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Visual-art to transform ID Product Design of engineering products
- by Shining Consulting

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Visual art-transform-engg-products

  1. 1. W H I T E P A P E R Visual art to transform ID Product Design of engineering products Shombit Sengupta01 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  2. 2. There’s a difference between Visual art in all design touchaesthetics and visual art. Aesthetics pointsis very difficult to define as it existsin nature and the human form. When people reach a certain economic heightVisual art is the composition of in personal life, they get involved with different engineering products as extensions of life, eitherhuman intelligence that adapts at home or in office. So strong visual art in everydifferent things in people’s mind, touch point counts as it make them feel they areand expresses them in collage form. surrounded with unique things in daily living.Visual art is human expression with The collage of different materials and texturesany kind of material in the form of art. in multiple elements play as visual art in an engineering product’s visible areas of design.Visual art drives the economythrough ID Product DesignSince ever so long, engineering products haveimproved human life, initially providing superiorfunctionality that brings comfort into life as theprime factor. In today’s competitive scenario,differentiation through ID Product Design is whatbreaks the benchmark. Visual art starts from non- visible areas Every ID Product Design has a form, shape and a few prime areas of consumer or professional touch point. It’s not enough to address the overall Prius eco car visible aspect of a product with external visualID Product Design, a combination of applied art aesthetics. When a consumer opens a car’sand applied science that improves marketability bonnet or looks under its floor carpet to find thatand production by incorporating visual art, its hidden mechanical engineering components,ergonomics and product usability, drives a digital technology circuit board or electrical wiringdeveloped country’s economy. lines are not well designed with visual art, he orFrom automobiles, two-wheelers, mobile phones, she can lose consideration in the vehicle and itshome appliances, office furniture, electronics, aspiration.medical equipment, tools, machinery andtransportation among others, it’s all empoweredby visual art.Originating in Europe, established manufacturershave tremendously prioritized creatingdifferentiation in ID Product Design through visualart aesthetics. Later USA, Japan and Koreafollowed suit.02 ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  3. 3. When your mobile phone falls from your hand components from the product design under sale.and opens up, that’s the time you can experience Consumer experience in the store should takeoutstanding visual art if you discover your the product beyond its mere functional aspect tophone’s inner circuitry to have exquisitely neat become an extension of consumer Should your washing machine requirerepair, and the technician comes and opensits panel and you find the chamber insidelooks untidy, exposing no visual art, you’llnever consider this brand to be aspirational.Psychologically, in your next purchase, youwillnot buy the same brand. That’s becausewashing itself is a chore, and this product’s inner I recently visited Reebok in London where theyfunctionality corroborates that tedious task. So ingeniously used the yellow corrugated, zigzagthe washing machine did not aesthetically elevate shoe sole of their latest design to decorate theitself to reveal its efficiency during its repair state. entire store and façade, calling it Reezig. This gave the shoe a dimension larger than life, andVisual art is so powerful that no engineer with an demonstrated how a single touch point can beaesthetic sense will leave non-visible ID Product magnified to mesmerize consumers. This is theDesign areas devoid of it. way visual art can change the retail character of industrial products. Free from user manuals The 21st century’s digital technology era has created another phase where the experience of functionality in ID Product Design is implicit. Ferrari compressed This means a product’s look and touch should beFrench sculptor Cezar proved that even scraps so compelling that consumers can figure it outof metal can have visual art. He astonished art instantly without the help of user manuals.lovers by showing three crushed cars at a Paris As digital technology is commoditizing mostexhibition. César selected particular elements products, the importance of differentiationfor crushing and mixing from differently coloured through engineering design is becoming a primevehicles to control the surface pattern and colour factor where visual art plays the central role.scheme of his works. He became renowned forhis ‘Compressions.’Visual art in industrial productretailsThe retail outlets of even sophisticated industrialproducts like automobiles or washing machinesare left very archaic, just walls, floor and lighting.Visual art effort is required to make their façadeand interiors hallucinating by using engineering ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999
  4. 4. At any price point, if the ID Product Design does Beyond 2+2=4not have high quality and aspiration, consumers An engineering product design that’s associatedor professionals will not be inclined to buy the with visual art has high and unlimited appeal,product nor talk about it in social networking. beyond the 2+2=4 equation. India requires massive numbers of engineering designers withThe partly-slanted mud table the capacity to transform an engineering design to a selling proposition that’s driven by visual art.In designing industrial products, I strongly respectengineering rationalities, even as I deploy my There’s great potential for such careers thatpalette of colours in different types of forms and command attractive salaries. But the product’sshapes, always co-opting visual art. quality, functionality and performance can never be compromised for the duration of its lifespanThe inspiration probably comes from my mother in consumer or professional usage as per itswho, in our Sahidnagar refugee colony near industry standard.Kolkata, made me an 18-inch, partly-slantedreading table with mud. I could sit on the floor, In mass production, visual art is a very decisivekeep my books there to read and write from. factor for business success.Saying poverty is no excuse for ugliness, she’dobsessively keep everything very aesthetically,particularly swabbing my table with cow dungwater everyday.The monsoon season invariably breakseverything. When water lashes into our bamboo-walled, thatched-roofed mud house, her prioritywas always on how quickly she can remake myslanting table.Thereafter, as I attended my gorgeous Britisharchitecture art college in Kolkata and went onto become a designer in Paris, I came to realizemy mother’s sense of visual art in design in thatslanted mud table. My childhood training has © Copyright of all logos and images belong to the respective Cos.grown in me, as I breathe visual art in my way oflife today. Shining Consulting Pvt., Ltd. 17, Visveswariya Industrial Area, Tel : 91-80-4127 6999 / 81 Mahadevapura 2nd Stage, Fax : 91-80-4127 6990 Bengaluru - 560 048, India. Email: ©Shining Consulting: +91-80-4127 6999