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  1. 1. History 30<br />Mexican political leaders since 1824<br />By lilianacarrillo<br />
  2. 2. Porfilio Diaz <br /><ul><li>Born Sept. 15, 1830, Oaxaca, Mex.—died July 2, 1915, Paris, France
  3. 3. Soldier and president of Mexico , 1877–80, 1884–1911
  4. 4. He was a Mestizo and was of a humble background
  5. 5. During the first 4 years in office he built a strong political government.
  6. 6. Although he did not improve much in Mexico he is known for the revolts in Mexico.
  7. 7. In 1884 Diaz ran for presidency and was reelected.
  8. 8. He won the people over because he gave them jobs. During Mexico's wealth era, but that did not last.
  9. 9. In 1908 he decided not to retire but to he decided to run against Francisco Madero . Madero lost and Diaz was still in presidency. In 1911 Diaz resigned office and went into exile. </li></li></ul><li>Antonio Lopez de Santanna<br /><ul><li>(1794-1876)
  10. 10. His 1st presidency never got started due to him being sick.
  11. 11. In 1836 he led his army to Texas. He signed the Treaty of Velasco, that withdrawal of prisoners in Texas . The treaty also gave up Texas to the United States. </li></ul>By October 1841 he had returned to Mexico City, where he was once again president of Mexico by virtue of a conservative junta. This time his government lasted until 1842. He raised revenue by taxation but spent lavishly on festivals and a private army.<br /><ul><li> In March 1843 he again resumed the executive and ruled until July 1844. He apparently began to see the possibilities of a monarchy as the solution to Mexico's problems.
  12. 12. He was overthrown in 1844.
  13. 13. Santanna spent government funds April 1854 he signed the Gadsden Treaty, selling Arizona to the United States for $10 million. In August 1855 the liberals, led by Juan Álvarez, revolted against the increasingly corrupt regime.
  14. 14. Santanna fled Mexico, he eventually returned to Mexico to die. </li></li></ul><li>Carlos Salinas de Gortari<br /><ul><li>Economist and politician affiliated with el Pri.
  15. 15. who served as President of Mexico from 1988 to 1994.
  16. 16. He was the PRI presidential candidate in 1988, and was elected on July 6, 1988.
  17. 17. By the end of his term, inflation had been reduced to 7.05% in 1994, the lowest figure in 22 years
  18. 18. . Shortly after leaving office, due to the December Mistake, inflation rose to 51.48%
  19. 19. Negotiated the (NAFTA), with the United States and Canada. </li></li></ul><li>Vicente Fox<br /><ul><li>Born in Mexico City 1942
  20. 20. 2000 He ran for President
  21. 21. Became president in July 2000 to 2006
  22. 22. - The election was also significant because it was the first presidential election since the end of the Mexican Revolution to be considered clean and fair.
  23. 23. When his presidency was over he went to Nigeria, Canada and the United States. Fox get critiqued for being out so Public , compared to past presidents.</li></li></ul><li>Felipe Calderon 2006-present:<br /><ul><li>President Calderon has a Bachelor;s Degree in Law and 2 Masters Degrees in Economics and Public Administration.
  24. 24. Since he has great leadership skills he was awarded “NAFTA Congressional Leadership Award” from the Mexico-U S Chamber of Commerce of the “World Leaders of the Future”
  25. 25. He has met with President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss immigration reform, the drug wars affecting both countries and a myriad of other issues important to partners and neighbors.
  26. 26. President Obama has pledged his support to Mexico and is committed to working with President Calderon to achieve their mutual goals.</li></li></ul><li>