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Leveraging Mobile to Engage Customers


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Mobile has changed the marketing landscape forever. To help you skyrocket your mobile marketing strategy, we are bringing you our new how to guide “Leveraging Mobile to Engage Customers”. People have …

Mobile has changed the marketing landscape forever. To help you skyrocket your mobile marketing strategy, we are bringing you our new how to guide “Leveraging Mobile to Engage Customers”. People have become more and more reliant upon their mobile devices using them for communication, updates and new information. With such a captive audience, marketers should interact with their target audience on the go to remain top of mind.

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  • 1. How to guide February 2012Best Practices in email marketingleveraging moBile toengage customers Published by Mailigen Aspazijas bulvaris 30, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia Phone: (+1) 718 303 1864 Copyright© 2012 Mailigen Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of the contents of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of Mailigen Ltd.© Mailigen Ltd. all rights reserved 02/2012. Mailigen email Marketing Solutions
  • 2. Leveraging MobiLe to engage CustoMers 2Nearly everyone now has some type of mobile device, from smartphones to iPads, tablets, readers, and MP3 play-ers. People have become more and more reliant upon their mobile devices, and are constantly utilizing them forupdates, new information, and on the go interactions. With such a captive audience, companies around the worldare incorporating mobile efforts into their marketing mix. In order to avoid being left behind, it’s vital to integratemobile technology into your marketing plans.Mailigen has a few ideas for you about how to get started. tactic 1: oPtimized landing Pages tactic 2: location Based services Web sign up forms offer opt-in subscriptions for list build- applications are another way to engage with con- ing. you can use web sign up forms to create and custom- sumers on their mobile devices. There are many dif- ize forms for your website and include the form to capture ferent strategies when developing an application, visitor email addresses. Web forms also allow you to build and you must determine what works best for you. multiple lists from the same form so you can better target Depending on your company, one option could in- and segment your email campaigns. be sure to use double clude developing an application to direct visitors to opt-in and CaN-SPaM compliant web forms to build your the nearest brick and mortar store utilizing location lists. based services (LbS). This option will also allow you to view where people are in relation to your outlets. Warning: if your application utilizes a-GPS (assisted GPS), many carriers have to pay a fee for each location query. Therefore, if you utilize this type of system, car- tactic 3: text messaging riers may not actively promote your application. another option to consider in your mobile marketing campaign is utilizing text messaging to communicate with your audience. Clearly, with this line of communi- cation, the consumer must first opt-in to receiving this type of messaging, but once they do, you have a direct line to them anywhere, anytime. Many companies use text messaging to provide reminders to their clients, alert them to specials they may be interested in, or even for customer service. However, try to limit the number of messages you send; inundating consumers will turn them away from your efforts. NOTe: If you are going to utilize text messaging, be sure to always include an easy opt-out option in your com- munications. The more in control consumers feel they are, the more likely they are to continue allowing your messages to come through. additionally, this ensures that you will not unintentionally “spam” unwilling partici- pants with your promotions – negative word of mouth regarding your campaign can be detrimental.© Mailigen Ltd. all rights reserved 02/2012. Mailigen email Marketing solutions Phone: (+1) 718 303 1864
  • 3. Leveraging MobiLe to engage CustoMers 3 tactic 4: social networks tactic 5: list segmentation another form of gaining location information from your after your mobile application has been operating for audience is to utilize social networks. Sites such as Four- a while, it is important to review your data and create square, yelp, Twitter, Facebook, and Gowalla all provide segmented lists for your campaigns. any information check-in options to their members. utilizing this informa- you can gain on when/how/where people are utilizing tion to your advantage, provides the ability to create incen- your application can help you better your user experi- tives for check-ins, “mayors” and other engaging features. ence. additionally, if you can glean any personaliza- Check-ins can be shared within the customer’s network, tion based on the data obtained, you can create highly and therefore the viral aspect of this kind of promotion segmented lists to promote yourself and your prod- is hard to compete with. If someone within the network ucts more effectively. If you know a customer usu- sees their friend is going to your restaurant at least once a ally buys your product once a month in bulk, you may week, they may consider trying it. Providing incentives to want to send an email reminder and/or coupon when get people to check-in, like coupons, freebies, or a prize for they are due for the next order. the most habitual visitors will ensure people are motivated to share their location information with their peers. If your are going mobile it is vital to make the informa- tion and promotions you post easy for your subscribers to share. The viral aspect of mobile marketing is a large tactic 6: Quick resPonse (Qr) codes component to success and growth. Sharing on social net- Similar to scanning a barcode, Quick response (Qr) works, texting, and emailing information is an integral way codes are becoming a prominent mobile marketing to grow your audience. tactic. NOTe: Whichever way you decide to use social networks To utilize a Qr code, a consumer simply needs to scan and location based marketing, be sure you utilize them to the image with their mobile device, and then, based the fullest extent by keeping your lists clean. refrain from upon the information stored in the code, is shown including people on your email lists for local discounts if relevant information programmed by the creator. Qr they are no longer local. On the other hand, if someone codes can be programmed to display text, webpages, is in the area, perhaps you should send an email for a free email clients and more. Once again, if someone was appetizer if they come in for dinner that night. curious enough to scan your Qr code, then they’re interested in what you have to say. be sure that the information programmed to display with your code is beneficial to the visitor and relevant. For example, if you create a Qr code with the tag- line “Need Help?” make sure that upon scanning, the user’s email client opens with a message that has your customer service email address already filled in and a subject line that indicates they have a question about the product. To create your own Qr code, simply search “Qr Code Generator” in any search engine and multiple free services will appear. SubSCrIbe TO MaILIGeN NeWSLeTTer© Mailigen Ltd. all rights reserved 02/2012. Mailigen email Marketing solutions Phone: (+1) 718 303 1864
  • 4. Leveraging MobiLe to engage CustoMers 4 tactic 7: PusH notifications tactic 8: comPatiBility testing Once you have your mobile application up and running, If you want to be a successful mobile marketer, make push notifications are a great way to engage consumers on sure your emails are compatible and viewable on mo- your terms. upon the initial download, ask the consumer bile devices. Since most people check their mail on if they would like to receive push notifications from your the go, it’s important that they can view your material application (essentially an opt-in request). Once they have easily and with little headache. Text-only messages consented, you will then have the ability to send informa- may not be as pretty, but they may load easier on your tion to their mobile device whenever you chose. usually, recipients devices – make sure to have an option for servers send information to a mobile device only when a text only messages. To ensure a good user experience, query is made by the user, or at set time interval. However, make sure to include clear, succinct links that aren’t push notifications allow you to send the information at a crowded next to one another. For those that opt into time of your choosing. Since people are usually attached HTML versions, cautiously choose image sizes as large to their mobile devices, the lag time in receiving your mes- images can mean a long load time, and people will lose sage is generally minimal and will enable for a more ef- interest. Finally, be sure to test your email messages on fective delivery. If you have a coupon you would like to different smartphones. as with various email clients, send for a Sunday matinee, you don’t want to risk the user different mobile devices may display the formatting receiving it Sunday evening. Push notifications will allow of your emails differently. The general rules for email you to send it at a time of your choosing and ensure that marketing also apply to mobile email marketing – con- the recipient views it in a timely manner; for example, Sat- sider what shows “above the fold,” use a catchy subject urday at 2pm. line, have one clear call to action, and use interesting content. Push notifications can also be used in conjunction with your email marketing efforts. For instance, a push notifica- tion can be sent that says “New Summer Deal – Check your email for Details!” and when the subscriber opens their email client, your message is waiting for them. The lack of lag time from delivery to receipt is a key success factor in tactic 9: tHird Party aPPs this type of promotion, and ensures that your email cam- Other mobile options besides websites and applica- paign will be recognized in a timely manner. tions exist. If you’re not interested in creating an appli- cation for your product or service, consider leveraging with mobile applications that already exist to promote your brand. For example, discount group buying sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial offer coupons and local deals to their members. by creating an arrange- ment with one of these companies, you can utilize mobile couponing to your advantage without having to generate your own application. Then leverage the third party application to promote your brand. If you know the date your coupon will be posted on their site, send a blast to your email list letting them know of the deal. Converting subscribers from one medium to another simply means you will have a greater span of access to them.© Mailigen Ltd. all rights reserved 02/2012. Mailigen email Marketing solutions Phone: (+1) 718 303 1864
  • 5. Leveraging MobiLe to engage CustoMers 5 tactic 10: integrated marketing regardless of which mobile avenue your company chooses to pursue, it is integral to integrate your mobile marketing efforts with your traditional marketing. If your company is sending out a flyer, put a Qr code on the back that directs members to your mobile site or allows them to send email inquiries to your business. Incentivize consumers through various media outlets and provide for higher returns on your mobile efforts. For example, in your next print-ad, provide a keyword and number that a con- sumer can text to receive a coupon. Then, replicate the promotion in your email campaigns and on your Twitter and Facebook pages. additionally, integrating your segmented lists and mobile advertising strategy will deliver a highly targeted campaign. For instance, if an application exists for vegan recipes, perhaps you should consider advertising your vegan restaurant through the application. Summary Mobile marketing has changed the marketing landscape and mobile tactics should critical components to your integrated marketing efforts. Previously, messaging was viewed when the consumer had the time or found the ad. any mobile strategy, whether you are b2b or b2C, should enable people to interact with your brand and share that information with their peers on their terms. Doing so will allow your brand to remain top-of mind with consumers even when they are not focused upon immediate conversion or pur- chases. Since mobile devices are so prominent and highly incorporated into people’s daily lives, use them to deliver personalized, timely messages that create a highly engaged and loyal customer. Mailigen has the easy to use tools you need to generate action with powerful email messages and news- letters and robust analytics for measuring your rOI. If you want to learn more about Mailigen, take it for a test drive before choosing your email marketing solution, we offer a 30 day free trial!© Mailigen Ltd. all rights reserved 02/2012. Mailigen email Marketing solutions Phone: (+1) 718 303 1864
  • 6. Published by Mailigen Aspazijas bulvaris 30, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia Phone: (+1) 718 303 1864 Copyright© 2012 Mailigen Ltd. All rights reserved.No part of the contents of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of Mailigen Ltd.