2009 - How To Become A Millionaire In Just 5 Years

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http://NicolaCairncross.com - Author, speaker, entrepreneur & internet marketer Nicola Cairncross shares the secrets of becoming a millionaire in just five years. There's the hard ways and the easy …

http://NicolaCairncross.com - Author, speaker, entrepreneur & internet marketer Nicola Cairncross shares the secrets of becoming a millionaire in just five years. There's the hard ways and the easy way....

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  • 1. An Introduction To Wealth Creation
    How To Definitely Positively Become A Millionaire In Five Years (Or Less!)
  • 2. Today I’m Going To Cover
    My Story (Briefly!)
    The “Perfect Storm Of Success”
    How To Become A Millionaire In 5 Years
    The 4 Lanes Of The Wealth Highway
    My “Secret Weapon” Business System
    How You Can Get One Too!
  • 3. My Gift To You!NicolaCairncross.com/worldcup
    • Powerpoint Slides
    • 4. Full Version Of The Millionaire Report
    • 5. No opt in needed
  • But First…Let’s Talk About YOU!
    • Do You Have A Passion?
    • 6. Do You Have An Idea?
    • 7. Do You Have A Book Inside You?
    • 8. Are You Well Known For Something?
    • 9. Have You Achieved Anything Cool?
    • 10. Are You Really Good At Something?
    • 11. Do You Feel Destined For Success?
    Are You Or Your Business Under-Achieving So Far?
  • 12.
    • Typical Underachiever
    • 13. Grew up in Worthing, West Sussex – a dreamer / reader
    • 14. Bright but “could try harder” at school – got bored very easily!
    • 15. 3 “O” levels (which I had to pay to enter) plus Grade 3 CSE Maths & Typing
    • 16. Series of disastrous jobs
    • 17. Serial failed entrepreneur
    • 18. Only achievements - Phoebe & Nelson - and then in 1998…..
  • 19. And Here’s The Reason Why ….. I’m A Creator/Star Profile
  • 20. So...If I’m Such An Underachiever….
    Why Should You Listen To MeAbout Wealth Creation?
    This is the bit where I show you my fancy cars and house….
  • 21.
  • 22.
  • 23. So What Do I Do
    With My Money?
    I Create Experiences….
    For My Family
  • 24.
  • 25.
  • 26.
  • 27.
  • 28. Why Should You Listen To Me? Because The Papers Say So…
  • 29. Because C4’s “Secret Millionaire” Gill Fielding Says So?
  • 30. Because VISA Int’l Say So?
    Because Pampers iVillageSay So?
    “Official Wealth Coach In Residence”
  • 31. Because 5 x “New York Times” Best Selling Author Robert G. Allen Says So?
  • 32. Or because I bought a half million pound hotel “no money down” and renovated it in 6 weeks flat? Created Sussex’s first “boutique hotel”
    Or because I managed to write a book and get it on Amazon when I had to pay to enter my English “O” Level?
  • 33. My Secret Weapon # 1
    The Ability To Chunk Big Vague Wealth Creation Concepts Down Into Practical Step By Step Plans For You To Follow
  • 34.
    • The Money Gym
    • 35. Zero To Quarter Million In Just Over 5 Years
    • 36. Five Page Website
    • 37. Weekly Ezine
    • 38. Some Business Cards
    • 39. Article Marketing
    • 40. YouTube videos
    • 41. Twitter/Facebook
    • 42. And … My Secret Weapon # 2!
  • “I count myself as a serious experienced businesswoman and entrepreneur…
    Your internet business mentoring created an extra £16,000 extra PROFIT for my partner’s business in just SIX weeks!“ DebbieBissett.com
  • 43. “One year ago I had just opened a small training venue in central London, ran two other small holistic businesses and was struggling to find clients.
    Now, thanks to Nicola, I am swamped with room bookings and my two other businesses are flourishing like never before.
    I have also learnt huge amounts from her in terms of internet marketing and property investment.
    I have quadrupled my income and bought a house! What an amazing woman!"
  • 44. So…Do You Want To Know….?
    How You Can Become A Millionaire In Five Years Or Less?
    Well, there’s something else you need to know about first……
  • 45. The “Perfect Storm” Of Success
    “A "perfect storm" is an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically and cause a situation that couldn’t ever have occurred without that rare combination of circumstances” Wikipedia
  • 46. The “Perfect Storm” Of Success Is What Makes The Difference Between….
    Never even getting started…
    Starting but giving up….
    Flitting from pillar to post…
    Getting some results but not enough…..
    The Difference Between Successful People& Everyone Else
    (and how you can do it too!)
  • 47. Perfect Storm - Element #1
    Feeling The Pain
    Unfulfilled Potential
    The Swivel Factor
    A Life Changing Moment
  • 48. Element #2 Vision & Belief
  • 49. Element #3 / 1The Right Opportunity
    Are You Still Turning Over Stones Looking?
    There is NO perfect opportunity
    The best opportunity is always under your nose
    Just pick one and get on with it!
  • 50. Element # 3 / 2Your Investment
  • 51. Element # 4 Taking Responsibility & Making The Commitment
  • 52. Element # 5Getting Support & Making The Time
  • 53. Element # 6Taking Fast Massive Action & Getting Early Results
  • 54. Element # 7Accelerate The Process & Success Leaves Traces
  • 55. Now You Know What It Takes To Be Successful
    NOW Would You Like To Know How
    You Can Definitely, Positively, Become A Millionaire In Five Years
    ………Or Less?
  • 56. Definition Of A Millionaire:
    Someone who can add up all their assets, take away all their liabilities (debt) and still have a million in assets left over.
    It’s Not About Having A Million In The Bank!
  • 57. The Best Reason To
    Set The Goal To Become A Millionaire
    “Because of the things you will do, the skills you will learn & the people you will meet along the way”
    Mike Litman“Conversations With Millionaires”
  • 58. Becoming A Millionaire In Just Five Years Via
    The 4 Lanes Of The Wealth Super Highway
    The Stockmarket
    The Internet
    Two Are Faster
    & Easier!
  • 59. Lane # 1 - The Stockmarket
    Invest for long term and draw dividends
    1 million in five years = 400k per year before tax
    Assuming dividend payments at 10%
    You would need 4 million invested
    Learn to trade (buy/sell) or spread bet
    Need a big pot of money to be allowed to start
    Very skilled & need to follow a system rigidly
    High tolerance to emotional rollercoaster
  • 60. Lane #2 – Property (Method 1)
    Rental profit in UK - £100 - £200 profit pcm
    100 per month = 1200 per year
    To make 1 million in 5 years / 200k per year
    Taking 50% tax into account = 400k per year
    You need 333 rental properties
    Need to buy 66 per year
    Better get started!
    The tax on rental profit is a killer!
  • 61. Lane # 2 – Property (Method 2)
    In the UK and USA, since records began, property has doubled in value every 7-10 years
    Talk to older people who have owned property & do the sums yourself (bought / sold)
    That’s been my experience too, even during 1970’s & last “crash” in the 90’s
    Who knows what’s going to happen next?
    Assuming above holds true, if you owned 4 million
    It would appreciate in value by 1 million in 5 years
    Tax Free - but can you get the money out?!!!
  • 62. Lane # 3 – Business
  • 63. How To Make A Million In Business In 5 Years
    1 million in 5 years = 200k per year
    Business needs to be able to pay you out of it’s profits (200k per year)
    Before tax @ 50%, it actually needs to pay you 2 million over five years (400k per year)
    If business needs to do that out of say 10% of it’s profits, it needs to be making 4 million profit per year
    If your business has 50% profit margin, it’s turnover will have to be 8 million per year
  • 64. How To Make A Million In Business In 5 Years
    To turn over 8 million per year….40 million in 5 years
    Lead product @ 10, sell 800,000 million per year
    Lead product @ 100 sell 80,000 per year
    (219 sales / customers per day, 1538 per week / 79,935 per year, 399,675 in 5 years )
    However, if your lead product costs 10 and your upsell product costs 100 AND you have other products to sell them, all totalling 1000, & it takes you 5 years to do that, the lifetime of a customer is five years, and the lifetime value of a customer is 1000…
    You need to sell to 40,000 customers within 5 years
  • 65. Does That Sound A Bit Like Hard Work?
    There Is Another Way…..
  • 66. Business - Method # 2
    To make a million in 5 years from your business
    Build a business that you can sell for 2 million
    You get to keep 50% after tax
    Business usually valued at multiples of profit depending on the market
    So to sell for 2 million, at a multiple of 10 times profits
    Profits need to be 200k per annum
    If running at 50% profit margin, turnover = 400k
    Assuming a product at 100, have to sell x 4000 p/a
  • 67. Who Really Knows How To Start & Run A Business?
    “Leaders Are Readers” Tim Sanders (Love Is The Killer App)
  • 68. The Only Five Questions You Need
    Who Is Your Ideal Customer?
    Where Are You Going To Find Them?
    What Product Are You Going To Sell Them First?
    How Much Will You Charge Them For It?
    How Will You Convince Them To Buy It?
  • 69. Traditional Business IS Hard Work!
    Traditional business is like going in circles
    Because it costs so much to sell anything, try & sell most expensive product first
    Always spending more to get new customers
    Big disappointments & vulnerable to market forces
  • 70. Online Business Is Not!
    Fill your marketing funnel (mailing list) with free prospects
    Use automated email marketing to turn them into low cost customers
    Use automated email marketing to turn them into repeat customers
    Your top end clients will self-select to buy
    The whole process is simple, easy to duplicate, automated & GLOBAL
  • 71. Before I Show You How To Make A Million In 5 Years From Lane # 4
    Let Me Ask You A Question…..
    Do You Really Need A Million?
    What Do YOU Need Per Month…To Be Financially Free?
    2,000 / 5,000 / 10,000?
    Write It Down Now
  • 72. Lane #4 - The Internet
    “He Who Has The Biggest Mailing List When He Dies…………WINS!” Guy Levine
  • 73.
    • Build A Mailing List & Sell Them Stuff
    • 74. Create An Ebook / Ebook Upsell
    • 75. Recommend Other People’s Stuff
    • 76. Make More Of Your Own Stuff (Software/DVD’s)
    • 77. You hope to make $1 per month per subscriber
    • 78. $12 per year per subscriber = £7.50 / 7.50 euros
    • 79. 1 million in 5 years = 2 million before tax
    • 80. Need 55,000 subscribers to your list x 7.50 x 5
  • Let’s Break That Down A Bit
    Ebook @ 25
    1 million = 200k per year
    50% tax = 400k per year
    16,000 x Ebooks @ 25
    1% - 10% of traffic will buy
    Needs 876 unique new visitors per day
    Ebook + Upsell @ 79.50
    5031 x Ebook + Upsells
  • 81. Lane #4 - The Internet
    FORGET selling ebooks!
    Our front end ebook sales pay for our marketing
    Most business marketing is an overhead
    Every front end sale is bundled with free trial of our membership site
    Each front end ebook sale worth £70 over 6 months
    “She Who Has The Biggest Membership When She Dies……WINS!” Nicola Cairncross
  • 82.
    • A Membership Built Around A Business Brand
    • 83. 10 members paying 10 a month = 1,200 per year
    • 84. 100 members paying 10 a month = 12,000 per year
    • 85. 500 members paying 10 a month = 60,000 per year
    • 86. 1,000 members paying 10 per month = 120,000 per year
    • 87. 3,333 members paying 10 per month = 400,000 per year
    • 88. 8,333 members paying 10 per month = 1 million a year!
    Forget 1 Million In Five Years – How About A Million A Year?
  • 89. How Realistic Is It To Expect To Attract 8,333 Members Around Your Business Brand?
  • 90. There are more people ONLINE
    right now over in China…
  • 91. Than there are people ALIVE right now in the ENTIRE
    United States of America…
  • 92. There Are Over1 Billion People On Broadband Globally Now
    Infonetic Research, March 2008
  • 93. Stand Out In The Crowd By Having A Strong Brand
    Be very, very visible online – let people know who you are, what you stand for, what you do AND what you can do for them!
  • 94. How Realistic Is It To Think About 8,333 People Joining Your Business Membership?
  • 95. Who’s A Member Of …
    Europe’s Biggest Business
    Networking Membership
  • 96.
  • 97.
  • 98.
  • 99.
  • 100.
  • 101.
  • 102.
  • 103.
  • 104.
  • 105.
  • 106.
  • 107. 12
  • 108. So…The Four Lanes Of The Wealth Highway
    Consider The Effort
    Consider The Speed
    Two Exciting Possibles
    Let’s combine the two!
    The two FASTEST!
    Let’s make money fast, then invest in property & the stockmarket later
  • 109. Now We Know We Can Combine
    The Might Of The Internet
    With The Speed Of Business?
    What If You Could Do That For YOU
    And/Or Your Business?
    Can I Share A Wealth Creation Business System With You Today…… That Could Quite Literally Change Your Life…..Like it’s changed mine!
  • 110. The Business Success Factory– A 7 Step Process To Marketing Any Business Online
  • 111. The Business Success Factory
  • 112. The Business Success Factory
  • 113. 12
  • 114. 12
    From only having free members, I have picked up more alternative therapy Mentoring clients
    From the UK - IT Consultant for Silver Surfers, celebrity Personal Trainer, Direct Marketer. New Zealand - Nutritonist, from Australia - GlidingGuru.com, Marketing Consultant. From the Czech Republic, GreaterPeople.com
    I have almost finished my first ebook which is a major personal milestone. I am finding the whole process fascinating, and I just know the free & paid Membership will rocket over time!
    Alexis Garnault Miller, ThePracticeBuildingExperts.com
  • 115.
  • 116. “I let my site sit dormant for a year or so, gathering free members via a free giveaway and low cost ebook, I’ve just come back to it and launched my paid membership level.
    I’m achieving recurring monthly revenues of £800 pcm ($1328) and I expect this to rise considerably during 2010 to over £30,000 ($49,800) with just over 100 members paying just £19 / $32 pcm”
    Judith Morgan, JudithMorgan.com
  • 117. My Latest Mentoring Client – Billy Schwer
    World, European, & Commonwealth Lightweight Champion Boxer
    Fought the World Title x 3 Times & LOST but didn’t EVER give up
    Fought again & WON (but ended up in hospital)
    Motivational Speaker
    New “MentalBoxing” Programme
  • 118. The Business Success Factory Mentoring Programme
    • 7 Step Simple Proven Video Tuition Programme
    • 119. Step By Step Videos – Case Study: Champion Boxer “Billy Schwer” We Will Walk You Through How To Build A Strong Brand For You Or Your Business Online & How To Monetise That Business From Squeeze Page Right Up To Membership Site Value = € 35,000
    • 120. Downloadable Audio Value = €197
    • 121. Listen in the car, in the gym, in bed…
    • 122. WrittenTranscriptsValue = €197
    • 123. Read as you listen – goes in easier!
    • 124. Ticklists of Videos Value = €197
    • 125. Follow along step by step ticking off as you go!
  • The Business Success Factory Mentoring Programme
    • Quick Start In Depth Questionnaire Value = €200
    • 126. We Dig Out What Is Special / Unique About You?
    • 127. Online Research & Branding Value = €1000
    • 128. Nicola will do market & keyword research, competition research & create your initial branding plan
    • 129. Support Forum / Knowledge Base Value = €1000
    • 130. Get help whenever you need it from your fellow students, monitored by me and my team anytime
  • The Business Success Factory Mentoring Programme
    • Weekly Live Branding/Internet Surgery
    • 131. Nicola & Team live every Wednesday 1pm UST
    • 132. They stay till every question answered
    • 133. Recorded so you can listen later
    • 134. Call in live or email in your questions & get feedback
    Value = €26,400 per year
    • Monthly Accountability Reporting/Feedback
    • 135. Email in your progress report & plans for next month
    • 136. Nicola & Team review & make suggestions
    Value = €6,600 per year
  • 137. Our 100% Money Back Guarantee
    I want YOU to become the superstar you have the potential to become…
    If you join my mentoring programme today, and take action on every part of it, and do everything I recommend, with the support of me and my team, if…..
    In One Year, You Have Not Made Back More Than You Have Invested In The Programme
    AND MORE!I will give you your money back
    BUT You Have To Actually Do It!
  • 138. The Business Success Factory
    Mentoring Programme
    Total Value
  • 139. Entrepreneur World Cup
    ** Special Bonuses **
    1st 20 People Only
    Total Value Of Mentoring Programme €70,791
    1 x Signed Copy Of “The Money Gym” €27.68
    1 x Full Audio Recordings “The Money Gym” €27.68
    1 x Year Money Gym Silver Level €365
    1 x Membership Club Magic Video Tuition Course €2186
    Total Value Of Bonuses Today €2,606
    Total Value Of Offer Today €73,397
  • 140. Now The Only QuestionI Have For You Is….
    What Will YOUR Business Look Like Online?
    And How Quickly Will YOUR Business Attract 8,333 Members?
  • 141. Nicolacairncross
    Author, Speaker, Mentor& Founder Of The Money GymMaking Millionaires Since 1999