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After mid term task


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After mid term task

  1. 1. Your Christmas Project I’m still waiting for work from: Aoy View Boo Ing Ice Peach Jeena Oak Bay
  2. 2. Next Project Create an Advert! Imagine you are a graphic designer and you’ve been asked to create an advert for your customer...
  3. 3. After Mid Term Task Create an advert using Flash. I want you to promote a product or service. Your product will be chosen from a list. You must complete your animation before next lesson . Use as many of the animation techniques we have learnt as possible .
  4. 4. Techniques Buttons Frame by frame animation Shape Tween Motion Tween Motion Guide Layers Backgrounds Sound ( try it yourself )
  5. 5. Remember When you save your FINAL file please use: File – Export – Export Movie This will save your file as a Flash Movie (“filename”.swf) ready for sending in emails or uploading to the web.