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Presentation was a part of INSIGHT Series webinar hosted monthly by Rapidflow Apps. This webinar was mainly to provide information to new customers on the capabilities of Oracle PIM Data Hub and the existing customers some of the new features in release R12 and the upgrade options

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Oracle product mdm pim data hub

  1. 1. Welcome to INSIGHT series webinar Welcome to online seminar on onOracle Master Data Management Solution PIM Data Hub Presented by: Mahender Bist January 20, 2011
  2. 2. Agenda PIM Data Hub Overview Implementation Options (EBS and Non-EBS) R12 Features 11.5.10 Upgrade Options for PLM Customers System Demo About Rapidflow
  3. 3. PIM Data Hub Overview Enterprise Product Master Data Item Catalogs and Attributes Documents and Attachments Bills of Materials / Routing Management Supplier and Supplier Sites Governance and Compliance Security Enterprise Processes New Item/Service Creation Deduplication -Item Import Workbench Concept to Design Issue to Change Management Excel based Mass-maintenance Workflow-based Processes Application Integrations GDSN Synchronization Integration repository Excel and BI publisher templates PIM-Siebel Integration (AIA 2.3)
  4. 4. Who needs PIM Data Hub? Single accurate 360 degree Secured view of the enterprise product record Product information consolidation and cleansing. Synchronize product data from and to multiple systems Processes Improvement: New Part Introduction, Issues and Change Control processes Manage Data Quality, Governance and Compliance Manage Product Governance and Compliance: Government and industry regulations such as RoHS, WEEE, VEOL) Growth via acquisitions: Need well designed expandable architecture
  5. 5. PIMDH Implementation Options EBS and Non EBS Customers
  6. 6. PIM Data Hub – EBS Integration• Integration with EBS Operational Systems• Product Sync OOTB With AIA: PIM to Siebel and BRM• Integration with Siebel Oracle EBS Ecommerce Oracle Product Data Quality• Web Services Application Integration Architecture• Business Event Product Share GDSN Catalog Consolidate Legacy Legacy System Oracle Share System PIM Data Vendor System Librarian Contract Cleanse Manufacturer Other Product Share Distributor Database Application Integration Architecture Vendor Systems & Legacy Systems Planning DW/BI Hyperion Analytical Systems
  7. 7. PIM Data Hub – Non EBS Architecture Operational Systems• Build SOA Integration with Other ERP/Legacy SAP/Legacy• Enhanced Web Services SalesForce ERP Ecommerce and APIs• Business Event Service Oriented Architecture Product Share GDSN Catalog Consolidate Legacy Oracle Legacy Share System Product System Vendor Hub (PIM DL Contract System Cleanse +PIMDH) Manufacturer Other Product Distributor Database Share Service Oriented Architecture Vendor Systems & Legacy Systems Planning DW/BI Hyperion Analytical Systems
  8. 8. R12 Features &Upgrade Options for 11510 Customers
  9. 9. R12 Features Item Import Workbench (New) Inbound Product Data Synchronization (Duplicate data check/resolution) New Item Request NIR can be submitted after Part Creation Multiple Item to one NIR Workflow Operational Attribute Update via NIR Mass Update: Mass Update for Items Enhanced Display Formats to Support Multi-row Attribute Groups WebADI/Excel based Enhancements Item Creation SKU/Style Item Creation Pack Creation
  10. 10. R12 Features Change Management Operational Attribute Group Update Export Change Management Reports Change Management Workflow Enhancement Change Line Enhancement Change Number Generation via User Functions Change Order Status Selection for Auto-Propagation Change Order Policies for Structure Changes Add Revised Items to a Change Order based on Where-Used Change Order Creation from Change Orders / Change Requests Common BOM Common BOM Attributes Product Workbench Exclusion Rules for Components Item Management in Product Workbench
  11. 11. R12 Features Supplier Site and Attributes: Item Business Events Business Event: Item Business Events Change Management Business Events and Subscriptions Web Services Change Management for Item / Item Revision Attachments using WebServices GDSN 1SYNC (formerly UCCNet) / WMS - Pack Item / SKU Item Usability Enhancements Change Orders for GDSN Attributes Product Data Quality (Silver Creek Systems) Integrated offering of PDQ with 12.1.2
  12. 12. R12 Upgrade Options for 11510 PLM Customers Oracle Product Lifecycle Management (NOT Agile PLM) R12 is the last version of Oracle PLM (it is not being developed after that). Customers are encouraged to either migrate to Agile PLM or Oracle PIM. Oracle PLM Migration Path – Agile PLM MDM Solution Migration Path – PIM Data Hub Key Feature Differences between PLM and PIM Feature PIM DL+PIMDH Oracle PLM Idea and Issue Management No Yes Integration to Oracle Projects No Yes Document Management and No Yes Collaboration (DOM) Import Workbench Yes No Pack Hierarchy Yes No (Yes with PDS for GDSN) Product Workbench (PWB) Yes Yes
  13. 13. System Demo
  14. 14. Demo Overview Item Workbench Item Workbench Walkthrough Advanced Search, Compare, Export to Excel and Import Updates New Item Creation New Item Request Retail Item Creation (Styles) Pack Hierarchy Change Management using Product Workbench Exclusion Rules for Components Item Management in Product Workbench Change Management Import Workbench Item Deduplication Process
  15. 15. Case Study : Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Industry: Client’s principal activities are to design, develop, manufacture and market High-Tech high performance, mixed-signal, programmable solutions. Annual Revenue: Challenges @USD 1B Phase out implementation of Oracle Manufacturing and Distribution Centralize Product Repository as a first phase Product Data spread across 6 legacy systems with severe data Customer Comments: discrepancies “Product Data in our New part creation taking 2 weeks for approvals and synchronization manufacturing systems Product numbering and description inconsistent drives the way company Attribute level data security requirement with ECN control forecasts, plans and builds Change Management control based on the product phase products and purchases parts. Solutions Deployed Oracle PIM to centralize product data, NPI and change processes PLM is required as first The workflow-driven NPI reduced part creation from 10-12 days to < 1Day. step in order to gain Standardization of product numbers and description complete control over core Integrated Oracle PLM with 6 legacy systems during phased Oracle part and bill of material transition. data.” 58 interfaces to enable synchronization of product and attribute data. Deployed Workflow driven Engineering Change Control (ECO) process Maintained SOX Compliance using granular attribute group level data security Copyright © 2010, Rapidflow Apps Inc. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Q&A About the Presenter This webinar is presented by Mahender Bist from Rapidflow Apps Inc. Mahender Bist has over 20 years of industry experience in Operations Management and Information Technology consulting. He is a strong advocate of Master Data Management and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has been part of many complex and challenging assignments. About the Company Rapidflow Apps was founded with the sole objective of providing high quality, innovative and practical solutions to the real world business problems of our clients in the areas of Supply Chain Planning, Product Lifecycle Management, Master Data Management and Business Intelligence. Visit our website for more details- If you have any feedback, please write to us at For services, please contact us at 18
  17. 17. Upcoming Events Future INSIGHT Series webinars: February 17, 2011: Demantra Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) March 10, 2011: Master Data Management - Oracle Supplier Hub March 31, 2011: Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center (APCC) April 21, 2011: Oracle Service Parts Planning May 12, 2011: Oracle Rapid Planning June 09, 2011: Oracle Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) SCAL OAUG in Los Angeles on March 25, 2011 National OAUG in Orlando, Florida between April 11 thru April 14, 2011 National OAUG in Orlando, Florida between April 11 thru April 14, 2011 19
  18. 18. Disclaimer The information contained in this presentation is for information purpose only and is based on the Rapidflow Apps Inc experience and publicly available material from Oracle Corporation on the subject. The presenter is not responsible for the claims made about the product benefits by the product vendor.