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Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation


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The marketing automation world is booming, giving rise to new marketing automation tools.

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Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation

  1. 1. Whitepaper 2012Best Practices in Email MarketingEmail Marketing v.s.Marketing Automation© Mailigen, Inc. All rights reserved 2012. Mailigen Email Marketing Solutions
  2. 2. Email Marketing v.s. Marketing Automation 2 Email Marketing v.s. Marketing Automation The marketing automation world is booming, giving rise to Definitions new marketing automation tools. It feels like I get a new sales email every day from a start-up company offering me some Defined, marketing automation is a subset of customer relation- sort of new automation tool. All of them automate some form ship management (CRM) that focuses on the definition, sched- of the marketing process. To date, I don’t think any of them uling, segmentation and tracking of marketing campaigns. The really automate the entire online marketing process. The most use of marketing automation makes processes that would oth- recent capabilities I seem to be getting inundated with are: erwise have been performed manually much more efficient and makes new processes possible. • Email marketing • Marketing automation Email marketing defined is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using electronic mail. So while • Social media engagement they both have their resemblances, marketing automation goes • Social media monitoring a little deeper than email marketing. Most of the good email • Content curation marketing tools on the market, like Mailigen, have built market- • Content syndication ing automation into their product features. Email marketing au- tomation includes functionality like autoresponders. Other no- table features Mailigen uses to take email marketing one step further are mail-merge personalization, auto customer profile updates and segmentation. For someone who doesn’t work in this space every day, it can be hard to decipher between email marketing and marketing automation capabilities and tools. Often, the sales email I re- ceive doesn’t even really tell me what their tool does. Some, Distinguishers even after I click through to their site, don’t really tell me why I need their product. So, it’s easy to see how business owners When it comes to differentiating the two, there and marketers can be confused by what they need, when they are a few major distinguishers - need it and which tools to use to automate their marketing. • Process • Awareness Email marketing and marketing automation are two relatively • Integration similar systems that tend to cause confusion as to what their Email marketing and marketing automation have the same functionalities really are. Many companies have difficulty de- goal: staying in contact with possible customers with hopes of in ciding which system would be best for their business because time, converting them into paying customers. However, the two they seem so alike. One reason in particular is that both email different systems also have two different processes in reaching marketing and marketing automation use email as the prima- this goal. Marketing automation attempts to convert prospects ry vehicle to communicate with potential consumers. Essen- through targeted efforts, such as sending more relevant email tially, marketing automation is often an email marketing tool messages. Email marketing, on the other hand, sends out the with some type of CRM. Even though they have many similari- same or a similar message to all prospects, such as an email ties there are important factors that differentiate them. newsletter. Essentially, marketing automation tailors each email so that it is a little more personal, thus making it more engaging and encouraging the prospects to continue reading—ultimately converting them into consumers. That means it is critical you procure an email marketing tool that provides marketing auto- mation functionality like segmentation and autoresponders.© Mailigen, Inc. All rights reserved 2012. Mailigen Email Marketing Solutions Phone: (+1) 718 303 1864
  3. 3. Email Marketing v.s. Marketing Automation 3 Awareness is a major distinguisher be- Furthermore, there is no right or wrong in each system. When companies decide which capability is a better fit for them, they tween the two. Awareness refers to the system’s ability base that off of the type of business and campaigns they will to detect if and when a prospect clicked a link in an email, be running. If, for example, the business cycle is less than one whether or not they went to a specific page on your website week, it involves a simple selling process, and the company is and whether or not they filled out a contact form. The tool is looking to send offers based on shopping cart abandonment, “aware” of these actions which can help you analyze wheth- they would most likely lean toward email marketing because it is er or not a certain email campaign is successful. Basic email less complex and they wouldn’t need all the tools and functions marketing, on the other hand, does not have the capabilities marketing automation has to offer. On the other hand, if a com- of performing such tasks to the extent marketing automa- pany has a selling process of longer than one week, they need tion does. You must have a more advanced email market- to qualify leads beforehand, and they want reports that show ing tool to perform some of these tasks. Mailigen, however, the effectiveness of each campaign, then marketing automation can offer that advanced email marketing tool. Like market- would be right for them. ing automation, the Mailigen email marketing tool is capable of real time reporting—determining the number of emails opened, which prospects clicked links, as well as the number of emails that were received. Not only that, but Mailigen can also report the click through rate percentage, open and click tracking, and detailed click through and links clicked (unique Our Mailigen experts are always vs. total). Mailigen is building unique and beneficial capabili- ties than most email marketing tools available today. available to answer any questions you may have. I ntegra t i on can sometimes be the If you want to find out more about email mar- deciding factor for businesses on whether or not they want to use an email marketing system or marketing automation. keting or marketing automation and what This is largely in part because marketing automation systems process would be best for your business, please integrate closely with sales force automation (SFA) and other contact our team at Mailigen and we will help CRM tools. Mailigen can integrate with these CRM systems you! through the API to make marketing automation even more efficient. This makes it easier to personalize different cam- paigns and gather insights as to how the prospects engaged with each campaign. It is important to keep in mind that Mailigen recognizes this advantage and therefore offers simi- lar features that can be equally valuable; such as personaliza- tion and customization, social media integration, link track- ing, advanced search options, and many more. Marketing automation can also be quite an investment for companies. Seeing that it is very complex, not only does it come with a much higher cost, but it also can be more difficult to imple- ment and creates a higher learning curve.© Mailigen, Inc. All rights reserved 2012. Mailigen Email Marketing Solutions Phone: (+1) 718 303 1864
  4. 4. About usMailigen is quickly becoming a leading provider of web-based email marketing soft-ware for any size business, organization or individual. Our product philosophy is simple, Are you just learning or maybe lookingmake it flexible, easy to use and cost effective. As part of the iMedia family, Mailigen has for ways to improve your email marketinga dedicated product development team with an eye for building client driven software skills?services with industry leading functionality. We have created this document with best industry practices and helpful tipsTo find out more about Mailigen solutions, please visit to be sure your are on the top of email marketing performance.Published by Mailigen Download our Guides, Whitepapers,Copyright© 2012 Mailigen Ltd. All rights reserved. Datasheets, Smart-Tools and much more to take full control of your email marketingNo part of the contents of this publication may be reproduced in any form without campaigns.the written permission of Mailigen Ltd. Subscribe to mailigen newsletter Follow on Follow on Follow on Subscribe our Twitter Facebook Linkedin RSS feed© Mailigen, Inc. All rights reserved 2012. Mailigen Email Marketing Solutions