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10+ Getting to Know You Activities for Teens & Adults


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10+ Getting to Know You Activities for Teens & Adults

  1. Let’s Get to Know You! Activities for Teens & Adults
  2. It is a fact that in the right formation, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone. - Milton Olson
  3. Icebreakers …. Prevent bullying Build community Teach citizenship Cultivate relationships Increase motivation Improve group work
  4. Ball Q & A Students throw the ball to a peer and ask get to know you questions!
  5. Do it in pairs!
  6. TP Web introductions
  7. The Hot Seat • Who? What? When? Why? • Series of questions… • Which celebrity would you like to sing at your next birthday party
  8. Students jot down 3 things they’d like to do in life and share with their peers! Bucket Lists!
  9. • Each student tells 2 truths and 1 lie about themselves • The other students guess which is the lie 2 Truths & a Lie
  10. Speed/App/Get to Know You Dating • Hand them a card with peers’ names. They jot down information. • Start the timer for 1-2 minutes. Then students switch to the next person.
  11. • Students bring in old photos • Post on the board • Students write down the name of who they think it is • The owner of the photo talks about the memory Old photos revisited
  12. • Student bring in small objects that are meaningful to them • They introduce themselves by explaining how the object represents them • You can tell them to put them in a plastic cup Meaningful Momentos
  13. • Each student tells a favorite food, place of travel, etc. • The students record it/ write on a Post-It • Put all recordings/Post-Its in a bag • Students reach in, grab one, & find their person Who Am I?
  14. HumanBingo
  16. Guess what these emojis reveal about me!
  17. Share an image & the story behind it!
  18. Digital Goal Collages/Vision Boards Goal Poster by EvelynGiggles, Flickr Buncee Canva Tackk Piktochart Biteslide Smore Glogster PicCollage ImageChef Muzy
  19. Epic selfie-
  20. Back-to-School Epic Selfie Adventure
  21. Participant Map
  22. Create emojis & have them message each other! Imoji & Bitmoji apps (iOS/Android)
  23. 3 Things we should know about you 2 Places you love to visit 1 Job you wish you had 321 Introduction
  24. Use comics!
  26. Museum of Me video!

Editor's Notes

  • And it is important we help stimulate their minds during the summer because as teachers we have to motivate them to turn off the TV and explore the world around them. Let’s face it, many of our students will spend a lot of time laying dormant and watching TV.
  • It’s socialSometimes you need a little help from your friends (cheats)Integrates movement, visuals, multimedia, popular music, graphics and basically is a representation of the world teens and kids want to be immersed inGoal-oriented- Aim to reach the next levelEach more challenging, but achievableMust complete tasksCollect items that help within the journey (learning is all around you)Discover a new world each time you achieve a levelPositive stressFailure part of the journeyTry again till you reach your goal with no penaltiesEvery kid can be a hero as long as they keep tryingVia Paul Maglione,
  • Learning can be fun! During the school break is when we can show students this because it is optional! They will choose to continue learning or not and when they do they will be able to do fun things not hindered by standardized tests and a curriculum…