What is dramagame


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Slide set describing the Dramagame platform, gameplay and the team behind the product.

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What is dramagame

  1. 1. Dramagame is a platform for short virtualworlds. Each virtual world plays out a deepdrama in 45 minutes. Players are guided to take on roles and to chat to reach goals.
  2. 2. Play the People Dramagame is not about beating the game but chatting with real people. Your social skills are challenged as you manipulate your way through and into thedrama. Make new friends through shared experiences and enjoy quality time online with your existing ones.
  3. 3. Start as the star Dramagame sets you up with a new identity each time you play. You are that someone, actually someone rich and famous. Your co-players will reward you for being a drama queen or acting like a rock star. You have history, you have motives and you have reasons to chat.
  4. 4. Life is too short to grind away Dramagame has a running start directly into the best gameplay. No grinding for levels required. No grinding required to learn the game. Use your browser to enter the game and get a full repeatable experience the length of a TV-episode.
  5. 5. Holy grail of games Dramagame is massively emergent. Weve made the storylines, yet you control the story and the twists along the way. No harvesting the crops day in and-out. No twitching about with guns. No scoreboards to beat to death. Instead, Dramagame is deep, truly social entertainment.
  6. 6. Unique Opportunities• Multiplayer non-linear storylines• The game play is about social structures, not gunfights• Fun and deep experiences• Easy to learn to play• We are able to model real life situations for learning purposes• Existing tools make it relatively cheap to create a new virtual world containing a new storyworld
  7. 7. Unique Story TechnologyDramagame is built on top of a proprietary story enginecalled Twist. Twist enables complex structures that arehidden underneath the simple gameplay.The first Dramagame, called Velvet Sundown, has 5-13storylines running simultaneously. Each one of them 39million possible paths that it may take.Twist has a patent pending.
  8. 8. Dramagame Team Elina Arponen, MSc.(tech.) Timo Kämäräinen• CEO • CTO• 7 years experience • 10 years experience• Past: Technology Team • Past: Technical Manager Director @ Bugbear @ Digital ChocolateVille-Kalle Arponen, Heikki VehmasMSc.(tech.) • Technical Art Director• COO, Creative Director • 11 years experience• 7 years experience • Past: Senior Technical• Past: Lead Programmer Artist @ Bugbear @ BugbearJarkko Kainulainen, BA • Four non-founder• Art Manager employees• 8 years experience • Everyone with good• Past: Lead Level experience on game Designer @ Bugbear development
  9. 9. http://www.dramagame.com/bloghttp://www.facebook.com/dramagame http://www.twitter.com/dramagame