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Enc 1102 531

  1. 1. + Thursday, 5/31
  2. 2. + Why should I write one?  To learn about your topic  Learn “what’s been said”  Develop your own point of view  Tosee what the issues are, what people are arguing about
  3. 3. + Format: Introduction  Yourbib needs to have a brief (approx. 1 paragraph) introduction that includes:  Purpose of the bib  Ties your sources together  Describeshow your bib will further help you analyze your major/community
  4. 4. Write+Sample Introduction:After exploring genres common to the field of psychology through apreliminary genre analysis, I continued analyzing the language andgenres of my field by tracing an argument relevant topsychologists. I gathered articles relating to the connectionbetween toddles language training and adolescent learning. I foundacademic articles relating to this topic, and traced the argumentsand patterns common to these articles. Through my research, Ihave found sources claiming that toddler language training iscrucial to adolescent proficiency (Smith; Jones; Meri) and otherswho claim that toddler language training can have a limited impacton adult learners (Wayne; Emig; Rice). These sources have helpedme to identify the various aspects of this issue in relation to thefield of psychology. In addition, these articles have helped mecontinue exploring the genre conventions that I will need to learnas I enter a new community through my major.
  5. 5. + Format  Intro  Citation  Precis  Tie to your topic and sources  Citation  Precis  Tie to your topic and sources
  6. 6. + Don’t forget Snooki! Snooki asserts that becoming a Snooki requires a tan, pink lipstick, a poof, and animal prints. Snooki supports this assertion by transforming a young girl into a Snooki by doing her makeup and hair, and giving her an animal print scarf. Her purpose was to show that becoming a Snooki requires a hair and makeup transformation in order to have the perfect Snooki look. Her intended audience is young girls who look up to Snooki, and she targets this audience by using a young girl in her example.
  7. 7. + General Formatting  List each entry in alphabetical order  Do not number your entries  Double space your bibliography  Do not add extra spaces between entries  Use hanging indent after the first line of citation  Shoot for 10 annotations
  8. 8. + Peer Review Read through the entire bib once. For each entry, mark on the page:----Is the citation formatted properly? What issues did you notice?---Do the precis paragraphs make sense? Mark anything that is unclear.---Under each citation, is there a description of how the source cited relates to at least one other source? Are these connections specific and clear? What could be clarified?---Make specific suggestions for improvement in these areas: Go through each of the quotes included in the citations. Then, verify and make comments:----Are each of the quotes introduced? Mark any quotes that are at the beginning of sentences with no introduction.----Are each of the quotes explained? Mark any quotes that could use further elaboration.----Is there at least one direct quote from each article? Mark any citation that does not include a quote. ----Make additional comments about the clarity of the citations. Circle or mark any areas that are hard to understand
  9. 9. + Once you get your bib back, write  How useful is the feedback that you received, on a scale of 1- 10? Why would you give it this rating?