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Short presentation about the social media and marketing strategies that were used to launch the startup on the internet.

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  1. 1. Social Media Coverage Michiel Das Marketing Manager 01/02/2011 – 28/02/2012 Web: Mail:
  2. 2. Summary Company: is a website created by a working mom as an alternative to traditional photo websites, and with the idea to give other moms to possibility to surprise their family with a special and creative photo album, calendar or post card. Web: Mail:
  3. 3. Summary Challenge: (original project name ‘susanitatieneunraton’) was a brand new project that had to be launched on the internet and relevant social networks to promote awareness and encourage visits to the website. Web: Mail:
  4. 4. Summary Solution: In order to not confuse potential customers with the well-known Spanish children’s songs ‘Susanita tiene un ratón’, the project name was changed from ‘susanitatieneunraton’ to, and a Social Marketing Plan was elaborated to target Spanish mothers between 25 and 45 years with (at least) one child. Web: Mail:
  5. 5. Creation of social networks Since the market research pointed out that the majority of the target public was actively present on Facebook and Twitter, profiles were created on these social networks. A page on LinkedIn was created to give the project a more professional look. Although is an e- commerce website, a company profile was created on Foursquare as well, in order to let employees check in and spread information to their network of friends. Later on,’s Google+ profile was activated, and updates were posted here as well from time to time. Web: Mail:
  6. 6. Home page strategy With mothers between 25 and 45 years as the main target public, the colors of the home page were changed from blue to pink, and the whole home page was redesigned to be visually more appealing to young mothers. The above mentioned social networks were also added to the website in order to make it easier for customers to stay connected with the company. Web: Mail:
  7. 7. Positioning strategy: directories To inform the target public about the new website and at the same time improve the positioning of, the website was listed on various online directories directly related to mothers, babies or online photo services. Web: Mail:
  8. 8. Positioning strategy: news Since part of the annual turnover of was donated to the Spanish Red Cross (‘Creu Roja’), various news agencies were contacted to dedicate a small article to it. Web: Mail:
  9. 9. Positioning strategy: blogs Influential bloggers with followers among the target public were sent a press release about the project, and they were invited to order a photo album or calendar and write about it on their blog. Web: Mail:
  10. 10. Positioning strategy: banners A small banner with the logo of the website was placed on websites dedicated to mothers of young children, with a direct link to the home page of Web: Mail:
  11. 11. Positioning strategy: discounts In order to increase the number of returning visitors, people that subscribed to the newsletter received extra discounts on a specially created (hidden) subdomain. Web: Mail:
  12. 12. Positioning strategy: give-aways Give-aways (via influential websites that were visited by the target public) were used as an alternative method to promote the website. Web: Mail:
  13. 13. Facebook strategy The Facebook page was used primarily to get into contact with the fans of to find out what they thought about the company and if they had any suggestions to improve the current products. The page was also used to publish promotions and give-aways. Web: Mail:
  14. 14. Twitter strategy The Twitter account was used to inform followers about the latest news and contests, stay in contact with customers and get feedback from clients after receiving their order at home. Web: Mail:
  15. 15. Website results In 12 months the website received 31976 visits (26850 unique visits), resulting in 117858 pageviews, 83,85% of whom were new visitors. The website received its absolute peak in visitors on 11/10/2011, when 412 people visited the website in one day. Web: Mail:
  16. 16. Facebook results After only 6 months, the Facebook page already had more than 1000 fans, with an average of 132 different people talking about the website. Web: Mail:
  17. 17. Facebook results In one year,’s page managed to unite a total of 1306 Facebook fans, 90% of whom where Spanish women between 25 and 45 years old. Web: Mail:
  18. 18. Twitter results In February 2012,’s Klout score reached 28,74 thanks to its targeted Twitter actions. Web: Mail:
  19. 19. Overall results was featured on various blogs and website of mompreneurs, which led to more than 18900 relevant results on Google. These results lead to the creation of a mobile application to place orders via iPad, iPhone and Android devices via a specially designed mobile website. was acquired by a large Spanish photo sofware company at the beginning of February 2012. Web: Mail:
  20. 20. More information? Want detailed information or need help creating a marketing plan for your company? Feel free to contact me at: Web: Mail: