Concept presentation - Pondy's Adventure


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Concept presentation - Pondy's Adventure

  1. 1. Game Presentation By: Manas Murali
  2. 2. Initial Concept for the game From below 6 concepts, adventure game was chosen at last for the development.
  3. 3. Game Pipeline for the game This is the pipeline for the entire development of the game.
  4. 4. Game Introduction •Game : Pondy’s Adventure •Genre : Adventure •Platform : PC •
  5. 5. Game Story •The story is about a young teenage photographer who in search of a hidden chest in a forgotten ancient village.
  6. 6. Character in game PONDY The main protagonist in the game
  7. 7. Character in game Baba One of the NPCs in the game.
  8. 8. Character in game Villager These are villagers, who are also a NPCs in the games.
  9. 9. Game level This is the initial planning for the level
  10. 10. MAP This is the entire game world present in the game.
  11. 11. Gameplay Explore environment for collecting certain objects. Conversation with different NPCs to further solve different puzzles in the game.
  12. 12. Character Controls The controls shown in this image is the control made for the player.
  13. 13. Game World Overall the whole game world is a forest fortified with valley on four sides which contains 2 villages
  14. 14. Game environment assets Village huts in the village level
  15. 15. Game environment assets Another asset in the game world
  16. 16. Game Plots The player has to first enter the village, then prove to chief that he is a shaman, help Baba to get him out of the village and at last collect the chest
  17. 17. User Interface This is the main menu of the game
  18. 18. Character 3D models Baba character model
  19. 19. Character 3D models Villager character model
  20. 20. USP(Unique selling point) The game is filled with hilarious dialogues between the different characters and the player. User Friendly for all type of audience
  21. 21. System Requirements Supports Windows XP, Vista & Win 7 Disk Space : 30 MB Graphics Card : Nvidia 8 Series and above RAM : 2 GB
  22. 22. Survey Source of distribution of games
  23. 23. Survey Which gender play video games more?
  24. 24. Survey Graph of different occupation people play games
  25. 25. Survey Different platform people play
  26. 26. Survey Control preferred by the audience