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10+ Getting to Know You Activities for  Kids
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10+ Getting to Know You Activities for Kids


Published on

Find resources and the recordings at

Find resources and the recordings at

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  • And it is important we help stimulate their minds during the summer because as teachers we have to motivate them to turn off the TV and explore the world around them. Let’s face it, many of our students will spend a lot of time laying dormant and watching TV.
  • It’s socialSometimes you need a little help from your friends (cheats)Integrates movement, visuals, multimedia, popular music, graphics and basically is a representation of the world teens and kids want to be immersed inGoal-oriented- Aim to reach the next levelEach more challenging, but achievableMust complete tasksCollect items that help within the journey (learning is all around you)Discover a new world each time you achieve a levelPositive stressFailure part of the journeyTry again till you reach your goal with no penaltiesEvery kid can be a hero as long as they keep tryingVia Paul Maglione,
  • Ask the children to draw, one in each section, their favourite toy, food, person and animal. When they have finished, sit the children in a circle with all the pictures in the centre. Can they guess whose is whose?
  • Özge will be talking about the what voki is and how to create a voki example
  • A Time You Were Brave
  • A Time You Were Brave
  • When we reflect on the learning in the video we see a few ways the learners use the tools. From here and our own experiences we can make some conclusions about what great teaching consists of. Great teaching…Where was the teacher in all this? Behind the lens allowing the learner to experiment and explore with the tools.
  • Transcript

    • 1.
    • 2. No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it. - H.E. Luccock Tchaikovsky by Simon Blackley, Flickr
    • 3. Pass the BallClassroom circle time with Maria Knee by Wesley Fryer, Flickr•Students sit in a circle•Each student says his/her name•Introduce 1 ball to the circle•Give students the ball & instruct them to roll it toanother student.•They have to say the student’s name & ask aquestion
    • 4. Toy Mingle•Each student brings in afavorite toy•Divide the class into 2 linesand seat them across fromeach other.•The teacher starts the timerfor 1 minute and the pairsplay with each other•They switch partners
    • 5. Group the Toys
    • 6. Who Am I?
    • 7. ShoeTalk
    • 8. My Memory GamePlaying the Dinosaur Matching Game by GoonSquadSarah, Flickr
    • 9. Teach Us HowTo…
    • 10. Me MuseumLucy Ocean Diorama by Steve Polyak, Flickr
    • 11. Stuff Animal Interview
    • 12. Line Up!
    • 13. Picture Share
    • 14. About Me Charades•Play charadesbased on favorites,likes/dislikes, pets,etc.
    • 15. Name PoemsKaren by the justified sinner, Flickr
    • 16. Glogster Interviews
    • 17. Voki Avatars
    • 18.
    • 19. Use Comic Tools
    • 20. Interactive Timeline
    • 21. Some Ideas
    • 22.