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Smx west Barbara Starr Mac Version - Schema 201 for Real world Succes


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This talk is part of an SMX panel from SMX West: Schema 201 for real world Success: From a Search Engine Point of View

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Smx west Barbara Starr Mac Version - Schema 201 for Real world Succes

  1. 1. Schema 201Real World Markup For success: From a Search Engine Perspective. By: Barbara Starr Twitter: @BarbaraStarr Email:
  2. 2. Meta Information ME• Pursued a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence from South My favorite author: Africa in the 80s. Isaac Asimov• Recruited to build intelligent/predictive trading systems on Wall Street• Migrated to government-based contracts, several of which turned into real world products like Favorite book: – SIRI (PAL from DARPA) – WATSON (Acquaint - IBM Watson Labs was a team I Robot member)• From the vantage of a semantic technologist, I keenly watched the evolution of the Semantic Web.• “Shocked into the real world” when working as a consultant @ Overstock• Today - Educator, Consultant, Developer, Strategist Favorite character: MULTIVAC By: Barbara Starr Twitter: @BarbaraStarr Email: Linkedin:
  3. 3. Additional Metainformation For the purpose of this talk: MY ROBOT or Artificially Intelligent Entity or Search Engine LO W same-as LO W LO WMetadata Structured Markup Semantic Markup same-as same-as
  4. 4. By Barbara StarrTwitter: @BarbaraStarrLinkedin:
  5. 5. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW Sorry guys, but it’s back to me. He is a headless browser (like Structured markup googlebot and bingbot) for real world And does not talk to success! Just humans! some background first!
  6. 6. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW There are many means by which I can exploit When listening to structured markup! me, bear in mind that if you make me happy, you will be too!
  7. 7. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW I can directly extract information from Searchmonkey 2008 structured markup to enhance SERP displays tiles RICH SNIPPETS 2009
  8. 8. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW I can search directly on consumed metadata!
  9. 9. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW I can provide direct answers to queries by searching on consumed, verified and validated information
  10. 10. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW I can even aggregate answers or deduce them (like a timeline of events) I can also leverage it to expose more relevant answers in the long tail of search
  11. 11. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW ? I can detect Penn Treebank tagset relevancy signals: i.e what content to show to what I can even use it in I can use it to audience conjunction with Assist in interpreting a machine learning user query techniques- to eg. Train other components
  12. 12. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW I can combine it with computer vision techniques. I can leverage metadata for better image search SIRI I can enhance user’s shopping experience.
  13. 13. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW I could really use Multiple conflicting this stuff. And it vocabularies that I will is like the tower have to align internally of babel out and multiple syntax there! formats as well. ? Microdata Microformats RDFa Goodrelations for e-commerce I’m a Search Engine Robot Prior to
  14. 14. Timeline of RDFa and Semantic Web AdoptionAs of Semtech 2011 June 2 – announced Inevitable passage of Semantic Web adoption – culminating in
  15. 15. Prolific growth of the LOD Cloud
  16. 16. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW A Search Engine alliance has the power to MANDATE Align and consume vocabulary and syntax! many vocabularies that may not be of interest to search engines? Rather mandate vocabulary And Syntax - microdata
  17. 17. Bringing Order from Chaos On subjects Search Engines are Interested in! With great: • Tools • Mappings • And more • From the W3C 17
  18. 18. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW “Know” rather than Symbolic reasoning vs “recognize” probabilistic reasoning! INTRODUCING THE KNOWLEDGE GRAPH
  19. 19. And speaking ofSEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW the knowledge graph or Folks finding answers knowledge on my page never carousel! even have to click ♫ through to yours! I can even now start to derive associations or relationships between entities.
  20. 20. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW I find it so helpful that I would really like to be able to keep all that validated verified information to myself!
  21. 21. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW I find it so helpful that I would really like to be able to keep all that validated verified information to myself! Check out this great data highlighter. The information is available only to me and not to any other search bots! Can you believe I have been accused of hijacking structured markup?
  22. 22. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW How do I make this information findable and visible to users? I could use your assistance as follows!
  23. 23. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW Mark up as Ensure the following match: much • on page markup information as • data in any feeds you you can. submit • information visible to the user/human! Enrich your content/data. Rich markup sends rich signals to search engines.
  24. 24. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW As an example, look at Clearly, if you do not populate the “color” the filters that show up attribute, it is not possible on the left hand side in for your product to show Google Shopping. up in that filter.
  25. 25. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW This same type of logic also applies to the various verticals (however at a higher For example, searching in level in the “search the recipe vertical, if you taxonomy” so to speak) have not entered recipe information, your results will be “filtered out” from that SERP result set.
  26. 26. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW Adding context in search verticals really Google’s “SearchVerticals” helps me serve up relevant information Notice any correlations? (Seriously increases my I would advise you to! recall), as does geospatial information. Consumed information - Structured Data Dashboard Consequently, drilling down into a query using more and more filters, enables me to better refine my understanding of the intent of your search .
  27. 27. Visibility and misperceived information exposure outweighs “Risk” as the exposure is controllable Reward RISKVisibility overpowers RiskIn fact, if correctly done, Risk is completely controllable!Determining what data to expose is optional, controllable and a business dependent decision.
  28. 28. Quantifiable, Measurable, Avoidable• Fine line between visibility & exposing information? • Completely controllable • Completely Avoidable • Business dependent solution • Level 5 Place Holder
  29. 29. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW My social counterparts have been leveraging structured markup (rdfa) for their They are also leveraging it opengraph protocol for in their newly released quite some time. graph search! Not only that, they are even building an entity graph not dissimilar from my knowledge graph!The Open Graph Protocol enables you tointegrate your Web pages into the social graph Example of crowdsourced entity graph info source - places
  30. 30. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW Running Out of time Advice Summary!
  31. 31. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW Mark up everything you can. (within reason and your Make sure that business priorities) everything you mark up is also visible to the human end user. If not, you are cloaking!
  32. 32. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW Make sure your information is fresh and there are no stale links. Don’t try to spam me. You will not only run the risk of a penalty, but you will also lose my trust. (the latter is an important signal in and of itself!)
  33. 33. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW Ensure your data is of the highest possible quality (Cleaned and scrubbed) and richly attributed. That will ensure your maximum visibility in my verticals and search filters.
  34. 34. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW Mark up information not yet consumed by search engines to get the advantage of extra lift Check the list to see when it is adopted. what is coming out next! is dynamic and is growing!
  35. 35. SEARCH ENGINE POINT OF VIEW Ensure your images are Stay tuned for way enhanced and more to come in the not also marked up. too distant future!
  36. 36. Bye for nowBy Barbara StarrTwitter: @BarbaraStarrLinkedin: