Background document on e-agriculture strategies in the ACP


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Background document on e-agriculture strategies in the ACP by Benjamin Addom

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Background document on e-agriculture strategies in the ACP

  1. 1. The State of e-AgricultureStrategies in ACP(Background Report)Benjamin K AddomICT4D Programme Coordinator, CTA2013 ICT Observatory: Strengthening e-AgricultureStrategies in ACP Countries24thApril 2013, Hotel Hof Wageningen
  2. 2. ∗ The importance of e-Agriculture (very high)∗ Very low interest/understanding of the need fore-Agriculture strategies (few years back)∗ There are e-strategy development initiativeswith different names & approaches (now)∗ But the agricultural sector lags behind othersectors such as health, education governance(ITU, 2010)What do we know?
  3. 3. ∗ Health (e-Health)∗ Toolkit for e-Health strategies (WHO/ITU)∗ National e-Health strategies e.g. Lithuania, Ghana∗ Education (e-Learning)∗ Jordan Education Initiative∗ Governance (e-Government)∗ COMESA (guideline for developing e-Government strategies)∗ National e-Government strategies e.g. India∗ What difference are these e-strategies making?E-strategies in other sectors
  4. 4. Legend1 = Awareness Creation; 2 = Visioning/Formulation; 3 = Approval; 4 =Implementation; 5 = Monitoring & EvaluationThe state of e-Agriculture strategies
  5. 5. Country Importance of e-AgricultureExperience with e-Ag. strategyCurrentstatus of e-Ag. strategyLeadingagency/agenciesGhana • ICT4AD policydocument 2003• E-Agricultureapplications• 2005 – “Ghana ICTs inAg. ImplementationStrategy”• 2007/08 – Draft ReportAwaitingapprovalCouncil for Scientificand IndustrialResearch (CSIR)IvoryCoast• National Informationand CommunicationInfrastructure (NICI)Plan 2000• 2012 - NationalStrategy Document fore.AgricultureAwaitingapprovalMinistry of Post,Information Technologyand Communication,and the Ministry ofAgricultureRwanda • ICT4D policydocument 2000• NICI I, II, III (2000-2015)• On-goingconsultation for aStrategic Plan forAgriculturalTransformationFormulation Ministry of Agricultureand Animal Resources(MINAGRI) incollaboration with othersectorsSt. Lucia • National ICTStrategy (2010-2015)• Regional ICT4DStrategy (2010)• None Awarenesscreation(needed)N/AFiji • InformationTechnology Policy(2001-2011)• The 2011 NationalBroadband Policy• None Awarenesscreation(needed)N/A
  6. 6. Country Importance of e-AgricultureExperience withe-Ag. strategyCurrentstatus of e-Ag. strategyLeadingagency/agenciesIndia • National ICTpolicy• Policy to ensureinfrastructure• Policy to ensurehigh-speedInternet• NationalAgriculturalInformaticsFrameworkFormulation The NationalInformatics Center(NIC)Bangladesh • National ICTpolicyDigital Bangladesh AwarenesscreationKatalyst (privatecompany) &AgricultureInformationService (public)Bolivia 2002* -ICT strategy for theagriculture sectorImplementation IICD
  7. 7. Issues & ChallengesGeneral lack of interestby stakeholdersLack of understandingof the potential of e-AgricultureInstitutional and politicalstructuresRegulatory changes inthe absence of formalpoliciesPoor collaborationbetween ministries ofICTs and AgricultureScarcity of electricitysupplyPoor ICT infrastructureLow ICT literacyLack of relevant contentNon-integration ofservicesLack of advisoryservicesIssues of localisation ofICTsResource mobilisationFormulation Implementation
  8. 8. Orientations and target areasGeneral production systemMarketing/market researchCommodity specific e.g. cassava, fisheriesFarm health management informaticsInfrastructure and universal accessTraining, capacity building, R&DForest and water resource managementPost-harvest & risk managementLocal content
  9. 9. RecommendationsBe part of the the WSIS forum in May 2013Commission a more detailed case studyCreate a global level task force and national level committeesBuild a national e-Agriculture policy toolkitCreate awarenessEnsure local leadership in the entire processFactor in the why, which, how, and what questions of e-Agriculture
  10. 10. ThanksBen
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