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Chm lab inst policy 2011 edit 1

  1. 1. The College of Staten Island Graduate Student (T/A’s) and Adjunct Laboratory Teaching Assignments Typical assignments are one or two courses per semester until requirements are complete. 100 level courses ___ contact hours 200-300 level courses ___ contact hours T/A – Adjunct Instructor Responsibilities 1. All new T/A’s and Adjuncts are required to attend a pre course session with the course leader. During this meeting teaching strategies for each experiment will be outlined, and an introduction to the grading system and safety issues will be covered. 2. All T/A’s and Adjuncts assigned to a course for the first time are required to attend a pre-course session with the CLT preparing the course. During this session all of the experiments for that course will be explained, and most will be demonstrated. 3. All T/A’s and adjuncts must attend meetings called by the course leader during the semester 4. Accurate written records must be kept for the attendance of all registered students, submission and receipt of pre laboratory outlines, and collection of post lab data for final report. 5. Discussion at the beginning of each laboratory session must include safety considerations related to the day’s experiment (chemical hazards and waste determination) followed by a brief discussion on the theoretical aspects (concepts and calculations) of the experiment.
  2. 2. The College of Staten Island 6. Instructors are to approve each student’s experiment (prior to heating, addition of reactant, etc.), and are required to monitor student progress on each experiment. Advise students of proper technique. The entire class will complete all parts of the experiment unless the instructor indicates otherwise 7. Use of safety goggles is required by all students performing work in the laboratory. Students not registered for the course running are prohibited from performing work in the laboratory. 8. Return the laboratory to a clean neat condition similar to the start of the session. 9. Instructors are to assign post lab questions for the experiment completed and pre lab questions for the next week. 10. All are to arrive to the lab session in a timely fashion and to start the lab session on time. There are no make up experiments without authorization from the course leader, the instructor, and laboratory technician.