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Case Study_ Comestics in Nigeria-Marketing Segments.doc

  1. 1. Marketing segments in Nigeria have to be specifically defined. With so many portions of thepopulation on the generous side of saying won’t be “innovators” in your product category that has suchstrong cultural feelings such as this.The total population of Nigeria is 128,771,988 Africans representing over 250 ethnic groups. Nigeria isthe most populated country in Africa. In assuming our initial market we should aim towards the 50%“non Muslims”.i Although 50% are practicing Muslims, they are not a far sided country. Nigeria hasbeen an ally of the United States on Terrorism. For good reason, over ½ of the exports coming out ofNigeria head to the United States. I believe a potential exists like a “domino effect” in Nigeria withcosmetic use.Your initial target market should be Christian Women. The population is nearly 50/50 on gender.Although keep in mind we are looking for our initial market, we should appeal to those above thepoverty line. As stated earlier, only 40% of Nigerians live above the poverty line. Thus leaving us withan initial market segment of 25,754,398 Nigerian Christian/Other Women to appeal to. Over 25 millionpeople is a large enough demographic for anyone to consider entering this market.As sad as this is to say, Nigeria is plagued with HIV outbreaks. The one of the initial symptoms of HIVis skin rashes.ii Cosmetics could be used to mask these unsightly rashes. There are currently 3.6 millionNigerians living with HIV/AIDS.iii By population standards mentioned previously, it is safe to assumearound 1.8 million of those cases are female.The Nigerian economy is having an overhaul, although it still is reliant on oil. Agriculture is where themajority of Nigerians find employment (70% of the workforce). Along with working in theAgricultural segment comes long days in the sun, cuts and abrasions that can be masked withcosmetics.With so little of a Muslim woman’s face exposed it is hard to market a product like Cosmetics. We canhope that social trends starting with our initial target market allow for looser standards and a moremoderate approach to Women’s fashion.A Christian woman working in the Agricultural segment above the poverty line is our first customer.Products can be offered to show a “higher lifestyle” appeal, as well as promoting femininity. It canprovide a “self-image” that only she can achieve. With an inherit ant human attribute of beingcompetitive. The potential exists for our domino effect of additional Women using cosmetic products.i CIA WORLD FACT BOOK: 2005ii WebMD: HIV/AIDS 2005iii CIA WORLD FACT BOOK: 2005