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Smart Start App Mixers for iPad


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Quick, easy activities to start up an iPad classroom! Easy and fun ways to introduce several apps.

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Smart Start App Mixers for iPad

  1. 1. Smart School Start 2014 iPad Version App Mixers Estimated time: 20 minutes each
  2. 2. APP MIXER CONCEPT: Get kids using the most important apps QUICKLY Introduce the kids to each other and build culture Work on presentation skills, in informal ways Teachers get comfortable with apps
  3. 3. APP MIXER CONCEPT: Do one or two of these a day during your first week with iPads Suggestions: Or do them all day long for one day!
  4. 4. These App Mixers will be MESSY! It’s ok. It’s only the first or second week of school, right?
  5. 5. Have fun! Let the kids show off their tech and leadership skills
  6. 6. Garage Band JAMS Students form teams of three or four Students open Garage Band One student starts a Bluetooth Jam Session The other three students can play instruments in one single track, wirelessly recorded on the main iPad These can be played for the entire class via the teacher’s computer speakers
  7. 7. Garage Band JAMS Academic outcome?! ! Students can use Garage Band for interviews and to record original jingles for their videos.
  8. 8. iMovie Superheroes Students open iMovie, click the “+” to make a new movie (not a movie trailer….yet) Locate the camera and turn it on
  9. 9. iMovie Superheroes Locate the camera and turn it on Check the ? for help
  10. 10. iMovie Superheroes MISSION: ! Find out ONE favorite superhero name from as many classmates as possible!! Record them saying it. They should say: My favorite superhero is: _________________ ! TIME LIMIT: ONLY 4 minutes! ! HINT: Only record ONE sentence per person!
  11. 11. iMovie Superheroes Drop the clips in any order Trim them Add favorite music! Share them via Airplay! Hint: find the little gear
  12. 12. Educreations Interviews Everyone sketch an avatar of themselves on paper 4 minutes!
  13. 13. Educreations Interviews Open the Educreations App Use your school Google info to make an account First: Find out what the buttons do! (3 minutes)
  14. 14. Make three slides using
  15. 15. Take a picture of 3 classmates’ paper avatars One picture per slide
  16. 16. Educreations Interviews Ask each classmate that you have an avatar for these questions: What’s your favorite kind of shoe? What’s your favorite song? Two questions per person =)
  17. 17. Educreations Interviews Hit the RECORD button in Educreations Say each classmate’s name and say what their two favorite items were, while you write with your finger! HINT: You can pause on each slide!
  18. 18. Educreations Interviews Select DONE PICK PRIVATE Email it to your teacher
  19. 19. Open Safari or Chrome Find pictures of four items (or more) THAT ARE LIKELY TO BE IN YOUR! REFRIGERATOR RIGHT NOW Screen shot them one at a time. *Screen shots are taken with the HOME and POWER button - they save to your camera roll Keynote Collage
  20. 20. Open Keynote Hit the “+” to make a new presentation Keynote Collage
  21. 21. Back into Keynote! Add the pictures from your camera roll Add all four…or more You can put a frame around them if you want Keynote Collage
  22. 22. Keynote Collage Add a title with your name Add the title by clicking here:
  23. 23. Keynote Collage Present with Airplay! click here: May not work at all schools - yet
  24. 24. Keynote Collage COOL TRICK! While presenting, you can DRAW on your slides, find the magic button
  25. 25. iPad App Mixers