Facebook marketing services sales presentation for contests v1


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StoneHouseMarketing Solutions Inc provides social marketing tools such as Facebook coupons and contests. This slideshow explains how we set up Facebook contests.

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Facebook marketing services sales presentation for contests v1

  1. 1. Facebook Contests! Building Brand, Generating Sales and Growing Your Business StoneHouseInformation
  2. 2. Some Background Info on Facebook Marketing
  3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE Facebook is the most widely used social media platform…but Google+ is trying to compete!
  4. 4. SOCIAL BANDWIDTH 4 7 % 2 1% 2 1% 11% FACEBOOK TWITTER YOUTUBE GOOGLE+ Facebook is currently dominating the social media landscape…but services like YouTube and Twitter are not far behind…with Google+ catching up!
  5. 5. StoneHouseInformation POWERFUL COMMUNITIES 0 5 10 15 2 0 2 5 3 0 S t ar buck s P iz z a   H ut McD onald s D om inos WWW Social Media sites have MORE interactivity than web pages Fan Page Likes v/s Monthly Visitors to Website (in millions)
  7. 7. StoneHouseInformation Fan Page When people become fans, they are more likely to visit your shop! Point of Sale When they visit your shop, they are likely to interact on your fan page THE FAN CYCLE
  8. 8. StoneHouseInformation HOW TO ENGAGE THEM? When your fans share content, you get MORE fans Someone LIKES your page You share awesome content
  9. 9. How to build a FACEBOOK Community with Contests
  10. 10. StoneHouseInformation FACEBOOK Contests example !   We put a tab icon on your wall for the contest.
  11. 11. StoneHouseInformation FACEBOOK Contests example !   You post messages about your contest on your wall.
  12. 12. StoneHouseInformation FACEBOOK Contests example !   Your existing fans click on the contest link.
  13. 13. StoneHouseInformation FACEBOOK Contests example !   They enter their name and email address.
  14. 14. StoneHouseInformation FACEBOOK Contests example !   Contestants get 10 more entries for sharing!
  15. 15. StoneHouseInformation FACEBOOK Contests example !   Everyone wants to share because they get so many entries!
  16. 16. StoneHouseInformation FACEBOOK Contest SUMMARY !   Contests allows you to reach millions of targeted users! !   The better the giveaway the larger and faster the engagement. You get more likes and shares. !   You also get all the email addresses gathered from the campaign that then go on your email distribution list.
  17. 17. StoneHouseInformation RESULT Your fan base can grow exponentially VIRALLY
  18. 18. StoneHouseInformation WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOUR BUSINESS? !   Facebook is the most widely used social media network! !   Opinions matter – and people depend on each other for suggestions. !   Your business needs to be talked about… !   Fans buy !   Fans recommend !   Fans LOVE! !   Your business needs an active community so you get: !   Stronger Brand !   Better Engagement, and !   More Sales RESULTS
  19. 19. StoneHouseInformation ABOUT US StoneHouseInformation !   Independent online marketing services company fpcusing on local businesses in the Quinte area !   Specialized in providing professional, intelligent and powerful campaigns that delivers results! !   We keep track on the latest trends, so our clients can stay ahead of the game
  20. 20. StoneHouseInformation Our Philosophy 1.  We like win-win models 2.  Pay for performance 3.  Trust built long term relationships where we go the extra mile