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  1. 1. Awesome Penny Stocks Newsletter The Definitive Resource
  2. 2. Why Awesome Penny?•Penny Stock World is filled with Newsletterscompensated by companies to bring “awareness” to theirstock.•These companies can pay anywhere from $1000 dollarsto upwards of $3,000,000 to increase the volume andpricing of their stock.•These awareness programs are typically classified as“Pump and Dumps” because the prices tend to rise rapidlyand then drop rapidly.•In the last two years, Awesome Penny Stocks hasestablished itself as the top newsletter, generatinghundreds of millions of dollars in volume and generatingrealistic potential for gains of over 500% on average, intheir last several “Pumps”.
  3. 3. Sister WebsitesThe following websites are Awesome Penny Stocks “Sister Sites”and will duplicate Awesome Penny’s alerts under their name. • • • • • • •
  4. 4. Past Pumps and Performance The next several slides will outline Awesome Penny’s track record ofpast pumps, newest to oldest, along with important notes and charts to coincide.
  5. 5. SNPK SNPK was APS highest PPS to date!SNPK was an incredibly long and profitable pump, with some wildmoments mixed in. Some of the more interesting things aboutSNPK were the following:•The pick was first alerted the previous day by an affiliatednewsletter, Pennypic. Most were unsure of whether APS wouldfollow it up, which they did the next morning before market open.•The company being promoted put out a PR saying FINRA wasinvestigating them and also stating that they never hired norendorse a promotion of their stock. This happened just prior to the100% gains the early entries would have had. (See next slide)•The company was a real company, who produced a multivitamin“Clotamin” and had real news with celebrityendorsements, national commercials and Pro Sports Teamendorsements•The stock, after hitting a dollar had another nasty shake, thenproceeded to have 11 days of green in a row and hit $2.40 cents!
  6. 6. SNPK FINRA PRESS RELEASESunpeaks Ventures Addresses Stock Volume and Price Activity SILVER SPRING, Md., March16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –_Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc._ (OTCBB: [2]SNPK.OB – [3]News) announcesthat it has initiated a review, through special outside counsel, in connection with the high volume oftrading and price rise in its common shares on the OTC Bulletin Board.The trading did not involve any shares held by current Sunpeaksofficers, directors, insiders oremployees, as Mr. Barch is the only insider who is a shareholder. All of Mr. Barch`s shares arerestricted from trading under applicable federal securities laws. Preliminary indications are that therecent trading activity was conducted by persons unknown to current management.Sunpeaks welcomes that FINRA has commenced promptly an inquiry into the trading, and theCompany and Mr. Barch are cooperating fully with the inquiry. FINRA is the largest independentregulator for all securities firms doing business in the United States, overseeing brokerage firmsbranch offices and registered securities representatives. Sunpeaks and Mr. Barch stand fully behindthe accuracy and content of all press releases issued by the Company since February 29, 2012.Sunpeaks also has become aware that internet newsletters have been making unsupportableclaims, inappropriate comparisons and unjustifiable common stock performance projections aboutthe Company. The Company has not, does not and will not communicate with publishers of internetnewsletters about OTC Bulletin Board stocks. Moreover, neither the Company nor anyoneassociated with the Company has paid anyone to promote its securities.Sunpeaks refers all potential investors to a warning issued by the US Securities and ExchangeCommission about potentially misleading conduct in the promotion of stocks via the internet.Consistent with the SEC`s investor notice, Sunpeaks cautions potential investors who are interestedin information about the Company to consider only information issued directly by the Company infilings with the SEC and press releases published by the Company.The Company expressly disclaims any obligation in the future to address in public announcementsor otherwise unusual patterns of trading in its common stock or unusual prices or price swingsthereof.
  7. 7. SNPK•Alert Date: 3/8/12 (Thursday) by Pennypic 3/9/12 by APS (Friday)•Alert Time: 2:48PM•Number of Promotional Emails: Daily for 2 Months•Comments: Finra Shake, 11 days of green, Real product.
  8. 8. AWSR* AWSR was a RETRACTED APS Pick!On February 23, 2012 Awesome Penny and its Sister Sites sentout theirnewsletters. The newsletter, shown below, was to inform theirmembersof a new pick slated for March 1st, as well as re-enforce their lastpickwhich they were winding down.The controversy came about when the ticker, AWSR, appeared inseveral of the newsletters instead of NSRS, apparently releasingthe ticker prior to the March 1st release date. A copy of bothnewsletters can be found on the following slide.
  9. 9. Same newsletter, different ticker. Traders jumped all over AWSR and the stockquickly rose over 400%, hitting a high of $1.75 in less than 3 hours. The followiday Awesome Penny issued a retraction of the ticker, claiming it was an editorserror and the stock dropped to under .60 cents. Speculation players are still plathis stock in hopes it will still be their next alert.
  10. 10. AWSR•Alert Date: 2/23/12 (Thursday)•Alert Time: 2:50PM•Number of Promotional Emails: 1•Comments: Not a verified pick as of 3/3/12 (APS Claimed editors mistake)
  11. 11. NSRS•Alert Date:12/27/2011 (Tuesday)•Alert Time: 2:20PM•Number of Promotional Emails: 80•Comments: Huge promo for APS. They actually put out videos claiming tobe NSRS’s dig site. They also teamed up with another popularnewsletter, “Pennypic” for the first time to run the same ticker.
  12. 12. AMWI•Alert Date: 11/17/2011 (Thursday)•Alert Time: 10:34AM•Number of Promotional Emails: 34•Comments: Run ended early because of a negative article which came outand panic selling ensued. (Article to follow)
  13. 13. The following is the negative article that caused the end of the run for AMWI
  14. 14. MILV•Alert Date: 10/29/2011 (Saturday)•Alert Time: 6:35PM•Number of Promotional Emails: 22•Comments: One of their lower priced picks. Also, by looking at the chart, ithad some price action prior to the promo.
  15. 15. POTG•Alert Date: 6/15/2011 (Wednesday)•Alert Time: 5:17PM•Number of Promotional Emails: 4•Comments: Slow drop off after a nice slow climb. Perfect P&D. This iswhere APS really started to hit their stride.
  16. 16. WRIT•Alert Date: 5/11/2011 (Wednesday)•Alert Time: 9:36AM•Number of Promotional Emails: 12•Comments: We believe this was a third party promotion. The email subjectwas “According to Smallcap Fortunes”
  17. 17. CEYY•Alert Date: 4/18/2011 (Monday)•Alert Time: 10:06PM•Number of Promotional Emails: 12•Comments: None
  18. 18. ALZM•Alert Date: 3/30/2011 (Wednesday)•Alert Time: 2:12PM•Number of Promotional Emails: 11•Comments: Another Third Party Pump
  19. 19. CXLT•Alert Date: 3/1/2011(Tuesday)•Alert Time: 8:49PM•Number of Promotional Emails: 18•PPS Prior to Alert: $.21•PPS At Open: $.28•PPS High: $.87•Comments: Traded briefly prior to Alert
  20. 20. EARH•Alert Date: 2/3/2011 (Thursday)•Alert Time: 2:54PM•Number of Promotional Emails: 8•Comments:
  21. 21. CPOW•Alert Date: 12/16/2010 (Thursday)•Alert Time: 6:56PM•Number of Promotional Emails: 16•Comments: Trading activity prior to APS pump.
  22. 22. GRYO•Alert Date: 11/24/2010 (Wednesday)•Alert Time: 10:51AM•Number of Promotional Emails: 9•Comments: None
  23. 23. CPMCF•Alert Date: 10/21/2010 (Thursday)•Alert Time: 9:24AM•Number of Promotional Emails: 17•Comments: Massive returns on this one.
  24. 24. CRPZ•Alert Date: 10/14/2010 (Thursday)•Alert Time: 12:10PM•Number of Promotional Emails: 3•Comments: Obvious Pump Prior to APS
  25. 25. Thanks for viewing Thanks so much to BLUEWAFFLE on IHUB for all the historical data!If you find anything in this Power Point to be inaccurate or have new information Please email KENSWIFT at OPMGISGOINGUP@GMAIL.COM Most Importantly MAKE MONEY!