Surviving the Ash: A Game


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  • Surviving the Ash: A Game

    1. 1. PROJECT TEAMJoe Fratini (Computer Science)Daniel Rogness (Computer Science)Erin O’Hagan (Time Arts)Eamon Newman (Instructional Technology)SPRING 2013 (DEVELOPMENT)ASSISTANT COACHEric RussellCOACHJason UnderwoodSurviving The Ash: A Game
    2. 2. Agenda• Background– The Digital Convergence Lab– The STEM Teen Read• Project Overview• Design and Development• Future Work and Implementation• Demonstration• Questions
    3. 3. Digital Convergence Lab• Interdisciplinary Partnership– University Libraries– Division of Outreach, Engagement, and Information TechnologyServices– Co-Directed by Aline Click and Drew VandeCreek• Goals– Community Outreach– Shared Research and Development– Experiential Learning
    4. 4. The STEM Teen Read began in 2011 as part of the STEM Outreachinitiative to promote science, technology, engineering, and math. In2012, we received funding from the Center for P-20 Engagementand NIU’s Virtual Lab School to create online programming.Fast Facts• Partnerships with libraries in DeKalb, Sycamore, Cortland, andHinckley• Regular input from teens, youth librarians, and publishers• 4 YA books per year• Face-to-face and online programs• Author visits at various events throughout the year
    5. 5. Game Concept: Design Stage• What is Surviving the Ash– Educational Game– Focus on STEM– Multiplayer Virtual Environment• Who is it for?– TeenRead– Middle School – Adult• Project Purpose– Immerse players in the world of Ashfall by Mike Mullin– Reinforce usefulness of STEM
    6. 6. Game Design & DevelopmentGraphicAssetsContentProgrammingUserInterfaceTestingField Trials(Sycamore High SchoolSycamore Library)FALL 2013 SPRING 2013DesignDocument
    7. 7. Game Concept: Design Requirements• Base game theme and narrative on Ashfall by Mike Mullin• 3D Virtual World, Multiplayer• STEM Based Quests• Multisession• Integrated with Teen Read• Interactions with Consequences
    8. 8. Ashfall Technology & Building Tools• Unity 3D• Jibe/Smartfox• Programming Languages– Javascript, C#• Game Building Tools:– 3D Studio Max, Photoshop
    9. 9. Game Structure & StoryCamp QuestPlayerMovementLatrineDutyWaterPumpTreeChopTown QuestAll is NotWellFind aCureTreatRiver QuestGet AcrossRiver
    10. 10. Concept Art and Prototypes
    11. 11. Game Development: Basic Functionality• Jibe– Login– Avatar Creation– Character Movement– Chat• Custom Framework– Quest System– Backpack (Inventory)– NPC Talk– NPC Behavior– Give/Receive Inventory– Health/Hunger/Thirst
    12. 12. Game Development: Quest Programming• Camp• Town• Raft• Mini-quest– Chopping Tree– Cleaning Latrine– Fixing Pump• Interactions with Consequences– Giving Water– Helping NPCs
    13. 13. Game Development: 3D Art
    14. 14. Game Development: 3D Art
    15. 15. Sound Track and Effects• Sound track• Interface Sounds• Various organic soundsmanipulated to achieve designatedsound• Directional Sounds• Environmental Sounds
    16. 16. Field Trial: Sycamore High School• Alpha Test• April 3rd, 2013• Findings from players– Player movement– Instructions– Quest completion– Finding objects– Capacity for fun
    17. 17. Field Trial: Sycamore Library• Beta Test• April 17th, 2013• Findings from players– Fun– Music and visuals impressive– Happy with player controls– Good balance of fun and science– Bugs
    18. 18. Future Work• Further Development– Continued Development in DCL– Additional• Quests• Miniquests• Interactions with consequences• Playtests• Support– TeenRead Website• Implementation– TeenRead, Summer 2013– Playtesting• Research
    19. 19. Demonstration
    20. 20. Thank YouCenter for P-20 EngagementGillian King-CargileMary BakerAlexia ClaySycamore High SchoolSycamore LibraryDigital Convergence LabMike Mullin, Author of AshfallPeggy Tierney, Tanglewood Press
    21. 21. Questions