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Azure with Visual Studio LightSwitch


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Azure with Visual Studio LightSwitch without coding

Prepared by
Eng Soon Cheah

Published in: Technology
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Azure with Visual Studio LightSwitch

  1. 1. Azure With Visual Studio LightSwitch Prepared by Eng Soon Cheah
  2. 2. 1. Create a database in Microsoft Azure 2. DATA SERVICES > SQL DATABASE > QUICK CREATE
  3. 3. This Show Your Database had Created Select Manage Allowed IP address
  4. 4. Select “ Add to the allowed IP address”
  5. 5. Select “Manage”
  6. 6. Enter username and password that create at first time (refer Slide 2)
  7. 7. Select the Database that you create
  8. 8. Select “New table”
  9. 9. Create your Own Data Entity
  10. 10. Go to Visual Studio , File > New > Project
  11. 11. Select “LightSwitch” > Select “LightSwitch HTML Application” > Enter Your Project Name
  12. 12. Your Project LightSwitch had Created Select “Attach to external Data Source”
  13. 13. Select “Database” > Select “Next”
  14. 14. Select the Database that you created Enter the Server Name, How to get the Server Name? (Refer Next Slide)
  15. 15. This is your Server Name in Azure
  16. 16. Select the Table that you want to create
  17. 17. Select “HTMLClient”
  18. 18. 1.Select Screen template that you want 2.Select “Screen” 3.Enter “Screen Set Name” 4.Select the “Screen Data”
  19. 19. Any Modification at this area Select “Start” or Press “F5”
  20. 20. Now you Data is display And you allow to add new data or search data
  21. 21. At Last, the LightSwitch Application also support responsive web design
  22. 22. Reference • CRUD-tunnel-End-To-End-LightSwitch • Prepared By • Eng Soon Cheah •