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Free Up Your Time For Strategic, Value-Added Activity


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PAC Webinar conducted September 21st, 2011. With a focus on PAC's Consolidation Starter Kit.

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Free Up Your Time For Strategic, Value-Added Activity

  1. 1. Free up your time for strategic, value-added activityPresenters: Jeff Kinch, Director of Services (Western Canada) Justin McNeely, Account Executive Eric Normand, Director of Services (Eastern Canada)
  2. 2. Webinar Logistics GoToWebinar Control PanelHide the Control Panel Dial in information will be presented on the control panel Full Screen display Raise your hand Enter questions – seenQ&A will be only by Organizersmailed out toall attendees,along withtoday’s slides. Today’s webinar will be recorded.
  3. 3. Performance Analytics CorporationSome of our SAP BPC Clients
  4. 4. Upgrade Your Legacy ConsolidationSolution Today more than 80% of companies are using Legacy Consolidation solutions or Excel as the go-to solution This leads to an ineffective and time consuming process (80/20) Increase risk of error with manual workarounds Organizations experience frustration and a lack of confidence in the data due to limitations in the process
  5. 5. Consolidation Starter Kit (CSK) A pre-configured consolidation solution Certified by SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) End-to-end consolidation process including: Reports & Input Schedules Logic Business rules Business process flows Validations Documentation Includes a set of system utilities Customizable to specific requirements
  6. 6. Key Features Reports - An extensive suite of dynamic financial reports Balance Sheet Balance Sheet by Entity Balance Sheet by Flow Cash Flow Cash Flow Analysis Currency Conversion Testing Aid Income Statement Income Statement by Entity Intercompany matching Operating Expenses Validation Rules Input Schedules
  7. 7. Key Features Multi-currency capability Carry forward rules Cash flow logic Intercompany Eliminations Validation Rules Data interfaces Automated Report Distribution
  8. 8. Introducing SAP BusinessObjectsPlanning & Consolidation (BPC) MS SQL SAP Server NetWeaver
  9. 9. Planning & ConsolidationUser Interface Unified, context-sensitive Action Pane across all applications User friendly report creation Higher user acceptance by leveraging an existing skill set (Excel) instead of a proprietary interface Leverages 100% native Excel functionality, including formatting, functions, etc. Functionality available Microsoft Office.
  10. 10. Demonstration AgendaConsolidation Process Update Currency & Open Period Legal Entity Submittal & Validation Intercompany Review & Eliminations Consolidation Review – I/S, B/S, Cash Flow Report Distribution
  11. 11. BPC – In a Summary • Created and maintained primarily by finance users • Unified: •Interface •Business Rules •Processes •Administration •Security •Data (Actual, Budget, Forecasts) • Accelerated learning curve • Reporting and Analytics • Financial Intelligence
  12. 12. Benefits to Client Accelerated implementation – Faster ROI Duration / Cost Companies using our solution can implement in 1/3 the time Have a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) Our consolidation applications help customers have reduced closing cycles by as much as 85%
  13. 13. CSK Implementation Timeline/Cost • Consolidation Solution – Live within 7 weeks – Cost $120,000 • BPC Training – Power User 1 week – Cost $10,000
  14. 14. PAC can help with your action plan Situational Review 1 hour call to investigate the end-to-end processPerform an “as is”review Perform 1/2 day diagnostic that clarifies areas of strength and weakness Key DeliverablesDefine vision andbenefits Benefits Report highlighting key areas for process improvement Determine fit to PAC Consolidation Starter Kit Recognizable goals and benefits from process/solution enhancementsObtain executivesponsorship Foundation for a Business Case
  15. 15. Thank you! Popular=&gid=3095692 Justin McNeely Account Executive Performance Analytics Corporation T (905) 599-7001!/group.php? E gid=128665063821954&ref=ts© SAP 2009 / Page 15