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Is your doctor keeping you sick part 2


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Is your doctor keeping you sick? This is part 2 of a series about how the medical system is integrated to keep us sick and poor. What will be your choice for health?

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Is your doctor keeping you sick part 2

  1. 1. Part 2
  2. 2. Recall that your doctor is trainedto work as part of a biggersystem…. Health Insurance Companies Drug Companies Government Malpractice Lawyers Your Doctor
  3. 3. These are the parts of thatsystem Health insurance Drug Companies The Government Malpractice Lawyers Your Doctor
  4. 4. Let’s take a look at how doctorswork inside that system
  5. 5. Your Government’s Medicare Program1. 85% of people are taken care of in doctor’s offices and 85% Office other clinics 15% Hospital2. 15% are taken care of in expensive ER’s and hospitals
  6. 6. More On Your Government  Medicare wants to cut reimbursements to doctor’s who give preventive care to patients in their offices  Doctor’s are going to stop taking care of people who have Medicare (opt out) because they will not get paid  Where are people who have Medicare going to be forced to go for medical care?
  7. 7. People will go to ER for medicalcare Hospital Office ER
  8. 8. Your Government’sMedicare saga continues…. But…Medicare is also cutting reimbursements to hospitals If hospitals won’t get paid to take care of Medicare patients….. And outpatient doctors are opting out of Medicare….. Where will Medicare patients go to get preventive health care??
  9. 9. There won’t be a place. Hospitals
  10. 10. Your Government Today Uses money taxed to 19 – 64 year old people…. To pay for disease care for > 65 years old
  11. 11. But when you grow up…..And you’ve spent all your money ondisease instead of health….
  12. 12. Who will take care of youtomorrow?
  13. 13. As long as your government makes them act this way…..
  14. 14. How will you find your way out?
  15. 15. Join the Movement. Be Health. Today.
  16. 16. You have the power.It’s time to believe it. thehealthconsciousmovement
  17. 17. Coming Soon… Part 3