Your Call To Health Consciousness


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Do you have what it takes to Escape Fire??? America's healthcare system is burning. This is your call to action!

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  • Your personal Introduction – who you are, where you trainedWhy are you wearing a sari todayWalking in the streetsChild playingHappy, dancing, muddy face, ragged clothes
  • Not only that we need to ask this question – where do we go from here? What is the answer to our problems. So in this talk I would like to address these 2 questions – what just happened and where do we go from here.
  • Health Insurance:profits on not delivering care and charging more for “protection” of healthDrug company profits on diseaseMalpractice profits on adversityDoctors profit on fix and cut diseaseGovernment owned by lobby groups who then profit on diseaseHow many of you would disagree with these statements???
  • THESE NEXT 2 SLIDES – TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE WITHOUT EVEN TELLING YOU WHAT IT SHOWS..20 years this is exponential growth - what’s wrong with the premise that Davidson - REFERENCE
  • WHAT DO YOU SEE??1996 – 2011Cumulative percent growth of premiums210% Define the consumer price index: measures the changes in the price level of consumer goods and services purchased by households. What are some of the messages we are hearing with this graph - costs more to deliver healthcare - people are sicker - aging population, more demand for services - cost of technologyThis is risk stratification – or is it??Let’s take a closer look at the ROLE of a health insurance company - in a nutshell – he is the middle man, he takes your money and he gives it to me, and he keeps some for himselfWhat is the best way for him to keep more money in the bank??Charge you moreDecrease money going OUTDeny services which are neededWhat do insurance companies DO??
  • Comparison of 5 year cumulative total return on investmentBetween fortune 50 / united healthgroup and s and pPoint out their cumulative year return since 2008 – 2011 - RECESSIONWhat does it take to be in the fortune 50 companiesFortune 1000Fortune 100Fortune 50Top companies ranked by gross revenues – Walmart / Exxon MobileBegs the question – what is wrong with a health insurance company ranking in the top 50 revenue generators when it derives its revenue from denying services, increasing cost to people and also decreasing payments to doctors.
  • Here’s the highlights total shareholder return was 42%2010 they broke the 100 billion revenue mark increasing 8%
  • Boasting – 40% returnRevenue 34 billionOperating earnings of 40.5%2011 Annual Report: Financial HighlightsIn 2011, Aetna exceeded expectations and produced strong financial results.We achieved full‐year operating earnings(1) of $1.97 billion and full‐year operating earnings per share(1) of$5.17, a per share increase of 40% percent compared to 2010. These results were primarily due to highercommercial underwriting margins primarily as a result of low medical utilization, continued pricing discipline,medical cost management and unit cost controls.
  • 1997 – 2004Similar year comparison as the health insurance companiesDESCRIBE THE CHART – Y AXIS – DOLLARS IN BILLIONS TOTAL POPULATION1997 – 72.3 BILLION DOLLARS SPENT ON PRESCRIPTION DRUGS2004 – 191 BILLION DOLLARS SPENT ON RXThat doesn’t mean you won’t be using the drugs, so let’s take a look at utilization228 Billion (2011)Increase 250%61% increased utilizationTotal Retail Sales for Prescription Drugs Filled at Pharmacies, 2011Kaiser Family Research
  • If you are a drug company, how would you make money?? - if you run out of drugs say, like antibiotics, what would you do if you are a drug company? - what disease do you need people to have if you want to sell a drug? - do you have ANY incentive to keep people WELL if you patent and sell prescription drugs???Pfizer is the top selling drug 2011Maximizing performance / Meeting commitments is their tag lineRevenue $67 billionNet income 10 billion
  • START THIS SLIDE WITH YOUR STORY ABOUT MEDICARE AUDITThe government expenditures$2.8 trillionThis graph represents a percentage of the GDP on healthcare = we are already at 18% and this was projected for 2082Quick stats on aging - 64 million beneficiaries211 trillion deficitWhy are you accepting Medicare doctor?Overpayments 17% to private sectorSpending cuts 85 billion – affecting health and educationPrivatization plans for MedicareHospital readmission reimbursement – going to affect teaching and remote area hospitals most according to recent study
  • Explain the graph – producer price index industry data from bureau of labor stats1999- 2013 : medical malpractice dataINSERT STORY ABOUT GETTING SUED – how many of you are afraid of getting sued? How many of you would like me to tell you what it feels like to get sued? What does it FEEL like to get sued??What did it do to your practice?? - premium growth curves mean payouts increase, but research shows that payouts stay the same - the patient does not get adequate compensation - increase in defensive medicine 35% - 650 billion estimate by doctors but 56 billion actual calculations - cost born by employee, cost born by women
  • This has lead to serious breakdown in trust - patient and doctor - devalues therapeutic relationship - can we get that relationship back???Lawsuits enter the system 75% more than Canada1Defensive medicine cost in America $650 - $850 BIL280% go to lawyers320 % to plaintiff4Final settlements to American plaintiffs less than Canadian counterparts despite $31 BIL in malpractice claim payoutsGood Samaritan malpractice policies in UK / New Zealand exclude care for Americans in health crisis5Doctors increased unnecessary testing by 35%6In America, doctors practice defensive medicine rather than good medicineTHIS IS WHAT WE GET FOR OUR INDIVIDUAL RIGHT TO SUE!
  • GC Pope and JC Sneider “Trends in Physician Income” Health affairs, 11, no 1, 1992: 181 – 193
  • Medical Group Management Association, Physician Compensation and Production Survey, 2000Under this sort of healthcare system with incentives to keep you diseased – what job would you do???INSERT STORY ABOUT DR. JOSEPHSON / COMPTON – NEED TO BE DISEASED66% specialtyExamine how they are trainedShould they be at the center of a health care model – even functional medicine?Paternalistic attitudeEgo and judgmentWhat kind of model are we searching for?
  • This graph shows the cost of healthcare from 1960-2008
  • 2.8 trillion18 % GDPDouble other countriesCost more than any other countryHealth qualityEscalating rates of disease – top 5 medical conditions are heart disease, cancer, trauma related, asthma, mental disordersPoorest health quality with high infant mortality, 37th overall ranks WHO
  • Health Insurance:profits on not delivering care and charging more for “protection” of healthDrug company profits on diseaseMalpractice profits on adversityDoctors profit on fix and cut diseaseGovernment owned by lobby groups who then profit on diseaseHow many of you would disagree with these statements???
  • What have we NOT changed?We have NOT changed the paradigm.
  • What have we been trying to do with this current healthcare system. Search for disease. So what do we have to do???
  • What is a paradigm shiftWhat are the current models being embraced? - doctor centric - patient centric - person centric - quantifiable self - self care revolution - consumer driven healthcareTO – health-centric modelsSo it’s more than the empowerment of the patient to self-driven careIt’s the view that we are not patients to begin with – we are people who are healthy first, no matter what our disease challenges, and who must learn to be who and what we are FIRST in order to healWhat is it that we ALL have to do next?
  • Fear is keeping you hereKeepign you here will only cause you to keep your patients SICKAmerican trial lawyers and other stakeholders are too strong excetp in an opt out situation - hospitals will suffer - medicare and medicaid will suffer
  • All must drop health insuranceGrassroots for Health Assurance outside of governmnet structure – this might mean like Charter shools – ndependent coops etc. Volunteers in each community teaching behavior, coaching, acupuncture??
  • People come together - most powerful way is via technology - deliver information this way
  • Sometimes I think about my trip to India…and I think about my little girl in the streets, muddy, ragged clothes, so beautiful in that moment – I realized I didn’t need to feel sorry for herShe was the most happy, the most healthy in that moment – because she was completely free. America at this point is WORSE than India. It’s worse than that child playing in the streets – because we have built coporate Empires that are preying on the weak and poor in order to build their castles. And we are the enslaved, by the very illusion that we have been spun, based on profit for our lives and health – gifts which we have been given before we were born. This child in that moment had everything we don’t. She was freed from the bondage in 1946 by a tiny Indian man, Gandhi, who was not afraid to stand against a giant through his courageous act. But we in America, are still very much afraid.
  • I would like you to join this cause. How can you help? Purchase a copy of my book this is your patients toolkit. This is their way out of this mess, and initial journey of empowerment through understanding how the entire system works together. Get this word out and share this. Go to any corporations you know and get them to order in bulk a copy of this book. Go to any teaching institutions you know and get them to order a copy of my book. Join the Facebook and Website communities. Blog on the website. Send out more information on this paradigm to educate people. If you purchase a copy of this book today ALL proceeds will go to GTMMF – get it now!!I need speakers. I need activists. Join the first annual Health Conscious Movement conference. Sign up below and we will let you know. This is strength in numbers Finally, go home and drop your insurance. Understand how this works. Tell others.
  • Your Call To Health Consciousness

    1. 1. The Health Conscious MovementYour Call to Health Consciousness By Natasha N. Deonarain, MD, MBA
    2. 2. Are You Wondering….• What just happened to our healthcare system?• What’s going to happen to YOU?• And what NEEDS to happen next?
    3. 3. To Understand, Start Here….• Health insurance companies profit on denying services• Drug companies profit on disease to sell drugs• Malpractice lawyers profit on creating adversity between healers and people• Corporatized government is beholden to corporations, not people• Doctors become automatons of all of the aboveThe patient was left to fend for himself.
    4. 4. Stakeholders in American Healthcare
    5. 5. Health Insurance Companies
    6. 6. Health Insurance Companies Annual Financial Reports (sample)
    7. 7. Conclusions• Premiums and contributions for single and family employer-based coverage has linear growth• Revenue growth for health insurance companies during recession years is robust• People in America are SICKER despite paying the MOST in the world
    8. 8. Drug CompaniesPrescription Drug Expeditures
    9. 9. Drug CompaniesAnnual Financial Reports (sample)
    10. 10. Conclusions• People spend a tremendous amount of money using prescription drugs• People are SICKER than ever before• Drug company profits exceed S&P and Peer Group minimums during recession years
    11. 11. Government Programs
    12. 12. Conclusions• Federal spending on healthcare programs has linear growth• People are SICKER and POORER than ever before• Policy makers continue to make promises for future health care under programs which are going bankrupt today
    13. 13. Malpractice IndustryProducer Price Index 1999-2013
    14. 14. Distribution of Malpractice Settlements
    15. 15. Malpractice Settlements 80% Lawyers 20% Plaintiff
    16. 16. Conclusions• Malpractice premiums have increased for doctors• Most of the settlements are going to trial lawyers• People are getting SICKER and POORER despite this system of “justice” and “compensation”
    17. 17. Specialty Physician Income
    18. 18. Conclusions• Specialists are incentivized to cut, fix and eliminate disease• Specialist income has increased in response to incentives embedded in the healthcare system• Patients are SICKER and POORER than ever before
    19. 19. What Did We As Americans Get From These Stakeholders?
    20. 20. Our National Cost
    21. 21. Our International Health Quality Rank
    22. 22. Overall Ranking Country Rankings 1.00–2.33 2.34–4.66 4.67–7.00 AUS CAN GER NETH NZ UK US OVERALL RANKING (2010) 3 6 4 1 5 2 7 Quality Care 4 7 5 2 1 3 6 Effective Care 2 7 6 3 5 1 4 Safe Care 6 5 3 1 4 2 7 Coordinated Care 4 5 7 2 1 3 6 Patient-Centered Care 2 5 3 6 1 7 4 Access 6.5 5 3 1 4 2 6.5 Cost-Related Problem 6 3.5 3.5 2 5 1 7 Timeliness of Care 6 7 2 1 3 4 5 Efficiency 2 6 5 3 4 1 7 Equity 4 5 3 1 6 2 7 Long, Healthy, Productive Lives 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Health Expenditures/Capita, 2007 $3,357 $3,895 $3,588 $3,837* $2,454 $2,992 $7,290Note: * Estimate. Expenditures shown in $US PPP (purchasing power parity).Source: Calculated by The Commonwealth Fund based on 2007 International Health Policy Survey; 2008 InternationalHealth Policy Survey of Sicker Adults; 2009 International Health Policy Survey of Primary Care Physicians;Commonwealth Fund Commission on a High Performance Health System National Scorecard; and Organization forEconomic Cooperation and Development, OECD Health Data, 2009 (Paris: OECD, Nov. 2009).
    23. 23. So What’s Going to Happen To Us?
    24. 24. Financial, Physical, Social Demise• $2.8 Trillion and 18% of GDP• Health Quality Demise• Declining Social Structure Overwhelming Conclusion We are getting sicker and poorer, despite paying more for healthcarethan any other country in the world.
    25. 25. Because of Stakeholder Control• Health insurance companies• Drug companies• Malpractice Lawyers• Corporatized Government• Doctors The patient was left to fend for himself.
    26. 26. What is the definition of insanity?
    27. 27. “The absence of disease does not equal health.”- Natasha N. Deonarain, MD, MBA
    28. 28. What Must We ALL Do?
    29. 29. 4 Steps to FollowA Call To Serious Action Now
    30. 30. Step #1: Doctors MUST Opt Out• Medicare• Medicaid• Malpractice CASH based practices WITHOUT malpractice insurance.
    31. 31. Step #2: Patients MUST Opt Out• Health insurance plans Continuing to believe that healthinsurance is the answer to people’s disease, will only create more disease and increased poverty.
    32. 32. Step #3: Corporations MUST Opt Out• No to employer-based systems• Form conglomerates to offer their own health programs (Walmart, Whole Foods)Employer-based delivery of healthcarewill only ensure continued out-source of jobs and further decline in our economy.
    33. 33. Step #4: America MUST Re-create Its Own Future• Cash based models• Volunteer services by people to teach and help others• Charity services funded by corporations• Private co-ops teaching behavioral modification• Community Models based in a paradigm of health practice
    34. 34. Step #4 continued…• Radical deconstruction of policy / systems / corrupt practices• Mass movements to demand immediate change (MLK, Salt March, Occupy Wall Street)• Every American standing inside chaos WITHOUT fear
    35. 35. The Fire is Here!!
    36. 36. Do You Have What It Takes… To survive??
    37. 37. The Power to Heal“The power to heal can only be determined by you, notby some outside party with its own political or financialagenda.Decide in this moment how you will live before you die.Release the fear, distraction and disempowerment thatinfuse our society and medical system today, and resolveNOT to be a victim.And then, resolve to change your world. --Natasha N. Deonarain, MD, MBA
    38. 38. What’s Your Next Action?
    39. 39. Social Media Support Groups•• Twitter/HealthMovement• Tumblr/thehealthconsciousmovement• Linkedin/in/NatashaDeonarain•
    40. 40. YOU HAVE THE POWER. It’s time to believe it!