The$RDFA/SEO$WAVE!How$to$catch$it$&$why$                 Email:                       Twitter: @Barba...
The$$WAVE!   How$to$catch$it$&$why$                    Email:                          ...
About!me!•  Decades!!working!with!Seman2c!Technologies!   in!finance,!government,!insurance!and!more!•  Currently!–!Major!...
What!I!am!going!to!talk!about!•    The!Wave!•    How!to!catch!it!•    Why!•    The!catch?!•    Demo!!
Some!basic!defini2ons!•  RDFa!J!RDF!in!aRributes!!•  Rich!snippets,!embedded!structured!data!on!   html!pages!•  Typically!...
The!Wave!•    Yahoo!•    Google!•    Facebook!•    Many!others,!but!focus!on!SEO!
Adop2on/Usage!•    First!used!by!Yahoo,!Searchmonkey,!Feb!2008!•    Full!RDFa!support!•    Products!•    News!•    Events!...
Adop2on/Usage!J!GOOGLE!!•  Rich!snippets!introduced!May!12,!2009!    –  Reviews!    –  People!    –  Events!    –  Busines...
Rich!Snippets!MAY$12,$2009$ •  Google!now!supports!Rich!snippets!for!     –  People!     –  Events!     –  Businesses!and!...
RDFa!for!videos!            September!2009!
Events!   Mar!12,!2010!
Recipes!                 April!13,!2010!17!
Facebook Opengraph protocol based on RFDa            April!20,!2010!                                            Enables “s...
Peter!Mika’s!blog!–!Yahoo!Analysis!  Results!prior!to!goodrela2ons!announcement!by!google!!
LOD!Cloud!Evolu2on!       The!wave!of!growth!has!been!               remarkable!Source!maintained!by:!Richard!Cygniak!and!...
March!5!J!2009!                                                                                                      Sem- ...
LOD!cloud!–!Sept!22!2010!                                                                                                 ...
How!to!catch!the!wave!•  Add!rdfa!!!!!!!!!!!!!to!your!website!•  Either!directly!or!using!tools!   –  Great!goodrela2ons!s...
Benefits!•  Increase!in!CTR!•  Visibility!in!search!engine!ver2cals!   –  Local!search!   –  Shopping!•  Definite!ranking!in...
Increase!in!CTR!•  Yahoo!performed!a!study!that!showed!>!15%!   increase!in!CTR!on!some!sites!as!a!result!of!   using!Rich...
Search!Engine!ver2cals!•  Addi2onal!rewards!for!encoding!rich!snippets!   on!your!site.!•  Search!ver2cals!leveraging!cons...
Visibility!in!new!products!consuming!                 RDFA!
So!what!is!the!catch!or!is!there!one?!•    Adop2on!                                 June!2,!2011!                         ...
RDFA$VALIDATORS$AND$TESTERS$•  RDFA$official$site:hQp://$•  Sindice$Inspector:$hQp://$...
DEMO!!How!to!use!allegrograph!visualiza2on!  to!ensure!your!RDFa!is!correct!                                          Barb...
RDFa, SEO wave
RDFa, SEO wave
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RDFa, SEO wave


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Semtech 2011,
the RDFa SEO Wave,
How to catch it and why
Barbara Starr
Demo - Jans Aasman - Franz

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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RDFa, SEO wave

  1. 1. The$RDFA/SEO$WAVE!How$to$catch$it$&$why$ Email: Twitter: @BarbaraStarr
  2. 2. The$$WAVE! How$to$catch$it$&$why$ Email: Twitter: @BarbaraStarr
  3. 3. About!me!•  Decades!!working!with!Seman2c!Technologies! in!finance,!government,!insurance!and!more!•  Currently!–!Major!Online!Retailer!•  SD!Semweb!!organizer,!assistant!SF!organizer,!etc!•  Added!goodrela2ons!rdfa!onto!some!900,000! item!pages! –  Looking!at!all!kinds!of!backlinks!from!many!eJtailers! sites!certainly!demonstrated!the!necessity!for! structured!data!within!web!pages!or!a!“less! gameable”!search!solu2on.!
  4. 4. What!I!am!going!to!talk!about!•  The!Wave!•  How!to!catch!it!•  Why!•  The!catch?!•  Demo!!
  5. 5. Some!basic!defini2ons!•  RDFa!J!RDF!in!aRributes!!•  Rich!snippets,!embedded!structured!data!on! html!pages!•  Typically!used!ini2ally!by!the!search!engines!to! enhance!displays!in!SERPs!•  Rich!Snippets!yield!increase!in!CTR!(Click! Through!Rate)!•  Ini2al!claim!–!no!change!in!search!rankings!
  6. 6. The$WAVE!
  7. 7. The!Wave!•  Yahoo!•  Google!•  Facebook!•  Many!others,!but!focus!on!SEO!
  8. 8. Adop2on/Usage!•  First!used!by!Yahoo,!Searchmonkey,!Feb!2008!•  Full!RDFa!support!•  Products!•  News!•  Events!•  Video!•  Documents!•  Local!
  9. 9. The!Demise!of!Searchmonkey!Con2nued!Support!for!RDFA!snippets!
  10. 10. Adop2on/Usage!J!GOOGLE!!•  Rich!snippets!introduced!May!12,!2009! –  Reviews! –  People! –  Events! –  Businesses!and!organiza2ons! –  Reviews! –  Recipes! –  Breadcrumbs! –  Local!Search! –  Video! –  Images!! –  Products!hRp://!
  11. 11. Rich!Snippets!MAY$12,$2009$ •  Google!now!supports!Rich!snippets!for! –  People! –  Events! –  Businesses!and!organiza2ons! –  Reviews! –  Recipes! –  Products! –  Breadcrumbs! –  Local!Search! hRp://!
  12. 12. RDFa!for!videos! September!2009!
  13. 13. October!26,!2009!
  14. 14. Events! Mar!12,!2010!
  15. 15. Recipes! April!13,!2010!17!
  16. 16. Facebook Opengraph protocol based on RFDa April!20,!2010! Enables “semantic Profiling” of users
  17. 17. April!26,!2010!
  18. 18. Sept!2,!2010!
  19. 19. Sept!22,!2010!
  20. 20. Products!–!Nov!2,!2010!Included!support!for!goodrela2ons!vocabulary!
  21. 21. Peter!Mika’s!blog!–!Yahoo!Analysis! Results!prior!to!goodrela2ons!announcement!by!google!!
  22. 22. LOD!Cloud!Evolu2on! The!wave!of!growth!has!been! remarkable!Source!maintained!by:!Richard!Cygniak!and!Anja!Jentsch.!hRp://!
  23. 23. Mar!2008!
  24. 24. March!5!J!2009! Sem- Wiki- Surge Web- company Radio LIBRIS Central RDF ohloh Doap- Music- space Semantic Resex brainz Audio- Eurécom Flickr MySpace Scrobbler QDOS SW exporter Wrapper Conference IRIT Corpus Toulouse RAE BBC BBC Crunch 2001 FOAF SIOC ACM BBC Later + John Base Revyu Jamendo Peel profiles Sites Playcount TOTP Open- Buda- Data Guides pest DBLP BME flickr RKB Project Pub Geo- Euro- wrappr Explorer Guten- Virtuoso Guide names stat berg Pisa BBC Sponger eprintsProgramm Open es Calais New- riese World Linked ECS castle Fact- MDB South- IEEE book ampton Magna- Gov- tune RDF Book Track Mashup DBpedia lingvoj Freebase IBM US CiteSeer LAAS- Census W3C DBLP CNRS Data WordNet Hannover UniRef GEO UMBEL Species DBLP Berlin Reactome LinkedCT UniParc Open Taxonomy Cyc Yago Drug PROSITE Daily Bank Med Pub GeneID Homolo Chem Gene KEGG UniProt Pfam ProDom Disea- CAS Gene some ChEBI Ontology Symbol OMIM Inter Pro UniSTS PDB HGNC MGI PubMed As of March 2009
  25. 25. LOD!cloud!–!Sept!22!2010! Sussex St. Reading Andrews NDL Audio- Lists Resource subjects t4gm MySpace scrobbler Lists Moseley (DBTune) (DBTune) RAMEAU Folk NTU SH lobid GTAA Plymouth Resource Lists Organi- Reading Lists sations Music The Open ECS Magna- Brainz Music DB tune Library LCSH South- (Data Brainz LIBRIS ampton Tropes lobid Ulm Incubator) (zitgist) Man- EPrints Resources chester Surge Reading biz. Music RISKS Radio Lists The Open ECS data. John Brainz Discogs Library PSH Gem. UB South- Peel (DBTune) FanHubz (Data In- (Talis) Norm- Mann- ampton (DB cubator) Jamendo datei heim RESEX Tune) Popula- Poké- DEPLOY tion (En- pédia Artists Last.FM Linked RDF AKTing) research EUTC (DBTune) (rdfize) LCCN VIAF Book Wiki Produc- Pisa Eurécom P20 Mashup semantic NHS .uk tions classical (EnAKTing) Pokedex (DB Mortality Tune) PBAC ECS (En- AKTing) BBC MARC (RKB Budapest Program Codes Explorer) Energy education OpenEI BBC List Semantic Lotico Revyu OAI (En- CO2 mes Music Crunch SW AKTing) (En- .uk Chronic- Linked Dog NSZL Base AKTing) ling Event- MDB RDF Food IRIT America Media Catalog ohloh BBC DBLP ACM IBM Good- BibBase Ord- Wildlife (RKB Openly Recht- win nance Finder Explorer) Local spraak. Family DBLP legislation Survey Tele- New VIVO UF nl graphis York flickr (L3S) New- VIVO castle Times URI wrappr Open Indiana RAE2001 UK Post- Burner Calais DBLP codes statistics (FU VIVO CiteSeer Roma LOIUS Taxon iServe Berlin) IEEE .uk Cornell Concept Geo World data ESD Fact- OS dcs Names book dotAC stan- reference Project Linked Data NASA (FUB) Freebase dards Guten- .uk for Intervals (Data GESIS Course- transport DBpedia berg STW ePrints CORDIS Incu- ware bator) (FUB) Fishes ERA UN/ .uk of Texas Geo LOCODE Uberblic Euro- Species The stat dbpedia TCM SIDER Pub KISTI (FUB) lite Gene STITCH Chem JISC London Geo KEGG DIT LAAS Gazette TWC LOGD Linked Daily OBO Drug Eurostat Data UMBEL lingvoj Med (es) Disea- YAGO Medi some Care ChEBI KEGG NSF Linked KEGG KEGG Linked Drug Cpd GovTrack rdfabout Glycan Sensor Data CT Bank Pathway US SEC Open Reactome (Kno.e.sis) riese Uni Cyc Lexvo Path- way PDB Media Semantic Pfam HGNC XBRL WordNet KEGG KEGG Geographic Linked Taxo- CAS Reaction Twarql (VUA) UniProt Enzyme rdfabout EUNIS Open nomy US Census Publications Numbers PRO- ProDom SITE Chem2 UniRef Bio2RDF User-generated content Climbing WordNet SGD Homolo Linked (W3C) Affy- Gene GeoData Cornetto metrix Government PubMed Gene UniParc Ontology GeneID Cross-domain Airports Product DB UniSTS MGI Gen Life sciences Bank OMIM InterPro As of September 2010latest!LOD!cloud!
  26. 26. How$to$catch$the$wave!
  27. 27. How!to!catch!the!wave!•  Add!rdfa!!!!!!!!!!!!!to!your!website!•  Either!directly!or!using!tools! –  Great!goodrela2ons!support!for!rich!snippet! genera2on! –  Wordpress!plug!ins!and!other!tools!available! –  Drupal!support! –  Others!
  28. 28. Why$–$Benefits!
  29. 29. Benefits!•  Increase!in!CTR!•  Visibility!in!search!engine!ver2cals! –  Local!search! –  Shopping!•  Definite!ranking!increase!for!verified,!validated!data!(e.g! within!product!search)!•  Visibility!in!other!engines/apps!consuming!RDFa!•  Mobile!usage!–!massive!market!•  Strong!need!for!structured!markup!! »  Combat!spam!! »  Make!informa2on!more!findable! »  Read!more!an!!! »  …!
  30. 30. Increase!in!CTR!•  Yahoo!performed!a!study!that!showed!>!15%! increase!in!CTR!on!some!sites!as!a!result!of! using!Rich!snippets!
  31. 31. Search!Engine!ver2cals!•  Addi2onal!rewards!for!encoding!rich!snippets! on!your!site.!•  Search!ver2cals!leveraging!consump2on!of! structured!data!•  Products,!recipes,!places!..!
  32. 32. Visibility!in!local!Search!
  33. 33. Visibility!in!new!products!consuming! RDFA!
  34. 34. Consuming!mul2ple!microformats!
  35. 35. The$Catch?!
  36. 36. So!what!is!the!catch!or!is!there!one?!•  Adop2on! June!2,!2011! JUST!IN!TIME!FOR!SEMTECH!2011?!•  Ease!of!use!•  Standardized!vocabularies!•  Complex!nes2ng!of!divs!and!spans!•  There!is!a!need!for!standardized! vocabularies,!so!how!can!we!now!best! leverage!microdata!and!!
  37. 37. RDFA$VALIDATORS$AND$TESTERS$•  RDFA$official$site:hQp://$•  Sindice$Inspector:$hQp://$•  Yahoo$ObjecWinder:$hQp:// help/objecWinder$•  Google$rich$snippets$tester:$hQp:// webmasters/tools/richsnippets$•  New$tool$in$Gruff$–$Demo$to$follow!
  38. 38. DEMO!!How!to!use!allegrograph!visualiza2on! to!ensure!your!RDFa!is!correct! Barbara Starr Email: Twitter: @BarbaraStarr
  39. 39. July!16,!2010!