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#FAIL: Social Media PR Disasters
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#FAIL: Social Media PR Disasters


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • What are some social media tactics they could have used?
  • Transcript

    • 1. #Fail: Social Media PR Disasters OCG Lunch & Learn @openchannelspr #ocglunchnlearn May 13, 2011
    • 2. Includes content from presentation by Marla Erwin, Interactive Art Director at Whole Foods #smfail
    • 3. “A long-term erosion of trust among a significant group ofcustomers or fans….
    • 4. …due to the misuse or the failure to use thepower of social media.” - Marla Erwin
    • 5. True Confessions Lesson one: You are not in a vacuum
    • 6. “A hazard of social mediais that people will readwhat you write.”
    • 7. The Lesson: You are notin a vacuum
    • 8. Laugh Riot Lesson two:Err on the side of caution
    • 9. Kenneth Cole sparks online furor with joke tweet that Egypt protests spurred by fashion frenzy Oops: Kenneth Cole Kenneth Cole Under FireApologizes for Egypt Tweet for Egypt Tweet Kenneth Cole Blasted for Egypt Tweet
    • 10. “Your error will be multipliedin its impact by the trail ofonline wreckage it creates…”
    • 11. The Lesson:Err on the side of caution
    • 12. #amazonfail Lesson three:Be vigilant, respond swiftly
    • 13. “Amazon Rank”
    • 14. “In consideration of ourentire customer base, weexclude „adult‟ material fromappearing in some searchesand best seller lists.”
    • 15. “That night, theywere not divided.”
    • 16. 57,310
    • 17. It was “a glitch”
    • 19. “This is an embarrassing andham-fisted cataloging error from a company that prides itself on offering a complete selection.”
    • 20. The Lesson: Be vigilant,respond swiftly
    • 21. United Breaks Guitars Lesson four: Update your tactics
    • 22. 10,000,000
    • 23. ?
    • 24. “Fight social media firewith social media water.”
    • 25. The Lesson:Update your tactics
    • 26. Re-United Lesson five:Context matters
    • 27. The Lesson:Context matters
    • 28. Not-so-silent Bob Lesson six: If you apologize, mean it
    • 29. The Lesson: If youapologize, mean it
    • 30. Motrin Moms Lesson seven:Mocking your customers = bad
    • 31. The Lesson: Mocking yourcustomers = bad
    • 32. Flogging Across America Lesson eight: Be transparent
    • 33. “We believe in honesty and transparency at all times: honesty of relationship, opinion and identity.”
    • 34. The Lesson:Be transparent
    • 35. Janet Tweets For Exxon Lesson nine:- Manage your social media presence (or someone will manage it for you) - Have trusted staff in place
    • 36. The Lesson:-Manage your social mediapresence (or someone may manage it for you)-Have trusted staff in place
    • 37. The Cat Deserved It Lesson ten:Sometimes you are the problem
    • 38. By trying to suppressinformation, you can actually increase its exposure.
    • 39. The Lesson:Sometimes youare the problem
    • 40. TheLessons
    • 41. Think. Be nimble.Show respect.