhub included a dance performance by a foreign troupe. In the political capital, Nokia organized amega musical event. Gurgaon was also up for the treat when Lumia pre-orders were distributed bytennis sensation Sania Mirza. Few lucky Gurgaon locals also received free XBOX 360 to mark theFEBRUARY 2012 14
  16. 16. FEATURED ARTICLESoccasion. Keeping with Lumia’s blue color, Nokia came up with ‘Blue Santa’ who distributedchocolates and coupons in malls.Another innovative marketing mantra was at display when toll was exempted for more than 15,000cars at DND Freeway connecting Delhi and Noida. Then came in a chance for the social networkinggeeks to shine in the prize glory. Nokia organized a ‘Lumia Sky Party’ where winners from a contestheld on Facebook were taken for a 45 minute ride in the Nokia Lumia brand Jet Airways plane. Sania Mirza promoting Nokia Lumia in a launch in Gurgaon Fun Week: All thanks to Lumia launch, it was a fun filled candid week for the Nokia employees. It began with ‘Wow Monday’ when a life size Lumia was kept in the office and people had to tap on it to receive gifts such as chocolates, Rubik’s cube and laptop stickers. Then came ‘Kinetic Tuesday’ where scooties were placed around Nokia office for employees to experience the ride. ‘Surprise Wednesday’ was a treasure hunt when employees ran around the premises searching for magic boxes. It was time to turn on the dancing shoes with ‘Foot Tapping Thursday’ where employees showed their dancing moves. It all ended on a delightful note when the office was closed on Friday so that employees can attend the launch events. Nokia Lumia taxi offering free ride to early adopters Will it work? Is it desperation on Nokia’s part which made it market Lumia on such a grand scale? Will the marketing strategy be enough for Nokia to regain the telecom throne? Let the clock turn and these questions will be answered. But one thing is for sure. Nokia has turned the marketing notions on its head. With it’s out of the book play, Lumia has grabbed the eyeballs. Nokia did lose the Smart phone battle but it has surely won the Marketing war.FEBRUARY 2012 15
  17. 17. FEATURED ARTICLES Newspaper Brands on War! Trisha Pandey, Shailesh J.Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay I dare you to compete…the latest move of Indian Advertisement industry The recent addition being The Times of India (TOI) vs The Hindu ad wars. On one hand “The TOI ad” screams its value quotient of how it keeps its readers engaged and not bored unlike The Times of India vs The Hindu its rival newspapers and on the other “The Hindu ad” positions its readers as informed individuals (Stay ahead with Hindu) compared to readers of other newspapers. Over the years the Indian advertisement industry has remained apprehensive about its perception towards comparative advertising. That is the reason the number of comparative advertisements has remained in few hundred among millions of ads that has been made till date. However, among the plethora of varieties of ads techniques available, the comparative technique has been found to be highly effective (subject to few regulations); reason being multi-fold: Establishes value proposition of the brand Positions the brand as being better than its competitor(s) Get eyes rolling (maximizing target audience exposure and customer recall value) Competing through comparison works in interest of quality and price sensitive customers Market grows more mature and transparentFEBRUARY 2012 16
  18. 18. FEATURED ARTICLES The comparative ads can be direct if it directly names and attacks its competitors as had been the popular Rin vs Tide case or it can be indirect like the above mentioned TOI vs Hindu ad. Also a comparative ad can be targeted against a single rival, who is generally either the market leader or the nearest competitor in the market for instance the BMW vs Audi print ad or it can be an ad that targets multiple rivals at the same time-the Colgate Precision print ad. The concept of comparative ads can be explained through game theory – Zero sum game -when one brand’s gain is equivalent to rival brand’s loss; Win-Lose- when one brand’s gain is more (or less) than rival brand’s loss and Lose-Win-when comparative strategy misfires hampering the brand repute. Misfiring happens when either the regulations are not met or the exaggeration to prove superiority is beyond limits of being truthful or justifiable. Thus return-risk tradeoff needs to be handled carefully while implementing comparative techniques; especially in an environment where customers have grown more awakened and empowered. Ads which earlier seemed to be highly offensive to Indian market is the reality of advertising today. The present day Indian advertising houses are gradually developing their knack to conquer this new territory of advertisement stage. The truth of Marketing is that the war should go on….and to win this war it is imperative to be open to changeFEBRUARY 2012 17
  19. 19. BOOKWORM About the author: Philip Kotler (Chicago, IL) is Ten Deadly Marketing the S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of Sins- Signs and Solutions International Marketing at North-western Universitys Kellogg Graduate School of Philip Kotler Management and the author of 15 books, including Marketing Insights from A to Z and Lateral Marketing , both published by Wiley. About the book: In this book Philip Kotler recognizes ten most common mistakes that marketers make. Kotler covers each sin in depth as a chapter and provides signs to identify such mistakes and solutions to reverse them. These sins are explained in ten chapters and covers all the downsides that a company faces in the marketing domain. Each sin mentioned seems very simple but even the best companies have failed to practice these ideas and concepts. After having explained the sins, Kotler went on to prescribe Ten Commandments to all marketers. With these commandments marketers will learn how to stay market-focused and customer-driven, fully understand their customers, keep track of the competition, manage relationships with stakeholders, find Favourite Quotes: new opportunities, develop effective marketing plans, strengthen product and service policies, “Marketings work should not build brands, get organized, and use technology be so much about selling but to the fullest. about creating products that The book is written in simple words and raises dont need selling" thoughts. Ten Deadly Marketing Sins is a best and valuable resource to all the marketers from the respectable thinker of the modern “Marketing is easy to marketing age. However the author has been understand but difficult to quite repetitive and the concepts are well practice". known to a marketing practitioner. Nevertheless it would be good information for a beginner to “Most of marketing is reduced get hold of the key theories and also for to a one-P function — companies as even the big companies have failed at these concepts. Promotion — not a four-P job.”FEBRUARY 2012 18
  20. 20. SqAreheaDFEBRUARY 2012 19
  21. 21. REWIND A Grandeur which will live in our memories forever!We at SIMSR recently conducted our annual festivalMelange- “where Ideas converge” on the 17th and 18th ofFebruary where more than 50 business colleges and 1,200students participated enthusiastically in variousmanagement and cultural events. ‘Melange’ meaning a mixof culture, aimed at creating platform where ideasconverged and gave rise to a novel experiences.The management events saw students drafting solutions tocase studies, business plans and exploring their potential.Samridhi Social B plan competition with 10 teams in thefinals was about making a business plan answering theproblems of society as well as practicing course skills anddeveloping awareness of social issues.The event, running for more than 10 years now, wasplanned over three months by a team of 30 seniorstudents. Among the most important workshop, the IMCcolloquium was held by Prof. Isaac Jacob. It consisted of around table of 45 minutes and a presentation of anadvertisement project of 15 minutes for each of the 10teams. Other workshop by MBA Skool and Scorpio King,which was about selling a Scorpio to the audience, werealso a hit with students!Each competition was judged by noted professionals suchas the brand manager of Scorpio. A total of Rs.3.85 lakh incash and 10 lakh in goodies were distributed during thefest. Through the day, students could visit the stalls andhave fun with informal events while in the evening theydanced and performed on the stage. The college band Maujalso put in an enticing performance. Melange was enjoyedby one and all alike!FEBRUARY 2012 20
  22. 22. BUZZ THE CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. The radio station shown in the pictures is owned by which company? “The Week” magazine is also owned by this company. 4. The logo belongs to a company called XY. XY is also referred as Golden Y, Rainbow Y, Town Y, Silver Y and the official internet address exist in 75 countries. Identify the company XY. 5. This security company services stars like Mithun Chakraborty, SRK, Aamir Khan, Lalit Modi, etc. Identify the company? 7. This Indian company is the largest exporter of Roses in the World. THE CLUES DOWN 2. The logo is that of Mumbai Mantra, which company owns this production house? 3. “IHealthU” comes under the banner of which famous company? 6. The hood ornament shown is one of its kind for which famous car company? The picture shows Saint George slaying a dragon. 8. Which company owns this retail chain? 9. This Imperial Eagle used to the old logo of which bank? 6.Rolls Royce 7.Karuturi Global 8.Bharti 9.Deutsche Bank 1.Malayala Manorama 2.Mahindra 3.Britannia 4.Yellow Pages 5.Ace, owned by Ronit Roy.FEBRUARY 2012 21
  23. 23. Articles can be sent on any one of the following topics*: 1. How digital marketing is changing the face of conventional marketing ? 2. When fans attack – How companies Handle crises on Facebook 3. Innovations in promotion and marketing of Movies. *Please ensure that there is no plagiarism and all references are clearly mentioned 1. One article can have only one author. 2. Your article should be from 500-600 words and MUST be replete with relevant pictures that can be used to enhance your article. 3. Send in your articles in .doc/.docx format with font size 11 (Arial) to: 4. Subject Line: Your Name_InstituteName_CourseYear. 5. Kindly name your file as: Your Name_Topic The best adjudged article will be given a winners certificate. Deadline for submission of the articles: 11:59 PM , 16 March 2012.FEBRUARY 2012 22
  24. 24. To subscribe to "The Marksman", Follow the link:- OR drop in a mail/contact us at : Subject line: Subscribe: Your Name_Institute Name_Course Year THE TEAM COVER STORY SPECIAL STORY It’s all about AD-itude Vibhav Shukla Upveen Tameri Pallavi Srivastava SquAreheaD Tete-A-Tete & REWIND COVER PAGE Pallavi Srivastava Niyati Chamyal Yash Chamaria Tilottama Sanyal TWEETS BUZZ DESIGN Upveen Tameri Sujit Mishra Tilottama Sanyal BOOKWORM Brand-MARK-ive PROMOTIONS Hinal Shah Sujit Mishra Keith MascarenhasFollow us at: Website: http://interfacesimsr.weebly.comFEBRUARY 2012 23