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PAC Webinar - A Better way to Budget with SAP - Nov2_2010


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PowerPoint presentation accompaning the live demonstration of BPC

PowerPoint presentation accompaning the live demonstration of BPC

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  • 1. A BETTER WAY TO BUDGET WITH SAP Presenters: Graham Finney, VP Services Peter Digby, PresidentPeter Digby, President Justin McNeely, Account Executive
  • 2. Webinar Logistics GoToWebinar Control Panel Hide the Control Panel Full Screen display Raise your hand Enter questions via Chat box – seen only by Organizers Raise your hand Dial in information will be presented on the control panel Q&A will be mailed out to all attendees, along with today’s slides.
  • 3. Canadian consulting firm focused exclusively on SAP Enterprise Performance Management solutions Implementing SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (BPC) since 2003 Currently support the majority of Canadian customers using BPCCurrently support the majority of Canadian customers using BPC Consultants located across Canada Consultants have Finance background, CA, CGA, CMA, CPA Services include: Evaluation, Design, Implementation, Project Management, Training, and Support
  • 4. Sample of Canadian SAP BPC Customers
  • 5. Common Issues with Budgeting and Planning ■ Excel Hell ■ Silos of information ■ Broken Links ■ Manual Security ■ Data integrity issues ■ Multiple Currencies■ Multiple Currencies ■ Structural changes (account, org) are painful ■ Lack of controls, approvals ■ What if analysis difficult ■ Version comparison, variance analysis difficult to do ■ Not able to do Allocations ■ Inconsistent business rules ■ Manual process – time consuming – 80/20
  • 6. SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio Enterprise Performance Management Strategy Management Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Profitability and Cost Management Consolidation Spend and Supply Chain Governance Risk and Compliance Risk Management Access Control Process Control Global Trade Services Environment, Health and Safety Business Intelligence Reporting Query, Reporting, and Analysis Dashboards and Visualization Search and Navigation Advanced Analytics Data Integration Data Quality Management Master Data Management Metadata Management Information Management
  • 7. Introducing SAP BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation (BPC) MS SQL Server SAP NetWeaver
  • 8. SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation PAC Can Help You Gain Efficiency and Transparency Now Forecasting and modeling Demand forecasts Capacity/constraint models Cash flow models Rolling forecasts Profitability models Business planning Budgeting Sales/revenue planning Capital expenditure planning Headcount/staffing Expense planning Financial reporting and analysis Ad hoc query and reporting Automated variance analysis Driver analysis (industry, growth, capacity, etc.) Operations Analysis Profitability modelsExpense planning Consolidation Inter-company matching/reconciliation Inter-company eliminations Currency conversion Management roll-ups Legal consolidation
  • 9. What the Industry Analysts are saying… Gartner SAP is a Market Leader and has the strongest vision IDC SAP #1 in Performance Management Tools Forrester SAP has the strongest offering in the Business Performance Solutions marketPerformance Solutions market Microsoft – SAP press release November 2009 Microsoft Corporation supports the SAP® BusinessObjects™ Planning and Consolidation application, version for the Microsoft platform, as a preferred solution for customers running their business applications on the Microsoft platform.
  • 10. A Better way to Budget with SAP DemonstrationDemonstration
  • 11. Demonstration Agenda 100% Excel Analytical abilities with dimensionality Drill down and through functionality Establish Drivers and targets Entered in updates for Revenue, Human Capital, Operation Product Overview Budget Process Budget Review Cost Allocation Publish Results via Web Human Capital, Operation Expenses, CAPEX, and the Balance Sheet Flexibility of entering data Real time calculations and results Budget Review & Approval
  • 12. BPC – In a Nutshell • Created and maintained primarily by finance users • Unified: •Interface •Business Rules •Processes •Administration •Security•Security •Data (Actual, Budget, Forecasts) • Accelerated learning curve • Financial Intelligence • Reporting and Analytics
  • 13. Stage 1 Vision, benchmark, and review Stage 2 Implement quick wins Your budgeting action plan Prepare a detailed design Establish timelines and milestone Perform an “as is” review Stage 3 Post implementation review Establish framework for continuous improvements Outcome • Process Improvement • Efficientand milestone Develop and Test solution Train staff and deploy solution Define vision and benefits Obtain executive sponsorship Extend budgetingExtend budgeting and planning excellence to consolidations, sales, operations, etc. • Efficient • Data Integrity • Better Decisions
  • 14. PAC can help with your budgeting action plan Perform an “as is” review Questionnaire Respond with high level information regarding your budgeting process/systems Situational Review 1 hour call to investigate of the end-to-end process Perform diagnostic that clarifies areas of strength and weaknessreview Perform diagnostic that clarifies areas of strength and weakness Key Deliverables Benefits Report highlighting key areas for process improvement Recognizable goals and benefits from process/solution enhancements Foundation for a Business Case
  • 15. Thank you! © SAP 2009 / Page 15 Justin McNeely Account Executive Performance Analytics Corporation T (905) 599-7001 E!/group.php? gid=128665063821954&ref=ts Popular=&gid=3095692