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Maureen Caudill, Barbara Starr Event Templates for Improved Narrative Understanding in Question Answering Systems SCI 2002, Question Answering session

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  1. 1. The 6th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics July 14-18,2002 Orlando, Florida, USA PROCEEDINGS Volume XVI Computer Science IIIOrganized by HIS EDITED BY International Nagib Callaos Institute of Toshikazu Ebisuzaki Informatics and Barbara Starr Systemics JairMinoro Abe Member of Daniel Lichtblau UB/TIB Hannover 89 International Federation of 124 986 919 Systems Research IFSR
  2. 2. CONTENTS VOLUME XVI Computer Science IIIContents iGraph Theory, Combinatorics, and Computing- Invited SessionOrganizer: Yung-Ling Lai (Taiwan) Chen, Jung-Chih; Lai, Hang-Chin (Taiwan): "Conditions for Zero Duality 1 Gap of Nonconvex Programming" Lai, Yung-Ling; Chiang, Feng-Hsu (Taiwan, R. O. C.): "Bandwidth of Some 7 Graph Products" Lai, Yung-Ling; Chiang, Feng-Hsu; Lin, Chu-He; Yu, Tung-Chin (Taiwan): 12 "Orientable Step Domination of Complete r-Partite Graphs"Computer Graphics, Geometric Modelling, Animation— Invited SessionOrganizer: Sawa Andreas (Cyprus) Brandao, M. L. (Brazil): "Marching Finite-Element Schemes for Nonlinear 31 Optical Propagation" Filho, Rogerio T. Carvalho; Femandes, Humberto C. Chaves (Brazil): 36 "Superconducting Microstrip Antenna Array Analyzed by TTL Method" Chaves Femandes, Humberto C; Rocha, Arthur R. B. (Brazil): "Utilization 40 of the TTL Method for Analysis of Antennas With PBG Substrate" Femandes, Humberto C ; Silva, Magno C. (Brazil): "Analysis of the Finline 43 Resonator" Kravchenko, V. F. *; Popov, AYu. * ; Femandes, Humberto C. C. ** (* 47 Russian-Federation, ** Brazil): "An Improved Method of Signal-Averaged ECG Processing" Neto, Jose Elesbao C ; Oliveira, Giuliano F. Batista; Femandes, Humberto 50 C. Chaves (Brazil): "TTL Numerical Analysis of Microstrip Antenna Array with GaAS and Fenolite Substrates"Query Formulation and Answer Determination - Invited SessionOrganizer: Barbara Starr (USA) Caudill, Maureen; Starr, Barbara (USA): "Event Templates for Improved 54 Narrative Understanding in Question Answering Systems " Caudill, Maureen; Starr, Barbara; Buss, Teresa (USA): "The AQUA 60 Question-Answering System: Bi-Directional Dynamic Semantic Alignment
  3. 3. in a Multiple-Ontology Environment" Hermjakob, Ulf; Hovy, EduardH; Lin, Chin-Yew (USA): "Knowledge- 66 Based Question Answering" Katz, Boris; Lin, Jimmy J. (USA): "Start and Beyond" 72Cluster Computing- Invited SessionOrganizer: Felix Garcia-Carballeira (Spain) Carretero, J.; Fernandez, I ; Perez, J. M.; Garcia-Carballeira, F. (Spain): 80 "Distributed Instrumentation Systems Using CORBA" Garcia, F.; Calderon, A; Perez, M. S.; Sanchez, L. M (Spain): "Evaluating 86 Expand: A Parallel File System Using NFS Servers" Hoare, Raymond R.; Volkar, Matthew J.; Cain, James T.; Farren, Benjamin; 92 Hordijk, Michael (USA): "ClusterNetNios: Utilizing Central Processing within a Clusters Network Switch" Liu, Hui; Peng, Qinke; Shen, Junyi; Hu, Baosheng (China): "Metrics and 98 Principle for Employing Database Systems in Clustered Server"Quantum Computing Mathematics And Applications - Invited SessionOrganizer: Anatoliy Prykarpatsky (Poland) Blackmore, Denis *; Basiura, Robert **; Prykarpatsky, Anatoliy **; Taneri, 102 Ufuk ***; Soroka, Orysia * (* USA, ** Poland, *** Turkey): Tactorized Operator Dynamical Systems and their Megrability" Blackmore, Denis *; Taneri, Ufuk **; Prykarpatsky, Anatoliy *** (* USA, 105 ** Turkey, *** Poland): "Quantum Coherent Transform of Integrable Hamiltonian Systems and Quantum Computing " Bogoliubov Jr., Nickolai *; Taneri, Ufuk **; Prykarpatsky, Anatoliy *** (* 111 Russian-Federation, ** Cyprus, *** Poland): "On Modeling Of The Maxwell-Bloch Quantum Optical Super-Radiance Process And Its Application To Quantum Computing"Automated Reasoning Based On Non-Classical Logic: Theory AndApplications — Invited SessionOrganizer: Jun Liu (Belgium) Li, Wenjiang; Xu, Yang; Ma, Jun (P. R. China): "a-Resolution Principle 114 Based on Lattice-valued Modal Propositional Logic LMPQQ" Meng, Dan; Xu, Yang (P. R. China): "a-Resolution Principle Based on an ! 19 Intermediate Element Lattice-valued First-order Logic 1ELFQ0" Wang, Xue Fang; Xu, Yang (P. R. China): "Ultraproduct Theorem of First- 125 order Lattice-valued Logic FM" Xu, Yang; Liu, Jun; Li, Wenjiang; Qin, Keyun (P. R. China): "On Multi- 130
  4. 4. Dimension and Multiple Approximate Reasoning Based on 1^,"Applications of Mathematica in Technology and Research - InvitedSessionOrganizer: Daniel Lichtblau (USA) Champion, Brett (USA): "Numerical Optimization in Mathematica: An 136 Insiders View of NMinimize" Coleman, Mark S. (USA): "Simulating Historical Ratings Transition 141 Matrices for Credit Risk Analysis in Mathematica" Jacob, Christian J.; Nazir, Aamer (Canada): "Polyhedron iTvo/w-Evolution 147 of 3D Shapes with Evolxica" ; Jankowski, Mariusz (USA): "Digital Image Processing with Mathematica" 153 Kozlowski, Andrzej (Japan): "Derivative Pricing with Mathematica" 157 Kraus, Martin (Germany): "Parametrized Graphics in Mathematica" 163 Lichtblau, Daniel (USA): "Discrete Optimization using Mathematica" 169 Quinlan, Michael (Ireland): "The xLab Series of Mathematica-baseA High 175 Precision 2-D Elliptic PDE Solvers"Non-Traditional Methodologies for Treating Risk Analysis Uncertainty- Invited SessionOrganizer: J. Arlin Cooper (USA) DAntonio, Perry E. (USA): "A Risk-Based Approach to Reducing Systems 179 Accidents" Ferson, Scott; Tucker, W. Troy (USA): "Probability Bounds with Uncertain 186 Input Distributions and Correlations" Sentz, Kari; Ferson, Scott (USA): "Combination Rules in Dempster-Shafer 191 Theory"Paraconsistency In Artificial Intelligence And Robotics - Invited SessionOrganizer: Jair Minoro Abe (Brazil) Abe, Jair Minoro *; Da Silva Filho, Joao L *; Nakamatsu, Kazumi ** (* 197 Brazil, ** Japan): "Paraconsistent Multimodal Systems <E>n" Abe, Jair Minoro; Da Silva Filho, Joao Liacio; Almeida Prado, Joao Carlos 202 (Brazil): "Paraconsistent Artificial Neural Networks and its application on Pattern Recognition" Abe, Jair Minoro *; Scalzitti, Alexandre *; Nakamatsu, Kazumi **; Da Silva 216 Filho, Joao I. * (* Brazil, ** Japan): "Incorporating Time in Paraconsistent Reasoning" in
  5. 5. Murai, Tetsuya; Sato, Yoshiharu (Japan): "Paraconsistency in Belief 221 Formation Based on Evidence" Nakamatsu, Kazumi; Suito, Hiroshi; Suzuki, Atsuyuki (Japan): 225 "Probabilistic EVALPSN and its Application to Safety Verification for Air Traffic Control" Resconi, Germano *; Da Costa, Newton C. A. ** (* Italy, ** Brazil): 231 "Interaction between physical models and physical events in quantum systems, described by paraconsistent sets"Information Technolgy Applications in Transportation- Invited SessionOrganizer: Manoj K. Jha (USA) Austin, Mark; Kaisar, Evangelos L (USA): "Multi-Level Object-Based 235 , • < Analysis of Narrow Passageway Transportation Systems" Kaisar, Evangelos I.; Haghani, Ali; Panchamgam, Kiran (USA): "A 241 Simulation Model for Two-Lane Urban Work Zones" Ogallo, Hellon G.; Jha, Manoj K. (USA): "An Expert System for Selecting 247 Optimum Travel Route During Emergencies" Perrin, Joseph; Coleman, Brad (USA): "Know Before Y"ou Go: Improving 251 Level of Service and Alerting the Public in real-time" Perrin, Joseph; Hansen, Blake (USA): "Road Weather Information Systems: 256 Finding out what people want to know"Language Sense Processing Engineering— Invited SessionOrganizer: Akinori Abe (Japan) Abe, Akinori (Japan): "Computational Generation of Affective Phrase" 261 Ikeda, Sadahiro; Kaneda, Shigeo (Japan): "A "Catchy" Copy and Concept 267 Evaluation System Using a Natural Language Processing Approach" Kasahara, Kaname; Inago, Nozomu; Kanasugi, Tomoko; Nagamori, 273 Chiharu; Kato, Tsuneaki (Japan): "Comparison of Two Weights of Relation Between Words: Recollection Weight and Relevancy Weight" Kato, Yoshikiyo; Hori, Koichi; Taketa, Kohei (Japan): "Capturing Design 278 Rationale by Annotating E-mails" Shoj i, Hiroko; Mori, Mikihiko; Hori, Koichi (Japan): "Creative 283 Communication for Concept Articulation in Shopping"Convergence of Stochastic Schemes — Invited SessionOrganizer: Marcus Spruill (USA) Mendivil, Franklin *; Shonkwiler, Ron ** (* Canada, ** USA): "Estimating 289 the parameters of a stochastic search" IV
  6. 6. Shonkwiler, R. (USA): "Estimating Basin Size for the Traveling Salesman 295 Problem" Spruill, M. C. (USA): "Convergence Rates for Renewal Sequences" 300Informatics and Data Processing-Invited SessionOrganizer: Tetsuya Murai (Japan) Kudo, Mineichi (Japan): "Automatic Determination of Size for Feature 305 Selection" Mori, Yasukuni; Kudo, Mineichi (Japan): "Interactive Data Exploration 312 Using Graph Representation" Sakurai, Hirohito; Takahashi, Kunihiko (Japan): "Bootstrap Tests for the 318 ,* Equality of Two Distributions Using Kolmogorov-Smirnov Statistic" Tanaka, Akira; Imai, Hideyuki; Miyakoshi, Masaaki (Japan): "Relations and 324 Differences Between Classical and Modern Formulations in Image Restoration Problems" Taniguchi, Fumitake; Kudo, Mineichi (Japan): "Random Selection of 329 Samples and Features for Getting General Accuracy of Classifier Combination"Heterogeneous High Performance Integrated Systems and Networks- Invited SessionOrganizer: Mary Eshaghian-Wilner (USA) El Naga, Halima M ; El Naga, Nagi M. (USA): "PerformanceEvaluation of 333 a Multithreaded System" Eshaghian-Wilner, Mary Mehrnoosh (USA): "Integrated Architectural 337 Solutions for Protein Sequence-Structure Alignment (Preliminary Version)" Habib, Sami J. *; Parker, Alice C. ** (* Kuwait, ** USA): "Automating 343 Heterogeneous Intranet Design Including Data Management" Mangir, Tulin E.; Mori, Yutaka; Solanki, Kalpesh (USA): "Resilient Overlay 349 Networks - Advantages and Issues" (Invited Paper) Tchernykh, Andrei *; Trystram, Denis ** (* Mexico, ** France): "Adaptive 354 Strategy for On-Line Scheduling of Real World Parallel Applications"Intelligent Systems: Tools and Applications —Invited SessionOrganizer: Haleh Vafaie (USA) Bala, Jerzy, Baik, Sung; Hadjarian, AH; Pachowicz, Peter (USA): "Cognitive 360 Support of Imagery Exploitation Through Incorporation of Naive Geographical Reasoning" Bala, Jerzy; Baik, Sung; Hadjarian, Ali; Pachowicz, Peter (USA): "Moving 365 Target Prediction via Application of Genetic Algorithms"
  7. 7. Vafaie, Haleh; Bethem, Thomas; Shaughnessy, Mark; Burton, Janet (USA): 370 "Intelligent Decision Support System for Monitoring Major US Waterways"Intelligent Data Analysis —Invited SessionOrganizer: Richi Nayak (Australia) Ebrahim, Yasser H. (Canada): "Effect of diagram size, fan-out and layout on 3 76 the Useability of Tree Diagrams, an Empirical Study" Emam, Ahmed Z.; Kantardzic, Mehmed; Elmaghraby, Adel S.; Min, Hokey 382 (USA): "Profile Association Rule Mining from Mixed Database" George, Susan E.; George, David F. J. (Australia): "Spatio-Temporal • 388 Visualisation of Road Traffic Flow using the Self-Organising Feature Map" Hogo, Mofreh A ; Snorek, M; Syam, Mostafa M. (Czech-Republic): "Hand 394 Written Arabic Numeral Recognition Using Three Clustering Techniques" Nayak, Richi (Australia): "Intelligent Data Analysis: Issues and Challenges" 400 Tan, Hiong Sen; George, Susan E. (Australia): "Medical Information 406 Resource using a Self-Organising Map for Visualising Web Search Results"Semantic Association Memory — Invited SessionOrganizer: Shu-Ching Chen (USA) Kountchev, Roumen *; Rubin, Stuart ** (* Bulgaria, ** USA): "Image 412 Compression with Adaptive Inverse Difference Pyramid" Kulasekere, E. C; Premaratne, K.; Shyu, M. L.; Bauer, P. H. (USA): 417 "Association Rule Mining with Subjective Knowledge" Louis, Sushil J.; McDonnell, John; Gizzi, Nick (USA): "Dynamic Strike 423 Force Asset Allocation Using Genetic Search and Case-Based Reasoning" Rubin, Stuart H. *; Rush, Robert J. *; Trajkovic, Ljiljana **; Murthy, 429 Jayaram * (* USA, ** Canada): "KASER: A Qualitatively Fuzzy Object- Oriented Expert System Inference Engine" Shyu, Mei-Ling; Haruechaiyasak, Choochart; Chen, Shu-Ching; Premaratne, 435 Kamal (USA): "Mining Association Rules With Uncertain Item Relationships"Models, Algorithms and Software Quality (Problems, Tools andConfirmation) - Invited SessionOrganizer: Valery A. Granovsky (Russian-Federation) Dmitriev, S. P.; Chelpanov, I. B. (Russian-Federation): "Certification of 441 Algorithms and Programs of Signal Processing in Navigation Systems" Granovsky, Valery A.; Siraya, Tatiana N. (Russian-Federation): "Adequacy 445 Problem in Metrology: Measurand and Error" Granovsky, Valery A; Siraya, Tatiana N. (Russian-Federation): "Models, 451 VI
  8. 8. Algorithms, and Software for Data Processing in Measurements: Quality Evaluation" Nesenjuk, Leonid P. (Russian-Federation): "Engineering Approach to 457 Kalman-Wiener Filter Design Based on Initial Data Reliability Control"Stochastic Models of Financial Econometrics — Invited SessionOrganizer: Yevgeny Jevgenijs Tsarkov Carkovs (Latvia) Ajevskis, Viktors; Gutmanis, Normunds; Liepa, Evija; Pocs, Remigijs 462 (Latvia): "On Latvian Economic Indicators" Carkova, Viktorija; Gutmanis, Normunds (Latvia): "Control Theory 464 Approach to GARCH Convergence Analysis" . Kholmurodov, Kholmirzo *; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu *; Yasuoka, Kenji *; 466 Puzynin, Igor **; Smith, William *** (* Japan, ** Russian-Federation, *** UK): "Fast Forces Calculations in the DL_POLY Molecular Simulation Package: Adapting the Program for a Special-Purpose Computer MDM" Leidman, Mark; Tsarkov, Yevgeny, Pocs, Remigijs (Latvia): "Price 472 Equilibrium Stochastic Analysis" Sadurskis, Karlis; Tsarkov, Yevgeny (Latvia): "On Price Cycle Stochastic 474 Bifurcation Owing to Random Delay of Supply"Special-Purpose Computers and their Applications to ScientificResearches — Invited SessionOrganizer: Toshikazu Ebisuzaki (Japan) Chau, Nguyen Hai; Kawai, Atsushi; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu (Japan): 477 "Implementation of Fast Multipole Algorithm on Special-Purpose Computer MDGRAPE-2" Hoefinger, Siegfried *; Berces, Attila *; Narumi, Tetsu **; Ebisuzaki, 482 Toshikazu ** (* Austria, ** Japan): "Opportunities and Challenges in Utilizing Application Specific Integrated Circuits in Drug Design" Hosono, Satoru; Ito, Tomojoshi; Toshikazu, Ebisuzaki (Japan): "Special- 488 purpose Computer for DNA and Protein Sequence Homology Search" Kawai, Atsushi; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu (Japan): "MDM: A Special-Purpose 494 Computer for Molecular Dynamics " Kinjo, Tomoyuki; Yasuoka, Kenji (Japan): "Molecular Dynamics Simulation 500 of Simple Model for Organic Salts using MDGRAPE-2" Koishi, T. *; Yasuoka, K. *; Zeng, X. C. **; Narumi, T. *; Susukita, R. *; 503 Kawai, A *; Furusawa, H. *; Ebisuzaki, T. * (* Japan, ** USA): "A Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulation for Water with Special-Purpose Computer MDM" Makino, Junichiro (Japan): "The GRAPE project: Current Status" 508 vn
  9. 9. Ohno, Yousuke; Taiji, Makoto; Konagaya, Akihiko; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu 514 (Japan): "MACE: MAtrix Calculation Engine" Tachikawa, Masanori; Kawai, Atsushi; Ebisuzaki, Toshikazu (Japan): 518 "Application of a Special-Purpose Computer MDM for the First-Principles Calculation"Web Services & Grid Computing - Invited SessionOrganizer: Jen-Yao Chung (USA) Luo, Zongwei; Chen, Shyh-Kwei; Kumaran, Santhosh; Zhang, Liang-Jie; 522 Chung, Jen-Yao; Chang, Henry (USA): "A Web-Services-Based Deployment Framework In Grid Computing Environment" t Sheth, Amit; Cardoso, Jorge; Miller, John; Kochut, Krys; Kang, Myong 528 .<• (USA): "QoS for Service-oriented Middleware" Shi, Min-Hua *; Chen, De-Ren *; Zhang, Liang-Jie ** (* P. R. China,** 535 USA): "A Framework of Universal Web Services" Zhang, Liang-Jie; Chao, Tian; Chang, Henry, Chung, Jen-Yao (USA): 541 "Automatic Method Signature Adaptation Framework for Dynamic Web Service Invocation"Language Sense Processing Engineering — Invited SessionOrganizer: Akinori Abe (Japan) Kato, Yu-ichro (Japan): "Designing Brand Knowledge Structure Considering 547 Characteristics of Higher-order Cognitive Process in Advertising Communication" vm