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Enc1102 fall2012o ct30


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Enc1102 fall2012o ct30

  1. 1. Final Projects Tuesday, Oct.30
  2. 2. Genre Conventions? Wedding Proposals? proposal-viral-16439091
  3. 3. Journal Think about all that you have learned about the genre conventions of your field. Take a few minutes to make a list of the genre features that are common in your major. Think about things like evidence, arguments, structure of research, etc. List as many features as you can. Winner gets 1 point on inquiry paper!
  4. 4. Structure of your final project Preliminary Genre Analysis (including introduction) Intro to annotated bib Line of Inquiry paper Paragraph describing your “gap” Final Project discussion. If you were to fill your “gap,” what would you do? Works Cited page (copy and paste the citations from your annotated bib)
  5. 5. WTF is a “Gap?”
  6. 6. Guidelines Last section of inquiry paper New heading: “The Gap,” “The Missing Piece,” “A New Perspective” Other possible headings: “Structure,” “Research Methods,” “Data Collection,” “Presenting Evidence” Think about what sections make sense for your own paper
  7. 7. Write Use evidence from your sources.  Example: If I were to continue exploring _____, I would begin by looking for more research on _____. As I learned by reading ___ and ____, this issue is important because ____. My gap is significant because ______.
  8. 8. To do: Find additional articles using the databases If you can’t find additional articles, then you have an actual gap. How could you design a study to fill it? For Thursday, bring a plan. Either a list of articles to answer your gap, or a plan for how you would design a study or a project to answer your new research question.
  9. 9. Final ProjectIf you were to continue exploring the gap in your research, based on thearticles you’ve read in your field, what type of research would you need toinclude? Would you need human participants? Textual analysis? Whatwould be the best method for gathering this data?How would you need to organize and present your research? Useevidence from the genres you’ve analyzed. How much evidence would youneed to support your claims? How would you present this evidence?Who would you cite in your own article? As we’ve discussed in class, oftentimes researchers start their articles by providing an overview of thecurrent conversation. Who would you include in this overview, and why?How would you structure your own article in this field? What sectionswould you have? How would you organize them? Why would thisorganization be useful to you and your readers?
  10. 10. Guidelines