Benito juarez sin musica


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Benito juarez sin musica

  1. 1. Pedro Jose Cedillo Juarez 6to Año Grupo: Materia: Computación Prof. Daniel 5 de Octubre del 2010
  2. 3. (San Pablo Guelatao, México, 1806-Ciudad de México, 1872) Mexican politician. Son of Marcelino Juárez and Brigida Garcia, marriage humble Indian, Benito Juárez was orphaned as a child and pursued his studies in his hometown
  3. 4. He was twenty years old when he entered the Oaxaca Institute of Science, where he graduated in law. His concern for social reality and in particular the situation of farmers led him to express his liberal views and actively participate in politics.
  4. 5. In 1831 Benito Juárez was elected alderman of the city of Oaxaca and the following year, a deputy to the State Congress. The energy with which he defended the interests represented in 1846 earned him being a Member of Oaxaca to the Congress. A year later he was appointed governor of his home state, a position he held until 1852.
  5. 6. His opposition to the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, by which Mexico lost vast areas of its territory to the United States, found the channel in the Liberal ranks and in the defense of a federal project. However, the Conservatives took power in 1853, under the leadership of General Santa Anna, Juárez was forced into exile in Cuba.
  6. 7. After two years he returned and joined the plan Ayutla, whose signatories included the generals Villarreal, Comonfort and Alvarez. By winning the pronouncement was appointed Minister of State and, under the presidency of Ignacio Comonfort, Minister of Justice. As such a series of laws passed that restored the freedom of education, printing and work and annulled the privileges of the clergy and the military.
  7. 8. Their laws, which inspired the 1857 Constitution, a liberal, triggered the reaction from conservatives, who delivered the following year in the plan Tacubaya. Comonfort negotiated with them, gave a coup and imprisoned Juárez, which was the trigger of the War of Reform. As president of the Supreme Court, Juarez, who had managed to escape, became the legitimate president, according to the Constitution, and established the government in Veracruz.
  8. 9. From there issued the Reform Laws and proclaimed a constitution more radical than the last. With the help of U.S. liberals finally defeated the Conservatives in 1860. However, the serious economic difficulties the country went on he was forced to suspend payment of external debt. The move prompted the intervention of the United Kingdom, Spain and France in 1861. The promises of Juarez determined the withdrawal of the first two powers, but France, in collusion with the conservatives, invaded Mexico in 1863.
  9. 10. Before the establishment of the empire of Maximilian, Benito Juárez following year he retired to Paso del Norte and from there he organized the resistance. After three years of war entered the capital and ordered to shoot Maximilian in Querétaro. With the country impoverished and disunited, was reelected for the seventh time in 1867, restored the Federal Republic and, while giving effect to the reform laws, adopted a series of measures to strengthen presidential authority.
  10. 11. This fact and the fear that seek to perpetuate in office, triggered the reaction within his own party. Despite the economic difficulties of the hostility of Congress and numerous statements, in 1872 he was again reelected Juárez. Lerdo de Tejada, who had founded the Lerdist party, allied to Porfirio Diaz, and together they rose up against Juarez revolt could be put down. After his death, because of a heart attack, Congress declared Benefactor of the Fatherland and the Americas.