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Transmedia storytelling   caitlin burns

Transmedia storytelling caitlin burns






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    Transmedia storytelling   caitlin burns Transmedia storytelling caitlin burns Presentation Transcript

    • @Caitlin_BurnsCaitlin Burns
    • Transmedia StorytellingA process where elements of astory are systematically toldacross multiple delivery channelsfor the creation of a larger,coordinated experience.
    •     Movie Book Game Typical Media Franchise Whole is less than the sum of its parts: dissatisfying conclusion to consuming all media Movie Book Game Transmedia Whole is more satisfying than the sum of the parts: euphoria in collecting and connecting the pieces
    • @Caitlin_BurnsCaitlin Burns
    • Results Books Videogames Web Portals Toys
    • The Problem: • Most successful commercial in thehistory of the brand? What next?
    • Deep Dive into the Development of the Story World
    • Solution: Transmedia Rollout Strategy • Driving Platform: Short Animation • Supporting Platforms: Lots of them. • Localization: 5 Continents • Long-Term Planning
    • McDonald’s Happy Meal Transmedia! Rollout Milestone 4 ImplementationChannelsExterior Cartoon Network Mini-Series Licensing, Apparel, Milestone 10 Target Stores Party Goods, Box Set Special Graphic Automotive DVD Release Novels Milestone 3 Milestone 6Milestone 7Milestone 8 ilestone 9 M 2002 2003 ! 2004 2005 2006 Cartoon Network Cartoon Cartoon Cartoon 1st Network 2nd Network 3rd Network 4th Video game Animated Animated Animated Animated from THQ Feature Feature Feature Feature Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Milestone 5 Limited Edition Cars Launch of 5 Rollout Rollout & Action FiguresChannels J-Pack, Computer Acceleracers Interior Mini-comics and Animated Toy Line & first video Feature Animated (DVD & TV) Video Packs TV Commercials Comics Rollout Web portal Begin Continues- 30 refreshed and issues downloadable Online Web Animated content Hot Wheels Portal Opens Museum Tie-in
    • Results: • Now Hiring, Brower Game on 4 Continents
    • Results: Monthly Magazine Advertorials & Inserts
    • Results: • Comics in Teen Magazines
    • Results: • Combined with Outdoor, Street Events,Mobile, Web and Point of Purchase
    • Results: • Culminates with 4-Minute Animation
    • Happiness FactoryTransmedia ImplementationResults*•  Becoming a global franchise with multiple outlets•  4-minute animation becomes event TV in dozens of nations•  Coke’s global volume sales rise 4% during this period•  Coca-Cola shares up from $42 to $60 during this period *Results confirmed by Coca-Cola VP Global Advertising Jonathan Mildenhall
    • Criteria For Successful Transmedia Franchises
    • Deep, rich worldwith Past, Present & Future
    • Compelling Storylines &Story Arc Development
    • Convincing Presentation that takes the World and Viewer Seriously
    • Internal Logic & Consistency
    • Timeless Themes that areSimple but Artfully Presented
    • Cultivation, Validation &Celebration of Fan Base
    • Extensions that MaintainQuality & Brand Integrity
    • Interwoven Storylines &Continuity Across Platforms & Product Lines
    • Careful MarketSegmentation
    • Attention to Quality,Detail & Coordination
    • Details Matter
    • Creative Visionary & I.P. Stewards
    • Good StoriesTranscend National Boundaries
    • Localization and Customization
    • No Story is an Island
    • Every creator must reach out to find like minded experts to help them realize their dreams
    • Multiplatform Business Models You are greater than the sum of your parts.
    • Increasing Collaboration & Coproduction
    • Be sure who you are working with. Be sure what your role is.Be realistic about what you can accomplish. Be Clear
    • National Governments and Global Foundations are using this technique as a modelfor economic development.
    • It is not enough that you simply speak to your audience, you must inspire them.
    • @Caitlin_Burns