Auto Responders 101 - Advanced Capture Pages - Part 1


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Learn how to create advanced capture pages with this presentation.

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Auto Responders 101 - Advanced Capture Pages - Part 1

  1. 1. Need an Auto Responder? Click the image below to get the best one:
  2. 2. Click Here To Access Easy Landing Page Pro
  3. 3. Click “CREATE NEW” Enter your Domain and FTP Settings
  4. 4. Select an optin form style that you like
  5. 5. Once you select an optin form it will preview on the right side Page Preview Area
  6. 6. You can upload custom logo here if you like
  7. 7. Select or upload a Background and click the “Preview” button
  8. 8. Enter your headline and subheadline
  9. 9. Click “Preview” to see the headline
  10. 10. Enter the text for your button, and click “Preview”
  11. 11. Go back to GetResponse to get your web form code Click on “Web Forms” and then “Web Forms List”
  12. 12. Find your web form and click “view source”
  13. 13. Click “I will install my web form” Select all this text and copy it Click to turn “Include CSS styles” OFF
  14. 14. Select the “Optin Code & Settings” section, paste you web code from GetResponse and click on “Preview”
  15. 15. Click on “Thank You Pages” and select a thank you page that you like and enter your “Redirect URL”
  16. 16. Click “Name & Save”, enter a unique name for your landling page and click “Save”
  17. 17. When you have finished you will be directed to “MY PAGES”
  18. 18. When you have finished you will be directed to “MY PAGES” Make sure you copy the thank you page URL as we are going to use it in the next slide
  19. 19. Go back to GetResponse and click on “Settings” Then, paste the thank you page URL in the “Custom Thank-you page link.
  20. 20. Copy your capture page URL and paste it in your browser Once your page loads in your browser, enter an email to test and make sure that it works
  21. 21. After entering your email and clicking the button you should see your thank you page and after a few seconds you will be taken to your destination
  22. 22. That’s it for today!
  23. 23. Stay Connected Visit us at: