Improving mise en-scene


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Improving mise en-scene

  1. 1. Improving mise-en-scene (hotel babylon)
  2. 2. Homework• Homework with questions in front of youAND• Please have your blue book in front of you• (folder on side)… iPads
  3. 3. List off elements of mise-en-scene
  4. 4. Aspects of mise-en-scene• 1. Setting• 2. Lighting• 3. Colour• 4. Facial expression (character)• 5. Body language (character)• 6. Gestures (character)• 7. Costume/accessories (character)• 8. Props (character)• 9. Hair/make up (character)• 10. Representation (character)
  5. 5. Taking notes• Some of you aren’t doing this correctly…..• Remember you are only doing 1 of 4 topics…..• Look for between 5-10 points……the more technical areas we add, the less points you will have…….• Not setting up notes correctly• Not clearly taking clear P, then EV, then L (use number system)
  6. 6. Note structure TECHNICAL AREAPOINT 1. 2.(points for essay) 3. 4. 5.EVIDENCE 1. 2.(evidence from clip to points) 4. 5.(analysis is done in essay)LINKHow does it link to thetype of representation?Reinforce?Develop?Challenge?
  7. 7. Getting started• Have you used the right introduction?• In the sequence from _________, the technical features of _________ is applied to construct the representation of _________.
  8. 8. Linking to ethnicity• Think about all the ethnicities:• Firstly, think of ethnic groups:• WHITES• BLACKS• HISPANICS• ITALIAN• CHINESE
  9. 9. Linking to ethnicity (stereotypes)• What is/are the stereotypes?• Is it a positive or negative stereotype?• Does is reinforce, develop or challenge stereotypes?• Why does it reinforce, develop or challenge stereotypes?• Extension: Why is this relevant or important to our society?
  10. 10. Linking to ethnicityRACE ROLE? HOW DO YOU KNOW? Stereotype? Pos/neg? (mise-en-scene) Reinforce, develop, challenge? Relevance to society?WHITESBLACKSHISPANICSITALIANCHINESE
  11. 11. Structuring the essay 1 2 3Structure Elements of most of Ethnicities/ Beginning, middle, mise-en-scene -Characters end of clip -Setting -Whites -beginning -Lighting -Blacks -middle -Colour -chinese -end -Body languagePositive (pro) Range of terms -comparison of -comparisons of characters everythingNegative (con) -little comparison -difficulty -could get between mise-en- remembering to messy/unorganised if scene (how they include variety of not confident work together) mise-en-scene -taking time away comments from other 3 categories
  12. 12. Writing paragraphs• Are you using PEAL?• Point• Evidence• Analysis• Link
  13. 13. Trying to compare• You really should aim to compare something:• Remember comparing is SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES• What are you comparing?• Mise en scene• Characters/ethnicities• Parts of scene
  14. 14. Peer assessment partners• Maria Ingrid• Pam Russ• Laura Michaela• Chelsea Abigail• Jhane Rosie• Jodie Amy• Marisha Nicole• Helen Monae Fatou
  15. 15. Peer Assess• Get with a partner and look at each others responses…..• Do you take notes appropriately?• Have you spent no more than 30 minutes? (1-11/2 pages)• Do you have a correct introduction?• Use PEAL paragraphs?• Link to ethnicity? (stereotypes)• Write about range of appropriate points of mise-en-scene?• Writing: clear sentences, appropriate spelling, grammar and punctuation
  16. 16. HomeworkSet: Fri Nov 16Due: Mon Nov 17• Complete 2nd draft of assignment 6• Download blogger and play around on it – make a post with an image