machine learning fuzzy systems neural networks soft computing rough sets probabilistic reasoning artificial intelligence pattern recognition evolutionary computing wavelet data mining fuzzy logic software agents symbolic machine learning deep learning vision recognition image processing ontology text mining clustering biomedical engineering hybrid intelligent systems genetic algorithm télécommunications signal or image processing bioinformatics information retrieval interval type-2 fuzzy logic semantic processing nlp computer vision ai algorithms applications artificial neural networks back propagation feature selection classification web services data intelligence data-driven insights iot question answering knowledge processing data visualization predictive learning learning problems learning methods and analysis morphic computing parallel processing modified hilbert transform hilbert transform levenberg – marquardt algorithm committee machine artificial neural network magnetic anomaly particle swarm optimization fuzzy systems neural networks machine learning pro defuzzification. weighted level-based averaging trapezoidal fuzzy number neural network face sketch generation energy efficiency instantaneous frequency (ifs) electroencephalogram(eeg) support vector machines sentiment analysis chaotic sequence chaotic dynamics psychology factor of emotion optimization search algorithm traffic characterises vehicle detection healthcare access data applications data analysis data insights health sector insider threats cybersecurity social media cryptography blockchain natural language processing natural language computing dialog systems discourse morphology phonology web intelligence machine learning algorithms knowledge representation reinforcement learning discrete wavelet transform adaptive neuro-fuzzy inverse kinematics expectation maximization supervised learning semi-supervised learning petri net algorithm ptl net glycocalyx glycoprotein synthesis multiset rewriting rules forecasting energy consumption f-transform lolimot llnf wavelet technology biometrics recognition iris recognition lan noise removal edge detection processor farm methodology performance appraisal system 360 degree feedback multi source feed back back-propagation algorithm iris dataset protein folding support vector machine turnaround time time quantum cpu scheduling rf sources (k) communication coverage mb (modulated back scattering) precautionary loss function exponential distribution system availability system reliability nonlinear programming vague environment bayes point estimators mutual information measure image quality index image fusion box counting fractal dimension multifractaldiension texture segmentation pvd dct steganalysis steganography trial and error method. fitness function population generation technique weight matrices associative memory hopfield neural network behavioural and visual measure physiological fatigue modelling vigilance monitoring multilayer perceptron rough set context service discovery context aware services heart disease dataset cad(coronary artery disease) context adaptations mathematical modelling transportation planning lymphography data stack-run coding space frequency quantization multi- resolution embedded zerotree wavelet genetic algorithms distributed system design patterns cancer sample identification classification rule gene selection k-means algorithm microarray cancer data z-n method dc motor position control system pid allen’s temporal algebra rule based classifier lower approximations fuzzy rough sets face biometrics differential evolution annealing seed filling thin film porosity gabor filter hölder exponent q-measure portfolio management asset management financial data fuzzy system reliability oop uddi wsdl xml rgb ratio model pixel-based classification skin colour classifier skin colour detection svm semantics workflow learning objects learning style type-1 fuzzy logic. interval type-2 fuzzy neural networks electric load feed-forward neural network computational complexity 4g mobile networks admission control system tumour region extraction liver segmentation medical image processing ct abdominal image ensemble classification pso routing protocols thermal shock. asphaltic material porothermoelasticity correlation based feature selection (cfs) bacterial foraging optimization (bfo) artificial immune classifier computed tomography (ct) local search (ls) document classification fuzzy sets fuzzy relational equations bipolar constraints fuzzy optimization knowledge discovery outliers tests statistics robustness leverage points lad regression border correction enhanced fmm filter edge preservation noise smoothing mixed noise edge distortion digital imaging data aggregation sensor networks simulation results architecture and working of opportunistic network opportunistic network proposed methodology selective packet drop attack related work wireless sensor networks (wsns) protocol design. simulation results. matlab fuzzy diagnosability expert system tuberculosis (tb). rulebased method fuzzy entropy mad and optimal thresholding segmentation drum level power generation expert systems soot blowers random forest decision trees multispectral images metaheuristics invasive weed optimization multiobjective optimization flexible job shop scheduling problem recognition rate nearest neighbor (without fuzzy) moments. gait intrinsic mode function (imf) hilbert-huang transform(hht) cardio pulmonary bypass (cpb) extra corporeal membrane oxygenator (ecmo) blood gas analyser (bga) phoneme signal level features automatic speech recognition broad phoneme classes neural network classifier syllable service oriented architecture logical security. system consolidation cdm-pi coefficient diagram method three tank multiloop water quality assessment bayesian belief networks opinion mining feature extraction techniques fuzzy mining approach for web page prediction vague association rule vague logic prediction techniques bat atp comtrade waveform matching bbpso fpsoc voice over ip design reuse fpga asic systems on chip evolutionary algorithm biogeography-based optimization migration partial migration bbo multilayer feedforward neural network vehicle classification. multi-area economic dispatch markov chain percentile memory-less property order statistics stationary markov chain particle swarm optimizer data int medicare an banking indus sentiment analys financial secto text classifica public health management data-driven decision support medicare analytics scara manipulator document classification regulatory compliance investigation incident response encryption data protection authorized access fraud prevention cybersecurity measures banking industry technology measures financial fraud customer data financial sectors feature extraction hybrid technique reduct relative indiscernibility rela attribute similarity rough set theory text classification protein structure prediction fuzzy inference system (fis) round robin (rr) scheduling al wpsn interference free communicatio systematic literature review bibliometric analysis steghide testing techniques recent trends real-time systems programming abstractions middleware integration embedded system and software embedded software hardware support business applications embedded systems big data stock market prediction prediction accuracy semantic web fuzzy set wavelet difference reduction database access pattern autonomic computing system software architecture gene reducts lexical semantics machine translation autoencoder deep convolutional audio frames anomalous sound detection (“as internet of things (“iot”) chunking/shallow parsing word sense disambiguation pos tagging supervised self organizing map machine learning techniques morphological operation image transformati robotics singular value decomposition covid-19 wavelet coherence cross-wavelet power wavelet analysis supervised machine learning machine learning applications evolutionary computation computational intelligence text linguistics owl-s ambient intelligence multilayer feedforward neural vehicle classification bayesian network mechatronics business intelligence spiking neural networks gpu naive bayes classifiers semantic web techniques and technologies c-means. cluster homomorphism k3 algebra partition fuzzy short time analysis. separation criterion quadratic discriminant analysis periodic segments classification accuracy rgb based skin detection skin color classifier skin color detection animation smallest position value probabilistic reasoningprobabilistic reasoning algorithm for leach protocol. leach protocol wireless sensor networks fuzzy decision making.  ai algorithms coverage hole and energy hole  learning in knowledge-intensive systems software testing machine learning (ml) artificial intelligence (ai) high dimension dataset learning in knowledge-intensive systems trial and error method deterioration. quadratic ramp type inventory idf (inverse document frequency) and rank of sente term frequency (tf) gss coefficient keywords summary compression performance and near distance calculat frame selection key video compression scara manipulator. cortical neuron oscillatory neuron dendritic morphology neocortex document classification. membrane computing p systems reactive distributed ai hybrid technique and feature extraction. fuzzy logic based decision support system for stan protein structure prediction. software agents morphic computing fuzzy inference system (fis). round robin (rr) scheduling algorithm interference free communication wpsn (wireless passive sensor net works) fusion factor wavelet transform steghide. jphs f5 mb2 mb1 machine learning. stock market prediction & prediction accuracy. fuzzy set. wavelet difference reduction. software architecture. database access pattern and autonomic computing sy gene reducts. supervised self organizing maps (som). threshold. cds material e-medicine e-commerce software agents morphic computing image processing morphological operation. image transformation soap auc roc pssm rbf nac and owl-s alms lms high dimension dataset. 1. introduction coverage hole and energy hole. fuzzy decision making animation; skin color detection; image processing; smallest position value. classification accuracy; periodic segments; quadra hilbert-huang transform(h ht) naïve bayes classifiers particle swarm optimization.
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