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The Ultimate Content Marketing Playbook 2014
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The Ultimate Content Marketing Playbook 2014


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This infographic was created for a workshop on Content Marketing presented by TAG Marketing, the special interest group of the Technology Association of Georgia. …

This infographic was created for a workshop on Content Marketing presented by TAG Marketing, the special interest group of the Technology Association of Georgia.

Content Marketing Playbook Resource Guide:

We’ve researched the internet for ways to make your content marketing successful. Page 7 features links to some of the best articles on Content Marketing. Enjoy, we hope you find them beneficial.

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  • Glad you've enjoyed this plan. The resources at the end are a fabulous place to start learning about CM. We collected some of the most current information available - as of May 5th, 2014. I've got more resources I can share.

    The truth is I am finding that every company moving forward will be approaching its strategy & execution via the Content Marketing steps we outlined. Whether it's your website, or your tradeshow campaign, or your CM campaign...we all have to think in terms of CM.

    For a smaller company - I would use an independent contractor or smaller agency to get you started. The key is to find a firm that understands your market and is jumping into CM.

    Google marketing associations for help. TAG Marketing at is a great. Business Marketing Association and the American Marketing Association are also a good place to find help.

    Please let me know if you need any more information. Glad to help.
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  • Very nice presentation with a good blueprint / plan to follow.

    So where do companies go to find the people that could put the plan in place and manage it?

    Is most of the work now being farmed outside to marketing firms? Is there an opportunity for smaller companies to bring the work in-house or utilize independent contractors?

    Anyone aware of jobboards or marketplaces that make the match possible?
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  • 1. the ultimate CONTENT MARKETING playbook 2014 Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. —Content Marketing Institute Practical Insights, Tips and Resources for Content Marketing Success
  • 2. CONTENT STRATEGY 5 Things you Need to Know for Strategic Success 1. What are your primary business objectives? How can marketing support those objectives? Set clear goals on what your organization needs from its content marketing efforts. 2. What is your target market? Who is your target buyer within that market? Creating a Buyer Persona will help you focus on a specific audience – namely the people who want to buy your products/services. Surveys are a good way to collect this information. 3. How can you reach your Buyers? Where does your buyer go to stay current on industry trends, tools and insights? Create a roadmap for placing your content accordingly. 4. What are the gaps in your current content marketing efforts? Now that you’ve determined your target buyer, relevant channels and overall goals, perform a content audit to identify what’s working, what’s not. 5. What’s your publishing plan? Create a content/campaign calendar to schedule, track and monitor content creation. When playing the Game of Content, it’s important to have a strategy. 93% OF B2B ORGANIZATIONS RELY ON CONTENT MARKETING FOR BRAND BUILDING AND DEMAND GENERATION. (CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE)  Content provided by: Cristi Kirisits, VeriFone
  • 3. CREATIVE CONTENT How to “Unstuck” (or “Unsuck”) Your Brand’s Content with Creative Storytelling 1. If your brand was a person, how would he or she communicate? Have a distinctive, authentic voice. Remember that you’re communicating with real people. 2. Tell not Sell. Avoid sales pitches - remember that the primary goal is to build a relationship with prospective buyers. 3. SEO: Include key search phrases in your content to improve organic search engine page ranking. 4. Nothing wrong with keeping tabs on your competitors. Keep tabs on what’s working, what’s not. 5. Take a risk. Have fun. People enjoy humor, so experiment with some entertaining content - but avoid being crass or offense! BUYERS SAY ONLINE CONTENT HAS A MAJOR OR MODERATE IMPACT ON VENDOR PREFERENCE AND SELECTION  87% SAY “BLATANTLY SELF-PROMOTIONAL” CONTENT IS A MAJOR TURN OFF.  (INBOUNDWRITER.COM) 43% BUT  Content provided by: Nancy Harr, SunTrust Bank
  • 4. LEAD GENERATION From Click to Close – How Marketing Automation Drives the Pipeline 1. Lead gen isn’t about creating a list of names and numbers. It’s about identifying and engaging people that meet your criteria for qualification and sales-readiness. 2. The lead lifecycle begins with a click and ends with a close. Marketers should be invested in all stages by sourcing and influencing leads, moving them through the funnel. 3. Content marketing for lead generation isn’t over-hyped, just misapplied. Focus on quality over quantity with qualifying content in the appropriate channels. 4. Invest the time in properly planning a campaign so that you can objectively evaluate it upon completion. Goals and reporting methods should be in place before execution. CONTENT MARKETING COSTS LESS THAN TRADITIONAL MARKETING AND GENERATES ABOUT 3 TIMES AS MANY LEADS. (DEMANDMETRIC) 62% Content provided by Ryan Johnston, Pardot
  • 5. THE RATE OF YEAR-OVER-YEAR GROWTH IN UNIQUE SITE TRAFFIC FOR CONTENT MARKETING LEADERS COMPARED TO FOLLOWERS (19.7% VS 2.5%). (ABERDEEN GROUP) 7.8x Tapping into Unstructured Conversations with Structured Content 1. Engage, Engage, Engage. Social media is about conversation–an online dinner party. Have something interesting and relevant to say – and leverage your content accordingly. The goals of social media are participation, then changing behavior. Content can stimulate conversation, or users can generate unique content to stimulate conversations. Either way, content leads to conversations, conversations build relationships and relationships drive ROI. 2. So many social channels, so little time. Determine who your audience is, where they go for information and which social channels they frequent the most. Focus your time and energy on those channels. 3. How to lose friends and taint your brand? Overt sales pitches. Leave that to your sales team. 4. Remember those church signs/marquees? Your social networks aren’t just a place to post slogans or quotes. Encourage conversation and be sure to actively participate in others’ conversations. SOCIAL MEDIA Content provided by Lizzy Nephew, Porsche North America
  • 6. More Bang for Your Blogging Efforts 1. No one really wants to read about you - but rather what value you can provide for them. So blog about your customer’s challenges, not about your company 2. Tell a good story, have a sense of humor, and try newsjacking. No one wants to read boring product information - so be both entertaining and informative and don’t forget to include links back to other pages on your site. 3. What do your buyers really care about? Have conversations with your sales team or customer service reps - write about what your customers are talking about. 4. Show not tell. Paint a picture with your words, create an experience. 67% B2B COMPANIES THAT BLOG GENERATE MORE LEADS THAN THOSE THAT DON’T. (WEBDAMSOLUTIONS.COM) CONTENT CREATION DEEP DIVE Content provided by: Tom Ouellette, Cbeyond This infographic summarizes the TAG Marketing workshop on Content Marketing, May 13, 2014. Stroud & Associates developed and designed this infographic. A special thanks to Shannon Rentner, Ashley Sasnett, and Jennifer Slaughter for developing and editing the content.
  • 7. CONTENT MARKETING 2014 RESOURCES CLICK LINKS FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTENT STRATEGY & CONTENT CREATION 2014 B2B Content Marketing Research: Strategy is Key to Effectiveness 50 Content Marketing Predictions for 2014 SOCIAL MEDIA & CONTENT MARKETING Social Media Tools: How To Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Top Social Media Mistakes, According to the Experts Content Creates Engagement 11 Big Myths About Social Media and Content Marketing Here’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Social Media Content marketing: take your message to the people BLOGGING YOUR CONTENT MARKETING How to Strategically Use B2B Content Marketing for Branding Secret Ingredients Of ‘Delicious’ Blog Posts 5 Steps to Creating an Effective Content Mix Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge. The Other C Word: What makes great content marketing great Ready, Set, Write: The Ultimate Guide to Blogging What the Best Business Bloggers Do (And You Should Too) 11 Pro Tips for Better Business Blogging LEAD GENERATION Rearchitected Demand Waterfall You’re Doing It Wrong: Demand Generation How To Do It Right: Demand Generation 25 B2B Marketing Automation Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter The Complete Guide to Automated Scoring & Grading All You Need to Know About Aligning Sales and Marketing for Qualified Leads Top 10 Takeaways from the Lead Gen Summit 2013
  • 8. CONTENT MARKETING playbook 2014 A publication by: Shannon Rentner | Digital Marketing Strategies for building profitable relationships | Stroud & Associates | Strategic Marketing by Design Click for FREE Content Strategy Tools! Content Audit: For those who have digital content andwant to identify the gaps. Content Calendar: For those that want to get theircontent marketing program cranking.