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    Quality center certification questions Quality center certification questions Document Transcript

    • for more QTP scripts, visit www.ramupalanki.com Quality Center Certification Questions-I1 What web client can be used with Quality Center 9.2?A. NetscapeB. SafariC. FirefoxD. Internet ExplorerAnswer: D2 Which term describes the main function of Quality Center?A. test casesB. repositoryC. load testD. defectsAnswer: B3 What database can be used with Quality Center 9.2? Select two.A. AccessB. SybaseC. Microsoft SQL ServerD. ParadoxE. OracleAnswer: C, E4 What HP functional testing tools integrate with Quality Center? (Selecttwo.)A. HP OpenViewB. HP WinRunnerC. HP QuickTest ProfessionalD. HP LoadRunnerE. HP Change Control ManagementAnswer: B, C5 Which component provides an executive-level view of the entire qualityprocess?A. Quality Center FoundationB. Business Process InsightC. Service Test ComponentD. Quality Center DashboardAnswer: D6 When designing test steps it is important to ensure that all aspects of theapplication are tested. When writing test steps, what are two things thatshould be done to ensure clearand accurate steps? (Select two.)A. specify all actual resultsB. use parameters in the step namesC. specify pass and fail conditions for the stepD. use the numbering system for the step namesE. use consistent terminology throughout the testAnswer: C, Ewww.ramupalanki.com
    • for more QTP scripts, visit www.ramupalanki.com7 Where can you link tests to requirements?A. from the Test Lab moduleB. from the Requirements moduleC. on the test details page (Test Plan)D. on the attachments page (Test Plan)Answer: B8 When a called test has parameters, when can you assign values to theparameters?A. values are assigned from within the calling testB. values must be assigned when the test is executedC. values are assigned during test design or executionD. values must be assigned when the test is called, during test designAnswer: C9 What are the steps, in the correct order, to convert a requirement to atest?A. make changes to the automatic conversion, select an automatic methodB. select convert to test, select the destination path, convert to automated testC. select an automatic method, make changes to the automatic conversion, selectthe destination subject pathD. select the destination subject path, select an automatic method, make changes tothe automatic conversionAnswer: C10 How is a test configured as a template test?A. The test type chosen must be MANUAL-TEMPLATEB. The first step in the test must be named template testC. Right-click on the test name and choose Template TestD. During test planning, mark the checkbox, under details, labeled template TestAnswer: C11 Click the Exhibit button.What does the icon in the exhibit indicate in the Test Plan module, under theTest Script tab?A. there is a test scriptB. there is not a test scriptC. there is a manual test caseD. the test script has changedAnswer: A12 While designing the test plan tree, you accidentally delete a folder thatcontained some tests that you need. Can you recover the tests?A. no, once a test is deleted, it is goneB. yes, the tests can be recovered from the Subject folderC. yes, the test can be recovered from the Unattached folderD. no, only Project Managers have permission to recover deleted testsAnswer: C13 When you define tests inside of Quality Center, it is important that thetestswww.ramupalanki.com
    • for more QTP scripts, visit www.ramupalanki.comare accurate and traceable. What are two other key pointers when definingtests? Select two.A. simpleB. consistentC. repeatableD. convertibleE. automationF. appropriateAnswer: B, F14 What test types can be created in Quality Center? Select threeA. batch-testB. vugen-testC. lr-scenarioD. system-testE. interface-testF. wr-automated testAnswer: C, D, F15 In order to reuse a test across other tests, must the reused test be atemplatetest?A. yes, only template tests are reusableB. no, the test must be a VAPI test to be reusableC. yes, template tests are reusable automated testsD. no, tests do not need to be template tests to be reusedAnswer: D16 What does a live analysis graph illustrate in a visual overview?A. all the tests in the Test PlanB. all the cycles or releases the test is linked toC. all the requirements linked to the specified testD. all the tests in a specified folder in the Test PlanAnswer: D17 How can you create a test plan tree?A. convert releases to testsB. define test folders and tests manuallyC. save automated tests in Quality CenterD. define test names for each test neededAnswer: B18 Can you change the values of a called tests parameters?A. no, values are assigned at run timeB. yes, if the called test is a template testC. no, you must delete the called test and call it againD. yes, right-click and choose Called Test ParametersAnswer: D19 When you generate an Excel report, why is it an advantage to useparameters?A. enables the report to be savedB. enables the user to name the reportC. enables the report to be used across projectsD. enables the report to be used for different purposesAnswer: D20 Using the Excel Macro, what type of data can be imported into QualityCenter? (Select three.)www.ramupalanki.com
    • for more QTP scripts, visit www.ramupalanki.comA. defects dataB. test set dataC. test plan dataD. releases dataE. test Instance dataF. requirements dataAnswer: A, C, Fwww.ramupalanki.com