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E-Business assignment-FIC

  2. 2. <ul><li>I’m here to compare two e-business websites, airline Websites those </li></ul><ul><li>are famously known internationally. </li></ul><ul><li>One is Malaysia based company website : </li></ul><ul><li>AIRASIA COMPANY ( www.airasia.com.my ) </li></ul><ul><li>Other is from United States based company website: </li></ul><ul><li>EXPEDIA ( www.expedia.com ) </li></ul><ul><li>THE PURPOSE OF THESE BOTH SITES ARE SAME, AS PROVIDING THE </li></ul><ul><li>DETAILS AND INFORMATION ABOUT FLIGHTS AVAILABLE FROM CERTAIN FLIGHT COMPANIES AND PROCESS THE PROCEDURES OF BOOKING FLIGHT TICKETS FOR CONSUMERS. BESIDES THAT, THE COMPANIES HAD PROVIDE THE SERVICES OF TRAVEL, CORPORATE, CAR RENTAL,HOTEL ROOM FOR THE CUSTOMERS. </li></ul>
  3. 3. CONTACT INFORMATION OF BOTH COMPANIES LCC Terminal, Jalan KLIA S3, Southern Support Zone Kuala Lumpur International Airport 64000 Sepang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. +603 2171 9333 (Booking) +603 2171 9222 (Inquiry) Operating Hours : 8am – 9pm (GMT+8) Day : Daily ( AIRASIA COMPANY ) Expedia Headquarters: Expedia, Inc. 333 108th Avenue NE Bellevue, WA 98004 Please call the company for these requests at 1-800-EXPEDIA (1-800-397-3342) or 1-404-728-8787. ( EXPEDIA COMPANY )
  4. 6. WEBSITE CONTENT - READABILITY AIR ASIA.COM The wordings are easy to read, every part is given separated column with different background colors made the content of website to be read by consumers easily. Suitable text fill and outline for the words are given for easy readability. EXPEDIA.COM The words are hard to read compared to AirAsia.com, it’s due to the font that used by this site. Moreover, the color of words that used is light blue in the background color of white, hence the words are difficult to viewed by users.
  5. 7. USEFUL INFORMATION AT THE WEBSITES AIR ASIA.COM There are many relevant issues about bookings, flight info, products & shopping, travel services, corporate services and further help to benefit consumers. The part of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that found in the section of Pick A Seat will benefit users in many ways.
  6. 8. USEFUL INFORMATION(CONTINUED) EXPEDIA.COM There are a number of relevant issues considered as very important to consumers compared to AirAsia.com. Journey by sea (cruises) available also at this site as one of a choice by customers. Users may be find this site as very user-friendly due to the collection of amenities available. This site is considered as a pool of important information for consumers. They may choose different options before planning their trip to certain places to make their trips comfortable such as (flight + hotel or flight + car or flight + hotel + car or hotel + car).
  7. 13. ASK FOR AN ITINERARY AIR ASIA.COM This site only operates the flights mainly in the domestic level, and minor part as internationally. The best deals are opened to visit two countries only like India and Indonesia for now. Hence, consumers do not have many choices to visit many countries from the best deals of offer provided by this site. Moreover, the best deals and offers will be starting from this year of 2010 for other Asian countries. Next, this site supports Air Asia Company only, but this company offers cheap and low fares to destinations compared to other companies. Furthermore, I didn’t ask for an itinerary because the details that I want about flights, i can get the information from FAQ section. There are a list of featured questions in the section of FAQ section.
  8. 15. ASK FOR AN ITINERARY EXPEDIA.COM This site operates the flights both equally, domestic and internationally. There are many best deals and offers offered to visit internationally not throughout Asia only like Air Asia. Hence, the consumers have many options to choose between countries to visit. Customers may explore by destination to choose the places to visit especially on vacations by world map that provided by this site. Next, this site supports a lot of flight companies not as Air Asia company. Moreover, this site offers cheap and low fares as seasonal to European countries to meet the demand of consumers.
  9. 18. HELP FEATURES AIR ASIA.COM This site provides detailed information about Air Asia’s terms & conditions of carriage. Moreover, there are no detailed information about hotels and car rentals compared to Expedia.com. EXPEDIA.COM This site provide more useful and detailed information about hotels and rental cars in the country of visit compared to Air Asia company. There is a program called FREE REWARDS PROGRAM to encourage consumers to earn points and get low-fares flights to certain places.
  10. 22. DESIGN OF WEBSITES AIR ASIA.COM This site had an attractive background with red color. The color is very suitable for the site, hence it sounds attractive. Other background features suit better for the site well. EXPEDIA.COM This site is less attractive compared to Air Asia.com due to its background color. Light and sky blue color had selected as its background color is white, it’s not sounds attractive.
  11. 23. NAVIGATION AIR ASIA.COM Clear orientation compared to Expedia.com. EXPEDIA.COM Some pages from this site are disorienting.
  12. 24. IDEAS TO IMPROVE THE DESIGN AIR ASIA.COM The theme color of this site is major is red, hence the color may be changed for the best attraction. Moreover, boxes of the links at this site are red in color also, so I suggest the color of red may be changed to another color to get better responses from users in future compared to past.
  13. 25. IDEAS TO IMPROVE THE DESIGN EXPEDIA.COM This site recommends better improvement in terms of design compared to Air Asia.com. The colors that used at this site major in bright colors like light blue (sky blue), light green give less attractiveness for the site. Furthermore, the shape fill was in white in color in the background of light blue color need to be changed to another color like dark color to get a best view from users of this site. The background color should be chosen as a match color for the bright colors to get an attractiveness.
  14. 27. THE END