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Internet marketing 3.0 presentation
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Internet marketing 3.0 presentation


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National Positions offers the only program of its kind: a cutting-edge 12 month marketing solution designed to dominate your competition on the web. …

National Positions offers the only program of its kind: a cutting-edge 12 month marketing solution designed to dominate your competition on the web.

Internet Marketing 3.0 creates a blueprint for your company’s exponential growth.

Each marketing program builds on the last one for sustained success.

We handle all aspects of your company’s Internet Marketing needs, from driving targeted traffic to converting that traffic into sales and leads.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Harnessing the Power of Internet Marketing 3.0
  • 2. What Internet Marketing 3.0 is all about
    Getting Found
    Making Money
    Creating Barriers to Entry
    Increasing Your Margins and Profitability
  • 3. Why National Positions?
  • 4. Some of our larger clients
  • 5. What is Internet Marketing 3.0?
    Internet Marketing 1.0
    Local Search
    Internet Marketing 2.0
    Social Media Video Optimization
    Internet Marketing 3.0
    Conversion Optimization
  • 6. What Determines Success?
    Inbound Links
    On Site Changes
    Social Media
    Fans (Friends)
    Headlines ColorsRisk Reversals ImagesCall to Action
  • 7. Exponential Growth and Success
    Conversion Optimization
    • Reduced Costs
    • 8. Greater Profits
    • 9. Barriers to Entry
    • 10. Business Domination
    Social Media
    • Even More Traffic
    • 11. Even More Links
    • 12. Even More Business
  • Optimization
    Internet Marketing 1.0 Search Engine Optimization
  • 15. Getting Found: Keyword Selection
    Keyword selection based on relevance, search volume, competition
    Consider current rankings
    Identify critical long tail keyword (high conversion rate, low competition)
    SEO strategy should be closely coordinated with PPC keywordselection
  • 16. Onsite Optimization
    Title Tag
    Meta Description
  • 17. Content Generation
    500 – 800 word articles specially written for each and every keyword
    Articles written especially for the search engines
    3 -5% keyword density
    Content written specifically for the search engines
  • 18. Linking Strategy
    • 3 – way linking
    • 19. Directories
    • 20. Home page vs. Deep Linking
    • 21. High PR Links vs. Lower PR links
    • 22. What is a relevant link
    • 23. Guaranteed 150 links per month per technician
  • Onsite Blogging
    Fresh content each and every business day
    Wordpress blog
    150 – 250 words
    Interlinking to the rest of your site
    RSS integration
  • 24. Social Media Linking
  • 25. Social Media Profiles
    Create profiles
    Create permanent one way links
    Increase brand exposure
    Improve your reputation
    Increased organic followers
  • 26. Social Bookmarking
    Create bookmarks on all the major Bookmark sites
    Stumble Upon
  • 27. Public Blogging
    5 Public Blogs Setup
    Integrate with your website
    Add 10 blog entries per blog per month
    50 blog entries total
  • 28. RSS Feeds
    RSS Syndication
    RSS sites create great back-links
    Indexed within minutes
  • 29. Article Creation and Submission
    Write and submit articles (800 – 1200 words)
    Article spinning to generate unique content
    300+ submissions to article syndication sites
    Generates quality back-links
    Increased exposure
  • 30. Press Releases
    Write and submit 1 press release per month to up to 20+ Press Release sites
    Generates quality back-links
    Brand awareness and increased exposure
  • 31. Benefits of Social Media Marketing
  • 32. Internet Marketing 2.0 Social Media Promotion
  • 33. Add Fans each month
    Encourage Participation
    Drive Traffic from Facebook to your site
    Profile Design and Optimization
    Content Posting
    Add targeted followers
    Encourage conversation
    Analytics and reporting
  • 34. Twitter
    44 Twitter posted per month, or up to 2 posts per day.
    We will craft posts that are relevant to your business, its industry, the market & general current events.
    We will work with the you to determine any specific topics or themes to focus on.
    Where appropriate we will post updates that capitalize on current trending topics to increase visibility.
    Where appropriate, we will also target updates that are likely to appear in Google’s Real Time results.
  • 35. Video Search Engine Optimization
    • Distribution to up to 100 sites
    • 36. Video sites
    • 37. Social Media (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter)
    • 38. Social Bookmarking
    • 39. Social Networking
    • 40. Podcasts
    • 41. Podcasting Directories
    • 42. Video keyword selection
    • 43. YouTube Channel setup and personalization
    • 44. Video Integration on Client Site
    • 45. Video upload
    • 46. Video tag optimization
  • Monthly Strategy Consulting
    Work to develop new initiatives such as contests, polls, brand awareness campaigns, etc.
    Execution of new initiatives as appropriate
    Contest/Event promotion
    Community Engagement
  • 47. Internet Marketing 3.0 Conversion Optimization
  • 48. Understanding Funnels
    The pathways people take to goals you have set.
    For example, a typical page flow for an online marketer trying to sell a single product might look like this:
  • 49. Why People Buy
    The buying process is based on needs and psychology
    Researchers know that people buy for rational and emotional reasons
    Customers want to build confidence, credibility and trust
    Buyers care most about benefits
    Visitors care about their needs and not yours
  • 50. Persuasion Marketing
    Who are we trying to persuade?
    What do they care about?
    How do we create rapport
    What is the action we want them to take
  • 51. Google Optimizer
    Tightly integrated with Google Adwords
    No complicated software or databases to install
    Works with static and dynamic pages (htm, html, php, cfm, asp, aspx and more)
    Traffic can be easily split for multivariate and a/b spit tests. Each possible combination gets roughly equal exposure
    It is a very powerful statistical tool for people who are not statisticians
  • 52. Conversion Factors
    Compelling headlines
    Copy to persuade and build trust
    Appropriate graphics and colors
    Calls to action
    Action assurances to build trust
    Easy ways to contact you
    Load times
    Product offer(s) (Product, Pricing, Positioning)
    Web 2.0 (video, audio, interactive forms)
  • 53. Any Questions?Paul Flannery: 07515 586 505