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M6 - E Commerce - Designing An E Commerce Site
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M6 - E Commerce - Designing An E Commerce Site


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E-Commerce Web Sites

E-Commerce Web Sites

Published in: Technology
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  • E-Commerce
  • Transcript

    • 1. E-Commerce Designing an E-Commerce Website
    • 2. E-Commerce
      • Creating an E-Commerce company
      • What must we consider when we set up an E-Commerce website?
    • 3. Designing a website
      • 7 important factors in successful E-Commerce website design
        • Functionality
        • Informational
        • Ease of use
        • Ease of purchase
        • Multi browser functionality
        • Simple graphics
        • Legible text
    • 4. Functionality
      • Functional – designed for a particular use; something that is functional is designed to do something, and does this with no problems or difficulties
      • Web pages must work
      • Web pages must load quickly
      • Web pages that point the customer to your product offerings
    • 5. Informational
      • How easy is it for customers to access the information within a website?
      • Links must be easy to find
      • Information is clear and concise
    • 6. Ease of Use
      • A website must be easy for the customer to use, most customers will not have the time or energy to “learn” how to use a website, and will move onto the next site.
      • Simple navigation
      • Basic user or help guide for customers
    • 7. Ease of Purchase
      • Purchase – to buy
      • The user should be able to purchase products from a website with as little as 1 or 2 clicks.
      • Complicated navigation to the purchase screen will scare customers away.
    • 8. Multi Browser Functionality
      • The site must work with the most popular browsers.
      • Internet Explorer
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Google Chrome
      • Netscape
      • Opera
      • Safari
    • 9. Simple Graphics
      • Sound and graphics must be simple, clear and appealing to the eye.
      • Websites must avoid:
        • Distracting graphics
        • Annoying sounds the user cannot control
        • Obnoxious graphics
    • 10. Legible Text
      • Legible – able to be read with ease
      • The text on a website must be clear and concise
        • Use simple fonts
        • Avoid backgrounds and colours that make text difficult to read
    • 11. Task
      • Find 7 good examples of these factors on E-Commerce websites
      • Find 7 bad examples of these factors on E-Commerce websites
      • Screen capture the examples.
      • Add these into a PowerPoint presentation and add a brief description of why you chose each website.