50 Healthcare Quotes for Troubled Times


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America is in the middle of some tough times. Here are 50 healthcare quotes to put a perspective on things.

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50 Healthcare Quotes for Troubled Times

  1. 1. 50 Healthcare Quotes for Troubled Times By Natasha N. Deonarain, MD, MBA Founder of the Health Conscious Movement healthconsciousmovement.com
  2. 2. Life does not have a quick fix.
  3. 3. The absence of di sease does not equal heal t h.
  4. 4. If you want to understand why we have a healthcare crisis, drive down the freeway. One person’s selfishness has the power to affect all who depend on them.
  5. 5. Disease can become a source of empowerment. Our healing lies in the particular perspective through which we choose to see it.
  6. 6. America’shealthcaresystemisbuiltuponyour fears. Releaseyourfearanditwillnolongerhavecontrol overyou.
  7. 7. Health insurance is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as keeping insurance against your health.
  8. 8. Your intention is the most potent prescription you could ever fill.
  9. 9. Medication is not medical care. Nor is it preventive.
  10. 10. Health strategies are the same as wealth strategies. They are designed to last a lifetime.
  11. 11. The power to heal can only be determined by you, not by some outside party with its own financial or political agenda.
  12. 12. The paradox of modern healthcare is that it has nothing whatsoever to do with your health care.
  13. 13. Miracles of healing are not miracles, unless we believe they should be rare.
  14. 14. We need more doctors to become teachers instead of preachers.
  15. 15. Our labels of disease are not who we are. They can be taken off or put back on according to the way we chose to see ourselves.
  16. 16. Our only purpose in life is to define clearly who we are against all other judgment.
  17. 17. The healing arts use body work and energy channels to open healing paths. Modern medicine uses chemicals and potions for cure. Who exactly are the snake oil salesmen?
  18. 18. It will only be by working outside the confines of current medical dogma and belief that you will find your way back to health.
  19. 19. Curiosity and creativity are the true nurses of health and healing.
  20. 20. Our society holds memorization and pattern recognition as measures of intelligence. Genius recognizes that the past is simply a learning tool to a future filled with possibility.
  21. 21. A social system, such as providing healthcare to a country, requires the collective ideology of “us.” It cannot be forced upon a country with a collective ideology of “me.”
  22. 22. Too many medications will distract a body from healing correctly, just as too much texting will distract a body from driving correctly.
  23. 23. Remove the doctor from the center of a health care model, and you will have a health care model.
  24. 24. You must defibrillate all your false beliefs and judgments that you’ve adopted from today’s medical system, if you want to follow your own path to optimal health.
  25. 25. The secret to longevity, is absolute simplicity.
  26. 26. When we put a patient at the center of a healthcare model, we put suffering at its core. By its origin, the word patient means “to suffer.”
  27. 27. You had the power to heal inside you all along. The problem was you never believed it.
  28. 28. If our life is a collection of moments, then change must be the conscious awareness that every thought we have, shapes our destiny.
  29. 29. When we step away from our infinite loop of right and wrong, and put our actions along a scale of choice and awareness, we will finally heal. ChoiceAwareness
  30. 30. The beatings shall continue until healthcare improves.
  31. 31. Doctors are experts at finding and treating disease. Why do you go there for a health checkup?
  32. 32. Your health is your life. It represents all aspects of your life. Guard it well.
  33. 33. The most heinous crime imaginable is the taxation of one’s inalienable right to life for those who would profit on disease, and in perpetuating a myth among the innocent until they believe that this is all for the good of their country.
  34. 34. If you want to live, no matter what your disease, your desire to live must be greater than your fear of your doctor’s prognosis.
  35. 35. What is a medical prognosis but simply the belief that someone or something else has power over you.
  36. 36. Normal is simply a distorted belief system. Yet medical practice holds you up against normal and declares that if you fall short, you must be fixed.
  37. 37. The most courageous among us are not those with the Angelina Jolie Effect, but those with the Suzanne Somers Effect.
  38. 38. The best way to save money for your health, is to stop spending it on trying to fix disease.
  39. 39. The study of human nature is well beyond the scope of current medical training.
  40. 40. It’s very simple to change America’s healthcare system. Change you, and you will change the system. A collection of many “yous” makes up the system.
  41. 41. You will not be able to get a health check up at a disease manager’s office.
  42. 42. Fear, shame, guilt, blame, judgment and victimization are used as common currency in today’s healthcare transactions. Trade yours in for something worth much more.
  43. 43. When disease and the obsession about disease are held at the center of national thought systems, we become that which we each obsessively think about.
  44. 44. Fixing America’s healthcare system, is like fixing end-stage disease. It is simply not possible. Healing America’s healthcare system will require a clear understanding of its root cause, and in changing our operating paradigm.
  45. 45. If we want to create health as an outcome, would it not make sense to practice health every day, rather than work backwards to fix disease?
  46. 46. Care for your body, mind and spirit as if it were your only home, because it is your only home.
  47. 47. The most important person to save your life in the end will not be your doctor. It will be you.
  48. 48. Freedom is a choice. We can choose to confine ourselves to others’ belief systems, or we can create our own.
  49. 49. The quality of your food and water are more important today than the quality of your doctor.
  50. 50. Your health will be waiting, only when you are ready to commit fully to yourself.
  51. 51. Your voice, carried among many, is a keynote to profound change.
  52. 52. The Power to Heal “The power to heal can only be determined by you. Decide in this moment how you will live before you die. Release the fear, distraction and disempowerment that infuse our society and medical system today, and resolve not to be a victim. And then, resolve to change your world.” - - Natasha N. Deonarain, MD, MBA The 7 Principles of Health
  53. 53. The Health Conscious Movement thehealthconsciousmovement @HealthMovement