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Students to Heroes 2.0 - Gaming Association of Manitoba Educators

Here's everything I shared at the GAME event keynote. My journey as a gamer and educator, examples of how I and others have used popular games like World of Warcraft and Minecraft for learning, tips for getting a games and learning program going in your school.

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Students to Heroes 2.0 - Gaming Association of Manitoba Educators

  1. 1. Educator/Gamer Director of Digital Learning and Media - Surry County Schools Twitter: lucasgillispie
  2. 2.
  3. 3. I am a geek.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Image:
  6. 6. My Journey
  7. 7. So, we formed a guild...
  8. 8. Community
  9. 9. Relationships
  10. 10. Pride and Purpose
  11. 11. Making Stories And cakes!
  12. 12. Teachable Moments
  13. 13. My “Teacher Glasses” No, I don’t wear them in public!
  14. 14. The Problem?
  15. 15. “When I go to school, I have to power down.”
  16. 16. What game designers know about learning...
  17. 17. #1 PLAY IS POWERFUL
  18. 18. “It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.” Leo F. Buscaglia, USC
  20. 20. Learning works best when new challenges are “pleasantly frustrating” in the sense of being felt by learners to be at the outer edge of, but within their “regime of competence”. That is, these challenges feel hard, but doable. (Gee, 2007, p. 36).
  21. 21. Identity Interaction Production Risk-Taking Customization Well-Ordered Problems Agency Challenge and Consolidation “Just in Time” Learning Situated Meaning Systems Thinking Exploration Distributed Knowledge Cross-Functional Teaming Performance-Based Competence
  23. 23. Text #4 IT’S OK TO FAIL
  24. 24. “One of the counter intuitive things I needed to learn as a designer was that players enjoy failures more than success. As long as it’s diverse, they like to explore the failure space of a game.” -Will Wright, Game Designer
  25. 25. Failure is different in the classroom...
  27. 27. #6 Epic Wins Are Possible
  28. 28. “In a good game we feel blissfully productive. We have clear goals and a heroic sense of purpose.” Jane McGonigal, Institute for the Future
  29. 29. Two Game-Based Projects
  30. 30. WoWinSchool
  31. 31. After-School Club to Elective Language Arts Class
  32. 32. Blended/Hybrid Course Paperless Portable Granular Freely Available Originally built in Migrated to:
  33. 33. Aligned to National Common Core Standards
  34. 34. The Theme
  35. 35. Experiences As A Hero In WoW and GW2
  36. 36. Parallel Reading
  37. 37. Reflection on Life Experiences
  38. 38. Gamifying The Classroom
  39. 39. “Heroes” Not Students
  40. 40. “Lore Keepers” Not Teachers
  41. 41. Instead of Grades…
  42. 42. …experience points I “Win” The Class
  43. 43. “Quests” Not Assignments
  44. 44. Learner Choice
  45. 45. Stats and Achievements
  46. 46. Some Student Projects
  47. 47. Character Tweets
  48. 48. Propaganda/Ads
  49. 49. Bilbo - The Rogue by Borconyx I think that Bilbo would be a rogue, considering that his nickname is Burglar Baggins. I think this because "stealth is the first class ability a rogue can get"(Rogue 1). 
 Stealth is needed to be a good burglar because you can't wake the guards and you can`t make noise or the alarms will go off. Even Gandalf stated that " you look more like a burglar than a grocer"(Tolkien 18). Plus, Bilbo is smart. I think that would make him a rogue because rogues are intelligent enough to know that when you turn invisible that you need to be quiet because going invisible doesn't mean they can`t hear you.
 Works Cited 
 "Rogue Talents." WoWWiki. N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Jan 2011.<http://>.
 Tolkien, J.R.R. The Hobbit. New York: Del Rey Books, 1937. 320. Print. Research/Argumentative Writing
  50. 50. DOUBLE IDENTITY My emblem depicts a two-sided bird. One side is black and the other, blue. I like to think of these birds as duality. On one hand, I reveal to others that I am a fighter, and on the other hand, I conceal my fear. The blue represents what you see, what is visible and shown to other people. While, the black part of the bird represents our mask. While we show some things, we also hide something. In addition, the black represents the unknown. What is hidden, what can't be shown, or what never will be. The black also hides who we really are. It's our shield. It's what keeps our secrets hidden all except for one. The red smudge behind the birds represents blood. Blood shows that we are willing to sacrifice and fight no matter what it takes to set things right, even if we must kill to defend others. We believe in giving up our lives to fight for what is right. This emblem represents what our guild is. It shows who we really are. The black side shows that we're strong, that nobody is like us. But this is what the blue for: the blue side shows that we're actually all the same. We're all scared that we'll loose the battle, or that we won't make this certain mission. We're scared we'll fail or mess up. We're all the same. Guild Emblems and Symbols in Guild Wars 2
  51. 51. Writing Guild Mission Statements The purpose of this guild is to encourage students to learn about fantasy literature, games, and writing. The Legacy gives students from around the world the opportunity to play the epic game, "World of Warcraft." We make every effort to join together as a team and show that that we are eager, fearless, and victorious to make things happen. Learning through writing, games, stories and fantasy literature is something students will never forget. –Monchy
  52. 52. Holiadore. It is a name of honor and pride. He has not yet lived up to the dream, but this night elf will train and train in the ways of the druid until he achieves his ultimate goal- to be as good as his father. His father never had pride in him so Holiadore ran away from home as a child and has practiced the ways of the druid ever since. He uses the skins of his foes to craft armor to use against stronger foes. He goes through many perils to do the bidding of the townspeople. He, in doing so, trains his abilities until they can increase no more. And when he reaches his ultimate goal, he will return to the place where he was raised, the place that, once, his family lived. And he will place flowers upon his father's grave, and continue in his practices. This is the story of Holiadore. Fan Fiction
  53. 53. Game Design Camps Clubs Enrichment Lesson- integration Student-Driven Servers
  54. 54. The PCS Minecraft Community Server
  55. 55. 16 Tips for Bringing Video Games Into Your Classroom or School
  56. 56. #1 Read What The Experts Are Saying
  57. 57. #2 Talk to your learners about the games they play. The Best PD is right there in your classroom!
  58. 58. #3 Let your own children teach you about the games they play.
  59. 59. #4 Pick up a new game and play it.
  60. 60. #5 Put on your teacher lenses.
  61. 61. #6 Don’t overlook off-the-shelf games.
  62. 62. #7 Always start with your instructional goals in mind.
  63. 63. #8 Don’t Ignore Mobile Games!
  64. 64. #9 Don’t incentivize the game play.
  65. 65. #10 Collaborate and share with other professionals.
  66. 66. #11 Make cookies for your IT staff; they can be powerful allies.
  67. 67. #12 Get your Admins on board.
  68. 68. #13 Find Funding.
  69. 69. #14 Start in a safe place to fail.
  70. 70. #15 Market the awesome that’s happening in your classroom..
  71. 71. #16 Remember how to play.
  72. 72. A story about a girl...