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SxSW Interactive 2012


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Highlights and key

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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SxSW Interactive 2012

  1. 1. SxSW 2012 Download
  2. 2. Here’s what I learned…
  3. 3.  Guy Kawasaki, founder of EXCELLENT INTERVIEWER! • Described Google+ as Google 2.0 • “Users” = people signed up for Google+, using any form of Google • No plans to open API Vic Gundortra, SVP of engineering at Google+ HAS HAD GREAT MEDIA TRAINING!
  4. 4. multi ymono: the cultural advertising battle• Marketers and brands are going to have to alter the way they perceive their audiences• Minorities need to participate from the very start of messaging to be effective — not just be an afterthought and “Hispanicize” an ad or content that’s already been created• Multicultural agencies are competing with traditional agencies when it comes to digital work
  5. 5. hispanic persona project• Hispanic marketing is dying• Hispanics are the largest U.S. minority: o 16 percent of the U.S. population o 23 percent of children in the U.S. are Hispanic o 63 percent of Hispanics in the U.S. were born here o Majority of the Hispanic population is under 30 years old• If you want to be relevant, you must figure out the Hispanic market• Think of Hispanics as “users” instead of “consumers”
  6. 6. hispanic persona project
  7. 7. shut up & drawLet’s awaken your visual cortex!1) Get a partner2) Come up with an acronym3) Create a phrase using the letters in your acronym4) Draw the phrase
  8. 8. shut up & draw• Visuals can help you: o Articulate your thoughts o Memorize things o Get more out of your conversations o Convince someone of something• If you want to visualize, but don’t know how to draw, just draw a circle• Drawing doesn’t have to be perfect; it can be quick and dirty and still make an impact
  9. 9. shut up & draw Vivid Grammar: create a visual framework of what you’re thinking about
  10. 10. drugs, milk & money: socialmedia in regulated industries• Has to start at the top• Make friends with legal• Re-imagine your content• Classify your content into red, yellow, green• Can’t have the “come be our friend” mindset• Hone in on a narrow target; the more narrow, the better
  11. 11. key themes & takeaways• The importance of visualization and storytelling• Focus on social good• Social apps to make “serendipitous” connections• Can’t wait to get Spredfast!• Never be afraid to say, “hi”• OCG is on the right track!!